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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


I own the DVD and my iBook is equiped with a DVD player. Unfortunatelly, the DVD-ROM content is designed for Winsucks. I'm not getting a DVD-Win95 computer just to download features. I think it was a bad idea. All fans should be able to enjoy promotional content. (by iRafa)

I have the DVD-Rom, but greatly dissappointed to not be able to play EP1 dvd into my computer. Every other dvd movie will play in my dell, but not EP1. That really sucks! (by SAB)

When I heard that a dvd trailer was going to be exclusive only to DVD owners I thought "give me a break!" I am really furious that lucas would stoop that low to market something like that. The Trailer should be available for everyone. Some people can't afford to have a DVD player on their computer. I own all Star Wars movies on VHS and I'm proud. (by Jack be nimble)

I wish there was some other way of accessing the content for us who have bought the DVD, have PC's, but no DVD drive (because we use a Hi-Fi seperate) - It seems really unfair that they can't just give us a web link printed on the CD sleeve (by Hugh Jones)

A neat idea to unlock something special for the fans on your Eps I DVD - easter-egg-like. However, instead of a special treat, it ended up being a hassle and a money drain. Requiring extra hardware (I'd wager most DVD-player owners don't also have DVD-roms) and extra software (for viewable size) isn't a 'treat'. Trailer was great, but not worth it. (by Katy)

The fact that Apple QuickTime is buggy, I'm not allowed to save the trailer, and InterActual's web browser is so limited as to be near-functionless, I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I'm not. (by Stephen Green)

I suppose it's a reward to those who were fanatic enough to buy the dvd, most of the people who bought the dvd already had ep1 on video, but i couldn't get the dvd content to work anyway. I get stuck on the battle droid screen and it won't go any further. (by aids)

Wish I knew. I bought 2 copies of the DVD (one as a gift) BUT I don't have a DVD ROM drive. (by Brian L)

I loved this trailer way more than the teaser (I wasn't expecting dialogue, yet there it was!), but it sucks that you can't save either one to your harddrive unless you buy QT5 Pro. (by AnakinsQueen)

The Trailer was freakin awesome. Don't care for the E1 pictures though. Probably the best site for a DVD exclusive. (by -Jason Ward)


I am upset. I don't have a DVD Rom (Yet). So I can't get to the web site. This really Stinks. (by Trent)

Just a few thoughts. Trailers are Promotional material. They're for the purpose of getting butts in the seats. But this does NOT mean that Lucasfilm (or any other company) OWES anything like this to anyone. From my count, there will be at least THREE OTHER trailers for Ep. II, not counting "Mystery". One last thought. Lucas wanted something to get people talking. I'd say it worked. (by JediWampa)

I HATE it! I have the dvd, but not a dvd-rom, and I feel SO discriminated against. (by Graestorm)

What about mac owners?! Stop leaving us out in the cold, already! (by John)

The material sounds great, but reading second hand descriptions is not nearly the same as viewing the material, if one is fortunate enough to have assembled all the required equipment. A lot of the fans are still missing out, even those who purchased the DVD. (by General Logan)

The Mystery Trailer was great (wish the "large" link was working!), but I thought there would be a lot more additional content related to Episdoe 2. (by MikeDeg)

I know that LucasFilm will say that they wanted to reward people for buying the DVD. The problem is that they didn't reward people for buying the DVD, so much as they rewarded people for buying DVD-ROM drives, which I won't do. If LFL *really* wanted to reward people for buying the DVD, then that's exactly where they should have put the trailer: on the DVD. (by Darth Sushi)

My only problem is that you can't actually save the trailers once you download them. Other than that, I don't understand why people are complaining. Oh wait, I'm sorry, heaven forbid Lucas to actually make money off of the movie he made. Geez that would be awful. How dare he. Thanks George for the extra exclusive DVD goodies. Twenty bucks well spent! (by J Vega)

Interesting. The "Mystery" preview showed us some campy stuff, which I don't want, but overall, gave me hope for the direction Episode 2 will be taking. These next two films need to be dark in order to set an effective premise for episodes 4-6. Let's see. (by Beck)

Not fair. I paid for the DVD, I should be able to see EVERYTHING that comes with it. (by Saberwielder76)


I can't get into it - it won't download the cookie cuz it doesn't recognize my dvd.... (by Andy Stevenson)

As someone who bought the DVD and doesn't have a DVD-Rom drive, I think it sucks. I mean, let everyone see it, we're gonna pay to see the movie and for a DVD of Episode II later, so why shouldn't we get it. (by SomeGuy)

George is all about the money these days, he should concentrate on storytelling! (by Alistair)

I'd love to see it, but my software refuses to run and I've tried everything! (by Mike)

The site idea is horrible, from the perspective of us enlightened Mac users. (by Andy Morrison)

I don't think having "exclusive" content will raise DVD sales, since there's too many other dependecies as well (Windows, DVD-ROM, Internet Connection). I'm never a fan of charging people for content (esp. when it's just advertising for the company). The fact that you can't access the content through Linux or Macs (I use Linux a lot), is not a good idea either, although I understand why since they're checking for a specific browser which is platform dependent. They should release it with DVD. (by |_0rcl_A5C||)

I think it's gigantically ridiculous that the awesome trailer is available only to those with a DVD-ROM drive AND a PC. The finality of the new Macintosh compatability is yet to be realized with the ongoing "technical difficulties" since the ideas inception. Kudos to star wars.com for thinking of making "Mystery" available to Mac users. Shame on star wars.com for lacking the ability for Mac users to actually be able to download it. (by Casey)

Bought the DvD. Don't have a Dvd-Rom. Can't view the content. Does that sound fair? (by Big G.)

