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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


I had to jump through a number of hoops to finally get the trailer from the exclusive DVD site. I was upset that I couldn't save the movie onto my computer since I like to keep all of the Star Wars trailers to view at any time. I don't think this should be done in the future. If the exclusive DVD trailer had been the "Breathing" one, I suppose that would have been easier to accept. However, the trailer was amazing and should have been in theatres instead. (by Tom)

I don't really have a problem with it. They could have included it on the DVD itself, and no one would have complained. (by Emperor Sebulba)

For the whiners: Yeah you don't have DVD capability, ok, so you don't even have the DVD...BIG DEAL! Just wait until the movie comes out! The trailer is just a little added bonus to having the DVD, it's not the movie itself, remember?! Oh, and for those of you who say, "well he must have the DVD and DVD-Rom...", guess what...I don't! I had to go watch it on someone else's DVD-Rom! BUT, I don't complain, because I bought the DVD to watch the movie, not to see a one minute trailer (cool as it is) (by R. Mayer)

I really like the idea of the exclusive content although there isn't much of interest except for the trailer. It was incredible! (by Tim Lehman)

It is a bad idea that penalizes me for not having a DVD-ROM. I would have liked it if there was a code or something that you could get off the DVD, as I'm pretty sure most of us got it. The same goes for needing Quicktime Pro for the full screen trailer. (by David Kimber)

I have the DVD but no DVD-ROM drive. As one who has often defended Lucas as not being money hungry, and a collector who has spent countless dollars on SW, I think this cheap marketing ploy is a slap in the face. That said, after seeing the trailer, it's fantastic, I love the fun feel and humor. Character based humor at last! Yes! (by JMYoda)

I would probably love the web content of the dvd-rom as I loved everything else on the dvd, but it annoys me when the software is crap and doesn't give me the pleasure of seeing the exclusive web stuff. Lucas, find a better way for dvd owners to see the new trailer. Except for that everything is cool!! well done Lucas! (by Kireru)

Though I wish it was available to all fans, I like the exclusivity. Plus, it's not as if fans will have to wait long for the first theatrical trailer. (by ManMothma)

The trailer is cool, but I wish it made a little more sense. Too many short snippets that don't really tell you anything. Reminds me alot of the TPM trailer that was cool, but more confusing than anything. I guess Lucas likes to keep us wondering! (by Bryan Nelson)

It's supposed to be a tease, and that's just what it is. I think it's perfect. I've enjoyed seeing confirmations of spoilers and then seeing new scenes that no one's described yet. More could be too much, less could be too little. (by BobFrapples)


I think it's GREAT!! Not too shabby at all... (by Marc Souliere)

The content of the video makes me hopeful for Star Wars again. It shows a potential to be the best Star Wars movie since Empire. My only complaint is all the restrictions around it. That you must have the E1 DVD is fine and understandable, but that you must also have 1) a PC and 2) a DVD-ROM is ridiculous in my opinion. Lucasfilm should just stick to theatrical releases for their teasers and trailers from now on. (by blackpool)

What about those don't want to buy a dvd-rom? I love Star Wars, but I am not going waste my money for one dvd. They should allow those that buy dvd to somehow register for access to the special site in case they don't have a dvd-rom (by Scott Capilouto)

I liked the trailer, but I have to sympathize with the fans who can't access it. There's no reason why it couldn't have been an Internet exclusive instead of a DVD exclusive. (by Darren Marrese)

Not everyone can afford a quality DVD ROM drive, but DVD players are much cheaper. If you would hurry up and make it open to the general public, my complaints would be over. (by Stewart Brown)

Good stuff. Perhaps they should change it from "exclusive", to "early". At least for the big stuff (like trailers). Let the people who bought the DVD see it. Then, a week or two later, everyone else gets to see it. That way, you can reward those who bought the DVD without completely alienating those who didn't. (by Akimbo)

I think it's a really neat idea. A good way for fans to feel special. I mean, surely you can find someone with a DVD-ROM so you can play the disc and access the features. They're failry common nowadays. Plus, Lucas is all about pushing technology, and as we all know, technology is usually ahead of a lot of people, so, if only a fraction of the fans end up seeing the content on the DVD-ROM site, then, that is the natural order of things. Anyway, things on the site will be generally available soon (by Thomas Wilson)

I have a DVD player, but have no desire to watch DVD's on my PC. I even have a 21" monitor. (by TUX)

After all these years of loyalty to Star Wars, I have never felt so cheated. I don't own a DVD player yet, as I haven't had the chance yet to put money aside for it. But for the past two years I have been daily checking up on progress for Epsiode 2 only to be slapped in the face when finally the best news comes out. And to those that say only a "true" Star Wars fan would own the DVD and should enjoy its "exclusive" rights, well a true SW fan would want to share the experience with all others. (by Sole)

Well it sucks because it won't download right, so all i get is a blank white screen (some preview) (by brian)


A great treat just in time for me. I think the touch of humor without a dash of lameness is a bit odd for sci-fi and star wars in particular but it works very well so far. (by sixtailer)

The content looks fantastic and, moreover, taken exclusively from Episode II; I was disappointed in the "Breathing" trailer, due in large to the fact that some of the footage was taken from Phantom Menace (and perhaps one shot even from The Empire Strikes Back). Hopes are high for Episode II--perhaps Lucas will yet redeem himself for Episode I (the pertinent parts of which could have been condensed to fifteen minutes). I agree with most of the fans--the trailer should be available for all. (by Shibumi)

