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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


I think the Mystery trailer should have been on the dvd able for all to see, not just those of us with dvd drives on our pc's. (by Freeleaves)

I bought the DVD, I have a dvd-rom, and I purchased QT5.Pro. I thought the "Mystery" and "Choices" sequences were excellent. I realise this is in Lucasfilms every right to charge us for such Items, but just because they have that right doesn't mean they should exercise it. Other than that it was an excellent use of technology and todays communications. Great planning and advertisement timing. This film is going to be one for the record books. It's well worth the money :) (by Darkhour)

Why is it only available to DVD-ROM drive owners? Seems silly to me. The majority of home computer owners don't have DVD-ROM drives in their computers, so what is Lucasfilm trying to do with this ridiculous security feature? Exclude the majority of its online fan base? Why not have a registration number printed on the inside of the DVD jacket to act as the access code intot he site. Why even bother with a security feature? (by Nick)

All I have acess to is a Mac, and 'Mystery' wasn't too little or too much, it was just right. (by nut!)

If dedication to the fans is of any concern, I think this is a great marketing ploy because it gets people out there to purchase the film on the new medium. I can't wait to see the originals go on DVD, personally. I've been sold on DVD since 1997, and quite frankly, I'm glad that the technology has become mainstream for so many reasons. If you're pissed at the Ranch for doing things this way, I guess you'll try to find ways to really preserve those tapes and miss out on so much more stuff. (by Jake M.)

I'm fine with it but Am very disappointed there was no MAC support. This should have been addressed before the DVD came out. (by Todd Williams)

I think the DVD owners can be given a head-start on the content; but not exclusivity. There were kids I saw at BestBuy today who couldn't get there moms to buy them the DVD. They were devastated! There are people in other countries where the DVDs aren't available yet. There are a LOT of people who have the DVDs but no DVD-ROM drives - these people are feeling left out of all the Epside II fun. (by DevanJedi)

Ok, now that everyone is complaining about the "exclusivity" of the dvd-rom, what about all of those yokes that don't have dvd players??? Is it fair that those of us that do have them get to see all of the extras that are "dvd exclusive"? Look this is america people. And damnit, not everyone has a computer, or is an internet junky, and the majority of americans saw their first glimpses of Episode 2 when they plucked down 8 bones to see monster Inc last friday, is that fair? (by Lord Dooku)

Never seen it. Don't have a DVD-ROM (by Jedidaniel)

It sucks. I purchased the Episode I DVD, but because I don't happen to have a DVD-Rom drive, I don't get to see the second trailer. At least, not yet. (by Jeff)


Disappointed. The idea is pretty ludicrous if you ask me. The reason being that I can't get the poor excuse of a dvd-rom player to work. With such a wide variety of DVD-ROMs out there, they should have considered a way to get them all to work. Better yet, just release the content online. (by CheddaMac)

I don't think it's THAT great an idea. I own the DVD, but i don't have a DVD-Rom, so the feature is usless to me (by Luke)

I am very annoyed with the exclusive dvd featured teaser. I personally don't think it's fair at all. Although i did go and buy the dvd i still can't see the content because i don't own a dvd rom. I think there should be a way of putting in a UPC code number or such and having that link you to the features. (by Jason R AKA Game)

Awesome, just awesome, BUT the large version keeps having a plugin error now! (by oogiboogi)

Make it savable, i hate downloading it everytime i watch it. Otherwise it's spectacular. (by Soos)

Bad idea! I live in Germany and own the RC1 version. Everytime I start the DVD I got an error from the InterActual program, because I need the RC2 version. There is even a JavaScript error when the InterActual program start. The EP2 content is not so exclusive and everyone should see it! I've saw the Teaser Trailer 2 from the dvd.starwars.com, but can't save it. ;-( (by TB 2805)

