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EPI DVD - What do you make of the exclusive content available to DVD-Rom owners at the official site?


I like the idea, but was really, REALLY annoyed about the EP2 teaser. Reason? Kioskmode. I wanted to save the trailer and watch it on another pc with no dvd-rom. And that was impossible. Kioskmode is bad, dvd exclusive is ok. (by Dmike)

Good idea, but not every owner of the DVD also has a DVD ROM. Like the fact that there IS exclusive stuff, but I think it should be savable and then made available to everyone maybe a week later or something. There should be more gallery stuff cos what they have is pretty lame. Maybe some cool "how we did that" like the waterfall sequence on the DVD itself. (by Ian Foster)

Most of us don't want to sit at a cramped little desk to watch a movie, so we bought traditional players. There needs to be another way to access the content, since we all shelled out the same money. It shouldn't be determined by what we play the discs on. Thanx for nothing LucasFilm. You act like you haven't already squeezed every dollar out of us. (by M@)

Content should be available to anyone who bought the DVD. Being so exclusive is just turning people into hackers and pirates. Not to mention making a lot of people realize just how much better DVD players are compared to DVD ROM drives. (by Darth23)

Great marketing to help sales & rentals of the disk, but I hope they open the entire area up to the public at some point before Episode 2 opens. Not everyone has a DVD-ROM player or access to one. (by Reecoh)

I think it is a good idea, but it should be accessable by everyone who owns a DVD, not just everyone who has a DVD-ROM drive. They should have used a keycard serial code instead of what they did. (by Molly)

I think it's great. I am also ECSTATIC that Mac owners were finally and EQUALLY included in this treat. I hope all Mac-owning SW fans make their voices heard that it's about time Lucasfilm got on the ball in this regard. It's ironic how Apple's Quicktime delivers Lucasfilm content, yet Apple owners have usually been last to enjoy Lucafilm games, software, and exclusive content. (by David Below)

My problem is that it is only for PC users. Since they made the Mystery trailer available for Mac users, why not go all the way and show us the rest of the exclusive content? (by Jean-Denis Haas)

I haven't seen any of the exclusive stuff yet because I don't have a DVD-ROM and I refuse to spend $30 to see advertising. Marketing is the real evil empire in our world. They rule what we can and can't see and how many different feminine hygiene products we really need. It would be nice if we all had broadband connections to see the loving streaming content that they're making for us to enjoy. But, the reality is that we don't. The reason they won't let us download it is because of greed. They want us to visit their site again and again so their advertising partners get more exposure. Bottom line, that's what's important here people. Not sharing your artistic vision or telling a good story. Enjoy it if you can. I can't and I'm not happy about it.(by boneguy)

I'm a little bitter about the whole thing just because I don't have a DVD player, and therefore don't have the DVD yet, so I can't see for a while. I think its a good idea, but I wish I had the luxury of being able to see it. (by Jaina02)


One side of me wants to scream out "Capitalist swine!". But on the other hand, I did enjoy the special preview content for TPM on "Behind the Magic" and the AOTC making-of content on the TPM VHS, so providing privileged content on-line is really no different, just more dynamic. However, I do get the feeling that this is just an attempt at selling more TPM DVD's which brings me back to my initial reaction. (by Mot Teboda)

I would hope that they would make the trailers available for download at some point in time. (by Simon Hardy)

The trailer disappoints me. Although visually stunning, it just doesn't have the appeal of the OLD trilogy. Too childlike, even the way they speak! (by JedIMaSTer)

It's an awesome idea in terms of marketting and hype, and I can understand how some people would be annoyed that they couldn't view it, just because they don't have a dvd player in their computer, however dvd players are pretty cheap now, so I see it as a weak excuse. I think to appease everyone, they should release the material in question a week later. That way it becomes special for that time only and then everyone else can see it. That's fair. (by Mark Smeets)

The exclusive content is nothing more than a thinly veiled marketing ploy. Most fans would rather actually have a copy of the trailer than have it available exclusively to them anyway. (by portmaniac)

I think old Georgie boy has listened to the fans a bit more this time - the whole thing looks like it's gonna be a lot darker, but with a bit of real humour (not so slapstick!!) in it this time. Can't wait! I still think that everybody should have access to this though - c'mon Lucasfilm, surely you don't need to stoop to these levels to get people to buy the DVD (Not too confident in it selling well anyway?)... (by Jango the man)