I wish I could see it. I have the DVD, but no DVD Rom. They should allow you to type in the UPC or something that even if you don't have a DVD Rom you can still see the trailer (by Ersh)

I have the DVD (and actually like TPM) but no DVD ROM Drive. I wish you could just see it on the DVD none of this "web exclusive" rubbish! It's a movie trailer for crying out loud! I wish I could see it but won't buy a DVD Drive just for that. (by Sergio)


I have the DVD but not a DVD-ROM. As excited as I am to see all I can of Ep. 2, I'll survive, and I don't hate George Lucas for being exclusive. We live in an unfair world, and we must not be jealous of the privileges of others. This leads to anger, hate, and Darth Vader. Watch out! (by Rob Potter)

The trailer is perfect visually, but I cannot get any sound on my trailer. It's very frustrating, but otherwise it was surreal to finally get to see Episode 2 visually for the second time, and this one had everything. All the rumors on this site have been pretty acurate so far. Great reporting and awesome trailer. (by desmond)

I don't think that people should be so angry with lucasfilm. Remember this is not an promotional trailer, I think some of you forget that. It is DVD owner goodies. Nothing more. The real trailer will be released on Nov 15th. It's only fair to offer DVD owners an extra glimse of the new movie, though it should be able to download, that i didn't like at all - shame on you Lucasfilm!!! (by Dennis)

I think that rewarding owners of the DVD is a good idea, but I would have liked to see a keycode used instead of the actual disk used. Not all DVD owners have DVD capable computers in addition to set top players. This way everyone who paid for the DVD could have had access to the extra material. (by Darth Ranik)

I think it's pretty smart, plus the fact that you can see who is a die hard fan. (by phillson)

This is what it is. The progression of technology allows us to share experience. If Star Wars came out when T.V.s were a luxury item, how could you justify complaining about missing out because all you have is a radio? (by DarthWaiter)

It saddens me to think that some of you believe Lucasfilm are rewarding you for buying the DVD. It is clearly a cleverly thoughout marketing ploy with the majority of Star Wars fans completely falling for it! Lucasfilm, get a soul and let all of your fans (DVD owners or not) see the trailer! (by Jambe)

Ok, thanks. I have the DVD but no DVD-rom in my computer. So I'm not a true fan ? (by repete)

I have Ep 1 DVD but do not own a DVD-Rom, and so cannot access the exclusive content, and cannot afford to buy a DVD-Rom just to access this portion of the site. It would have been fairer to give a unique registration code on the Ep1 DVD, this linked with an e-mail address would have achieved the same thing without the need for a DVD-Rom. I have seen the "Mystery" trailer though and it looks excellent. (by Nephew of Vader)

Good that it's there, however I feel really cheated in that I can't download it to my machine and keep it. I paid for my DVD with the promise of exclusive content, why should I then have to pay even more for QT pro so that I can watch it whenever and wherever I choose! (by Oly)


I think it looks incredible. Hayden seems to be much better than I had thought. It also looks much darker, and more intriguing than Phantom Menace. Now I loved Phantom Menace, it was just too happy, and Jake Lloyd was horible. So far though ep 2 is looking very promising. I can't wait. That race scene with Anakin and Obi Wan following the speeder is gonna be awesome. (by Jack)

It prejudices against people who don't have a dvd drive in their pc. Bad call lucasfilm. what is to gain by NOT supplying the dvd only content to fans? (by spano)

Few people outside the US have DVD-ROM drives. DVD players, yes, PCs, yes, internet connections, yes. But all together? No. Why not put the trailer & content on the DVD itself? Looks like some SW fans are more privileged than others. If only GL would practice what his films preach. (by The Hun)

It's quite good, but a bit of a bummer for people who can't get it on DVD (by Lewis)

I'll let you know when i have a DVD-ROM. Also I think it's a disgrace that you can't download the trailer to your hard drive without QT 5 Pro. It's just such a microsoft thing to do. (by Cassidy)

Theoretically, I like the idea. But recently, I was on a computer with a dvd rom (I don't own one) which did not support the video capability. Lucas is making it very difficult to see ANYTHING on the dvd website! (by Old Ben, Beyond the Dune Sea)

The only thing of value is the trailer. I don't mind being rewarded for buying the dvd. You know that they will eventually have it for everyone. I don't think you should have to pay $30 to see it full size or download it by buying quicktime pro. I would never buy it. I paid $18 for the DVD. I'm not going to pay $30 for a stupid apple player. What are they thinking!!! (by kyle)

The trailer was excellent, but I've had a number of problems trying to access it, and I feel that they should have just made it avialable to everyone. I would have bought the DVD anyway. (by J.J.)

Unfair. I have 3 copies of the phantom menance and a laserdisc version as well, but do not own a dvd rom. Am I any less a fan or do I count for less. (by DAVID DITOTA)

The content is good so far! (by Chris Neff)

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