This is technological Apartheid, segregating SW fans into the rich and the poor. There exist millions of fans who cannont access this material whose sole crime is that they do not make 50,000 a year to buy every electronic knick knack. Some of us have rent to pay and kids to feed. Since when was being rich a SW neccessity? (by Bern Finnigan)

Well, I have the DVD but no DVD drive on my PC. I think they should've put some access code or something that we could register with in case we didn't have a DVD drive. (by Silvio Fiorito)

Ok, a trailer is PROMOTION to get people to watch your film. IF people are downloading it, why would you care? Why would you want only a "limited:' amount of people to get it? And if people were sharing the trailer why would you not like it?? It is free, right? a marketing tool. Why make it such a big to-do? Why are LF so imature when it comes to this stuff. The Star Wars fans are treated so bad, and we are so loyal after only 3 films. We got EPI, Finally, and we buy EVERYTHING they put out (by ALiEN\\'@><)

I see a lot of complaining on here about the "exclusivity" of the DVD's contents and how people refuse to shell out $30 for the DVD after they went out and bought the VHS when it came out. People get real. A lot of DVDs have DVD-ROM content (Se7en is one that comes to mind). And look at all the other bonus' on the disc. The behind the scenes make the DVD well worth money. (by Thomas Wilson)

I think it's a great idea! most DVD's have exclusive DVD-ROM content, It a great way to advertise their product and reward those who brought the DVD. (by SWFAN)

Fiasco is the only way to describe it. I don't mind that only people who bought the DVD were entitled to it, but the site didn't work properly! When I visited the site with the DVD software (which I am loathed to install normally), I kept getting Quicktime errors. I downloaded the latest version of QT over a modem and reinstalled and it STILL didn't work. (by Andrew)

I wished the exclusive content was just on the dvd, not on a silly site. TOO many problems can occur. (by Steve Beck)

InterActual sucks!!! I'm glad to see that it wasn't just me who had problems downloading. (by EP2ROCKS)


Excellent trailer so far. Keeps you pumped up to watch more footage, however, it seems like another lucas sales pitch if you ask me. Then again, way to go George !! ^_^ (by sideshowsito )

I thought it was great. Starting with the end, then middle, and then beginning. (by Jay from Minneapolis)

It's good, to a point. DVD owners should get first crack at special material. Lucasfilm, however, should keep the material downloadable, so it may be passed among friends. So the website loses some hits and a few DVDs are sold. The exposure and resultant ticket sale increases would make up for it. (by Branden Boetticher)

As a Mac user, I'm glad they finally did something to allow the Mac community to see it. And all it takes is putting the disc in the computer, you don't even have to run it. Why they couldn't do this in the first place is beyond me. (by ebe endocott)

I don't see what the big deal is. I too am disappointed that you must have the dvd to get this stuff. What makes me mad is the lack of consideration for not only those mac lovers out but for those who have slow internet access; not because of affordability but location. (by willthrill)

I think it's pretty good - the Mystery trailer anyway. Needs more special stuff though like never before seen pictures. (by Jason Daily)

I have a DVD, but not attached to my computer. Got the trailer anyway and it is pretty good, but come on George, why play this "DVD game" with us fans, are you getting low on cash or something? (by gaming_whore)

I thought it was an awesome clip of incredible footage. Although, I think Lucas should seek some advice on his comic relief techniques, ie: power cupplings???? (by Chewboxer)

I bought the dvd, I paid for Quicktime Pro, I have current hardware, and the DVD trailer wont download, All I get is Plugin errors. Why are they making it so hard. I guess I was stupid to pay the money. (by T.Thompson)

I think it sucks to exclude those of us that don't have DVD-ROMs on our computers. We paid the same price for the movie, we should get all the extras as well. I've never liked DVD-ROM stuff on movie DVDs because it's not fair to people that only have a real DVD player. (by Patrick Little)


Quite frankly I'm fed up with this. I don't have a DVD-ROM drive and I don't think it' right that you have to have one just to see the AOTC trailer. This, my friends, is yet another attempt by Lucas and Lucasfilm to milk it for all the money its worth. (by ZachyBloomer)

Great trailer, althought it should have been much easier to access for us Mac users. Star Wars is too much of a buisness anymore. (by Christoph)

I thought that the trailer was fantastic and represented the film well. It also helped hype the film up for not only myself but also my brother and soon, my father. And I also believe that instead of the trailer released last Friday, they should have put this trailer infront of Monster, Inc. (by Justice William Quinn)

I think it's a great idea. I only wish they would put more stuff up there! (by kfa jedi knight)

I don't have a DVD-ROM, so I haven't seen any of the footage and special material. I think it sucks that Lucasfilm has made the material available ONLY for those with DVD-ROM devices. (by Drannor LaSheen)

UNFAIR to those of us with no dvd in computer! (by Ken Ross)

I think it is a great idea! People that bought the Ep.1 dvd are true fans. If Lucas wants to reward the true fans that actually cared about Star Wars and Ep.1, why the hell not. Anyways it's not like it's going to be exclusive for very long, give it until the first weekend is over and maybe they'll post it Monday on the offical Star Wars site for everyone. (by Master Jedi)

I think it is fine except for people like myself who have the DVD but do not have a DVD player on my computer, so what am I going to do? (by McKell)

I think it's a total rip off for those of us who bought the DVD but don't have DVD ROM drives, I also think that George should quit being such a dick and let the fan's see what they want. I mean he owes us. We stuck with SW even after TPM. (by Firestorm3)

Although I like exclusive DVD-ROM content it puts those without DVD-ROM drives in thier computer at a severe disadvantage. I wish they would allow us to disk cache the ep2 trailer!!!! (by The Commander)

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