It definitely smurfin' SUCKS. I bought the dvd the day it came out just like everyone else. Gee sorry i'd rather watch movies on my tv than my smurfin' computer. If it were exclusive to people who bought the dvd, fine, but to assume all hardcore sw fans have dvd roms, that SUCKS. I want to see the new trailer just as bad as the next nerd, I've been hounding prequel news since i found out about them in 94! Why don't i deserve to see it??? (by rufus holmes)

The "Mystery" trailer is terrific, but it's unfair that only dvd-rom owners can see it. Will this trailer eventually be put on the official site for all, and will there be duplications in footage between this trailer and the one attached to Harry Potter? The hard part is that some may own the DVD but don't have a DVD-Rom drive on their computer. So they are stuck finding someone that does so they can have access to this content (Or they decide to buy a DVD-Rom drive). (by Jules)

I think it is unfair to have an exclusive Episode II teaser trailer (Mystery) available ONLY to Ep 1 DVD buyers that have a DVD Rom drive. What about the other 80% of people who bought the DVD? (by DarthGiles)

Unfortunately, I've only been able to hear the audio of the Mystery trailer. The hideous interActual "browser" crashes the first time I bring the trailer up. When I try again, it doesn't crash, but it only plays the audio (the picture is blanked out). So, it's not just Mac and Linux users who own the DVD yet still can't view the content :( Surely there's a better way to use a DVD as a key to a website! (by Eric)


This goes for all DVD's with DVD-ROM exclusive content - there shoudl be a code # or something instead fo direct DVD access. Not everyone with a DVD player has a DVD-ROM. You bought the disk though, so why should you miss out. (by Jeremy Lazar)

I really liked the trailer, but I am not happy about it being exclusive. I bought the DVD but I don't care if people who didn't get to view the trailer. I think that is dumb. (by Will Landry)

Why would any marketing group make an advertisement so difficult to see? One would think that the point would be to make sure this trailer is distributed as widely as possible and seen by millions. And if it's to sell a DVD, why not just stick it on the DVD. (by dragan)

I think it's great. Gives you more for your value when you buy a movie on DVD. (by Corey Backlund)

Can't access full size trailer "mystery" because of some "plug-in" error on web page. What might that be? (by Ed B.)

I own the DVD and a DVD Rom, enjoyed the trailer but would enjoy it more if everyone I knew had the chance to see it as well. It is more fun to talk with people who love Star Wars and not only people who love Star Wars and have extra money. (by LeClopin)

The DVD is a genius idea for the more dedicated fans willing to spend money for the latest information. It is more than fair even though people complain about not having a DVD-ROM or the DVD because at one point everyone who purchased their computer had to pay a certain extra amount for one. It isn't like we never had to pay; it's just that we had to pay in increments whereas people who want that stuff now have to do it all at once. God bless Lucasfilm! (by Shaun Hubble)

I believe that while it is good for marketing and such, it's rather tedious trying to access the site through only one browser. I definately prefer Internet Explorer. If there was something you could do to make the browsing process easier (other than calling up Microsoft and telling them to make IE recognize DVD) that'd be fantastic. (by Aaron Cherney)

Exclusive DVD-Rom material is awful. Content is yet to be determinded. But, the fact that I'm not allowed to view the "Mystery" trailer in the comfort of my own home (on a Mac) is crazy. At work I have a PC with DVD. At home I own a DVD player and a Mac (with QT v5 BTW). But...I'm not "allowed" to view the new material in my home? I bought the DVD! What else do they want? I hate DVD-exclusive material because it's almost always exclusive to other hardware/software, too. (by cwoody222)

The true fans would already have DVD so it shouldn't be an issue. Besides, you have to have something special to make it a really cool DVD other wise its just VHS (by nicholas garber)


Until the release of "Mystery", I thought George Lucas had a good idea in trying to look after the people who had bought the Episode I DVD. I have Quicktime installed on my system, however it is only version 5.01, not 5.02 like the official teaser requires. I have tried to update my software through apple on several occasions. This is not possible for owners of slower modems, such as 56k due to the congestion on the site from the release of "Breathing". Thanks heaps, Mr Lucas. (by Robert Cyberman)

