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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


It is nice to have the exclusive stuff as an extension of the DVD, as long as there is more for everyone else. And the DVD is not just about the exclusive content, geez there's over 5 hours of amazing documentaries like you've never seen before on it. (by Kurt)

What a bunch of crap. I own the dvd but not a dvdrom drive. It's like holding a key to the bathroom in somebody else's house. Dumb move LucasFilm. Big slap in the face for middle-lower class. (by Arkady)

No MAC access make John ANGRY (by John)

Content is nice. But I hate having to but into Windows to access it! Why don't they use Java or something?!? (by S?ren)

The trailer was awesome! I can't wait for Ep 2 now because I am so hyped up. this one looks to have so much more fast-pace action in it than episode 1. The fact that you can't save it ot your computer is annoying though. (by KeNNerADO)

It's annoying that I can't see "Mystery" without a DVD-Rom. I did what George wanted - I bought the DVD. Shouldn't I be able to see it as well? I don't have a problem with them making us purchase the DVD to see it, but forcing us to upgrade our hardware? That sounds a bit Microsoftish to me. (by Chris)

I think it is great that George Lucas release Episode 2 trailers to Episode 1 DVD owners (by Evan Tittle)

I have the DVD, but not a DVD Rom! There should be a way for all DVD owners to see the trailer, with a code number or something. I'm feeling very left out! (by Tim McMahon)

I think it was a bad decision by LFL. Sorry. I own the dvd and a player on the pc and couldn't get anywhere, neither has my friend who can't run that program that came with the dvd. What about the fans who bought the dvd, but who don't have a dvd player on their pc ? This trailer is so great, so why not make it available to all? (by Sompeetalay (Belgium))

How can you punish those without DVD-ROMs like this? I own the DVD, and bought one for a friend. I've paid my dues! But I don't have a DVD-ROM! (by Gerry)


While it may be a good idea to have exclusive DVD-ROM content, it should be available to everyone who bought the DVD, and not discriminate certain hardware. The bottom line is that we ALL are Star Wars fans, we all love the universe George Lucas created, and we should all work together to make sure nothing like the mess that occurred with 'Mystery' happens again. (by Frank)

It's great cuz as a major fan i was happy enough 2 pay my $30 aussi dollars just to see the deleted scenes! All the extras are just amazing ESPECIALLY the Mystery trailer! (by Scoot)

PUH-LEASE archive the web-exclusive trailer on the official site in another week, or two. That way, all the better than you's will get to see it first, then the poor folks can still see it. Then put something ELSE up on the dvd-rom site, so the we can go through this mess all over again! (by captain obvious)

That's it, this dvd crap has ruined it for me. I'm going to see spider man, or something. *wink* (by had enough)

The dvd.starwars.com site isn't that good. The only thing that was great was the trailer. The rest suck big time!!!!!!!!!! (by Erik Fl?isbonn)

Good idea, a little sparse perhaps given the amount of extras on the DVD, but teasing non the less! (by DaveW)

I think the DVD ROM content is quite good. It is a great idea to use to show pictues and stuff that wouldn't have fitted on to the disc. My problem is that these can't be saved on to the hard drive after viewing them like on normal sites. I sill have to find a way to watch "Mystery" offline. (by Aaron Corr)

If I paid some 40 odd dollars for a DVD, I think it no more than reasonable to get exclusive content. If everything on the Net were free, nothing would get made. Oh and the footage rocked! (by Eelco)

Bad Idea GEORGE!!!! You're forcing your fans (the ones without DVD-ROM access) to pay more money for more hardware, just to see advertisements for your new film. What's worse, people are starting to think of you as greedy!!! I say put it up on the regular site so that everyone can enjoy these extremely cool trailers. (by THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM)

I honestly don't know anyone with a DVD-ROM drive. Instead I know lots of people with computers and DVD players. I'd rather just watch a DVD on my TV than drop money into a DVD ROM drive, so I'm content to just wait until the movie comes out in 2002. Too bad LucasFilms has become just another marketing conglomorate. Maybe more time on plot and less time on this kind of crap would have made Episode I better than it was. (by J. Cameron)


I purchased TPM on DVD thinking that it would work through my CD rom. I was very disappointed when I found out it would only work with a DVD Rom player. It's a good idea, but i dont know many people with DVD Roms. It would have been much better if they had produced a CD to sell with the DVD or use a CDkey system like games do. (by JohnB)

I loved the "Mystery" Trailer, but it seems like that is the only thing important in the site. They should have more updated information. (by Darthsidioue990)

I REALLY loved it! Without giving too much away. I think it will be available at some point for all. (by jedibri)

From what I saw, I keep on watching this exclusive trailer which reveals more than what I expeced, and it promises to be an exciting installment with witty humour touch (good job) and "Mystery". (by christophe)

Bad decision on Lucasfilms' part. How many people out there actually have a DVD-ROM drive? The footage is great, but it should be available to everyone. Did Lucasfilm really need that much help selling the Ep I DVD? It just seems like a weak marketing ploy to me. (by Jake)

It's a good idea for the company as it wil increase sales, but for the public it is annoying. I am only 15 and dont really have enough money to buy the DVD along with all the other stuff I want, so I am going to wait for Xmas. That means I won't be able to see the exclusive stuff. (by Ben Davis)

It's a shame to make such an outstanding Trailer just available to people who own the DVD & a DVD drive. The Moneymaking aspect has always been the dark side of the GL-Empire (by Hank Vader)

Nice idea to reward people who buy the DVD but not very considerate for the fans that keep the saga going. Not every fan has a DVD player, not every fan who owns a DVD player has a PC, and not every PC owner has a DVD Rom. You have to really question what is the benefit of such things. Why are more fortunate fans being rewarded for having DVD players when the millions on the internet are shunned for being less fortunate? This and the disability to save the trailer kind of ruined a cool teaser (by CeeJay)