It's unfair for the people, who have bought the DVD but don't have a DVD-Rom Drive (by EV-9D9)

I think it sucks that it's only available to people with DVD-ROM. My computers over three years old, and didn't come with a DVD-ROM drive. And I already have a DVD player, so why would I want to go buy another one to install in my computer? It's a shame that the people at the Lucas Empire don't care about ALL of the fans. This stuff should have been available to everyone who visited the official site. And I doubt it would have hurt DVD sales at all. It was just a really bad idea. (by JoeArtist70)

I think there should some other way to access the content since I own the DVD but don't own a DVD-ROM drive. (by Dave H.)

While I like the idea of online material for those with DVD-ROMs, the material should be also released for those who don't have a DVD-ROM or those who do not have any DVD capability yet because there are those who are unable to get access to any form of DVD still. (by David Brookes)

WOW! That's all I have to say. WOW. (by Robbo)

The trailer itself is fantastic and this film is already better than TPM. I agree that it should be available to everyone regardless of DVD status. Great trailer, can't wait for the Potter one. If anyone is still having trouble viewing it come on over to my house. (by bent wookie)

I do not believe it is wise to segregate SW Fans by upgraded technology vs. older technology i.e. dvd-rom computers. However, the trailer itself is amazing. My bro and I wet our pants, especially because we do not believe in reading/viewing spolier news/photos. However, I worry that too many trailers may be a bit too revealing of a "sneak peak" prior to the movie's release. (by Edison 8)

Couldn't get enough of it. I had to watch the preview five times to see everything I wanted to. (by OldBen73)

I like the idea but it sucks if you already have quicktime pro and still cant save the trailer for viewing later on. The great thing about star wars trailers is the idea of watching them over and over again. Now i can't. (by quinn)


Honestly, this is the biggest rip off to all the fans in the whole world! I love star wars and collect different things, so why after we spend millions of dollars on the merchandise must we be punished? Lucasfilm are losing sight of what made them who they are, that is we the fans! IT IS JUST A TRAILER LUCASFILM, please do not do these ridiculous marketing ploys because they will only hurt u in the long run. (by angry jawa)

Purchasing the TPM DVD should have been enough to view the exclusive content; the DVD-ROM clause is simply extortionate. I got my trailer from illegal sources, as most other fans were forced to. (by John Caliber)

I think it is a great idea, it rewards people who buy the DVD (by Matt Brunner)

DVD-rom exclusive content is classist and elitist. It allows those who can afford high end computers and peripherials access to material that could (more easily) be made open to all. (by Ben Saari)

Let's face it, Lucas is no better than the bottom line. Stop giving him the benefit of the doubt and realize that he is a millionare trying to make every penny he can. For fans as dedicated as the saga has, the trailer should be simple to get (and downloadable). If DVD is such an important thing to Lucas then why can't I buy episodes 4-6 on DVD? I think it is an absolute slap in the face for the fans who support him and his movies. (by john)

Excellent work Lucas, you've managed to sell more DVD's. I'm excited by the previews so far, but then again, I was very excited about TFM, and that turned out to be a disaster! (by David)

I wish Goerge would hire me so I could afford a DVD drive and DSL (by starrun)

It's far too much trouble for what it's worth. It ultimately segregates the haves from the have nots. Plus, no Macintosh support was not a smart marketing move. (by Robert Sanders)

The DVD Exclusive is a brilliant idea, I'm not sure if they already plan on doing this, but releasing the content from the exclusive site to the general public after 2 weeks or so would seem appropriate. The trailer alone was worth the price of admission. (by Shroud)

Who cares if it's supposed to be exclusive. I'm not as excited about this movie as the last, but you can't compete with the duels from the last movie, those made the trailer, and the movie. (by Krugger)

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