I buy "Everything" Star Wars! I don't have a need for a DVD - Rom until now. I don't want one. I have two players in my house. I don't need another. This is an outrage. I think we need to send this one straight to GL. He is not forcing technology on us because it took him forever to get a SW movie on dvd, and now I find out he's holding back on me and many other fans. SW is for everyone, not a select few. Think about GL (by Bubba Fett)

I love the idea but it doesn't execute well. As one would imagine, the site was fairly inaccessible the first day. Further, I couldn't even get the trailer to load on my computer because of some InterActual error that could not be resolved. (by Raktajino)


I don't like the DVD-website. The trailers are too difficult to get. I wish that Lucas would just put all the trailers on StarWars.com so that we can save them directly to our computers. I still can't view the Mystery trailer and there is no help file for me to see. (by Wybrow)

I have the dvd, I have a nice computer, I have no DVD drive in the computer - it makes no sense. This content should be able to be enjoyed by the fans, regardless of their income or level of 'toys'. (by daisho13)

Bad form, George. The EpI DVD was wonderful, and SW fans will run and get them (and have!) by the thousands regardless of 'keys' that unlock EpII features. Here are the people who will only have access to the new features - those with a DVD player on a computer (by Darth MallWalker)

Lucasfilm = billion dollar greed! Corporate cash cow that will exploit the fans at any cost. (by sean lykins)

I was furious with the way they have treated fans over this. Suggesting that we buy Quicktime Pro to be able to save movies a couple of weeks ago, and then not offering this ability here. The browser keeps crashing people's computers too, and they didn't even have it ready until late in the day Nov 9th. Shameless exploitation. The trailer is a thing of wonder though. (by Paul Holgate)

I don't have a dvd (rom) player, so i didn't buy the TPM dvd. Does that mean I'm not good enough a fan (i've been a fan for most of my life!!), or customer? Because i didn't rush out to buy a dvd-rom player and the dvd, regardless of the price? One of these days i'll buy a dvd player and the TPM dvd will be one of the first titles i'll buy. Besides, trailers are supposed to promote movies to the public, not to make them buy dvd's (by Leon)

Great teaser, bad idea to have it unsavable (by Aaron)

Great idea, but we've had literaly hundreds of emails with people having problems. Forget about it. (by Joshua Griffin)

I think it is unfair that you have to have a DVD Rom to access the trailer. I don't have a DVD Rom, never really felt I needed one, except for this one thing. It's very frustrating and encourages piracy to create an unfulfillable demand. Dropped the ball on this one George. (by Gregg Keefer)

First I thought there would only be a few boring scenes. Nothing that would be worth to take a look. But now that I've seen it, I think it's a great thing! The movie is a lot better than the teaser was. Most DVD ROM parts are totally boring and useless, but with this exclusive DVD site, the feature may become much more important. Great thing! Greetings! (by BeBo)


This was an extremely ingenious idea by Lucasfilm. A lot more people are going to be buying TMP DVD now. "The Mystery" trailer was amazing! (by Phillip I.)

Considering we've spent over $300 on DVD players for our big-screen TVs, hundreds more on SW merchandise and movies, and have five computers in our home, I find it incredible that we can't access this content because we don't have one piece of computer equipment. I paid my $30 for the DVD the same as all the rest of the people who bought it; it seems to me that George Lucas cares more about securing product tie-ins with computer manufacturers than selling his film. We make it too easy for him. When exactly did owning a DVD-ROM drive become an integral part of being a 'true' Star Wars fan? Give me a break. I'm still waiting for some product placements of a few IBM PCs or something in AOTC. (by Lloannna)

I saw 'Mystery' and of course I was blown away by what I saw, but I noticed that some of the shots still weren't finished. It looked more like a game then a movie at certain points. Of course I know that it is just a preview, and not a real trailer/teaser like 'Breathing'. (by Master Othera)

It's legitimate to have the Mystery trailer as a competitive advantage. It was one of the main reasons I purchased the DVD so early (I generally wait a couple of months). I think is a great idea and the trailer really blew me off!! Send us more uncle George. (by Joe)

I run Windows XP. I am using the latest version of PowerDVD. Interactual's half-baked software won't run, and thus, even though I've paid my bucks for the DVD, I can't watch the "exclusive" content. I'm amazingly brassed off. Get your act together, Lucas! (by Anthony)

I like the content. The more STARWARS, the better. It's a great marketing ploy, but sucks for the underpriveleged few. (by sparky)

I was very happy with the trailer. Is it unfair that you have to by the DVD to see it, yes, but every true Star Wars fan will buy it or watch a friend's copy. I don't think we should be that upset. It's good business. Hayden looks cool. Ewan looks awesome. The fighting; the special effects; great! The way it ends with Obi-Wan saying good job to Anakin is funny and reminds me of the tongue-in-cheek humor of Han Solo in Jedi. I'm very pleased so far. (by David Torres)

I own the DVD, and for some reason, although I have installed Quicktime's latest version, the download won't work!!!!! I am supposed to be allowed to see the trailer, but there is no other way to see it. I'm quite frustrated, and that's another reason why I would say this trailer should be available for everyone. (by Mad_Maximus)

I do not appreciate being excluded just because I don't have a DVD ROM. I paid for the damn disc. What more do they want. Does Lucasfilm have stock in DVD ROM drives out there too. DAMN IT!!!!! (by Makeup Artist 1138)

I think the content is amazing. It's kind of a payoff for hardcore SW fans who went out and bought the DVD even though we already own it on VHS. So far the two previews available have been fantastic and I can't wait for more ! It's a nice reward, we get to see the new images of EP II before anyone else. (by Tyler)

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