It's a form of discrimination towards the most loyal fans, who went out and bought the VHS (by LordCroesus)

I shelled out the money for the DVD, and even bought a DVD player for Episode 1, but my computer's CD player doesn't work a DVD-ROM. So despite the thousands of dollars spent on Star Wars merchandise over the years, I'm left out in the cold. Between the figures' distribution and these "exclusive" trailers, it's getting harder and harder to enjoy Star Wars. (by Jason Hughes)

Well, since the trailer is availible on line, can it really be called exclusive content? As for the trailer, Breathing was brilliant, and Mystery was even better, I see great things in this movies future, we will watch it with interest. (by Stephen P Coffey)

I love it. I was one of the first to download "Mystery" since I sat at my computer refeshing for hours. I watched it and it was like a dream, and so is the DVD! (by Jordan)


The exclusive content is okay, but it is really frustrating trying to get it to work with the Interactual DVD player. Also it isn't good that I couldn't watch the trailer full screen, even with the large version. Truthfully, if they want it to be exclusive, it should be on the actual DVD itself. (by Justin)

I don't think LFL should be promoting one format over another. The extra material should have been offered via an extra VHS and the link should have been open. (by FernWithy)

Well, the "Mystery" trailer available for me was quite thrilling but its not classic Star Wars anymore, everythings too fabricated. It really bites that Mac users aren't able to acces some of the really shuay stuff available to the rest of us. I think it's a good idea though to make that type of content available only through the dvd. It's a fairly well rounded marketing strategy. (by Toklienite)

I think it was a brilliant strategy. First off, it gave all of us hardcore SW fans something to look forward too in addition to the EP I DVD (all hardcore SW fans should already own the DVD). Secondly, it utilized their bandwidth efficiently, dividing up the stress their servers would have taken if the trailer was made public to everyone at once. Bravo George, Bravo. (by Mortabus)

There has been exclusive content on dvds almost since their conception. No one complains about missing out on the Matrix's exclusive online content. (by mackness)

The exclusivity is a good idea, the way it has been implemented is not. The player sucks as it keeps on crashing. By the way the trailer rules!!! (by Pablo)

I'm disappointed simply because it is so much more hassle this time round to get hold of a copy. Remember, trailers are for ADVERTISING and surely the more people that got hold of it the better. I don't understand why lucasfilm are so heavy on this, especially as AOTC looks AWESOME. I own the DVD, and have had trouble trying to download 'Mystery'. I had no problem downloading 'Breathing' though. I think the trailers should be made available to EVERYONE. I'm not too bothered about 'exclusivity'. (by darth borg)

I think it was a good idea, but being forced to use the software that comes on the DVD was a HORIBLE idea. I have DVD software on my computer already, but can't access the web stuff through it. And the software that came with the DVD will not work on my computer for some reason. (by Ghery)

I am sure many more of us have CD-ROMs than have DVD-ROMs. CDs are very commonly given away in promotions so they must not be that expensive. Would not including a CD in the package to access the web site be a better way to reward those that buy the DVD. Instead, they are rewarding those with DVD-ROMs as it is more difficult to gain access to a DVD-ROM than it is to borrow or rent the DVD. (by Randy)

I hate that InterActual software! AAARGHHH! The biggest thing bothering me, however, is my inability to save the trailer on my hard drive. (by sabers11)


I hate it. I have the DVD, but an older computer without a DVD Rom drive, so I am unable to view the extras. Next thing you know, you will have to have a 62" HDTV in order to actually view the Original Trilogy on DVD (If that ever happens). (by BHenry)

I don't make anything out of it because I don't have a FREAKIN' DVD ROM! This is truly one of the worst decisions made by Lucasfilm! At least the online AOTC trailer should be available like the "Breathing" trailer was. Everyone who has a computer should be able to access the "Mystery" trailer! I think it's ok for the most part. I mean, pretty much all DVDs have a DVD ROM section. The problem I have is that they should've put the "Mystery" trailer online for EVERYONE to see, and not just for DVD-ROM owners. Everyone who has a computer should be able to access this trailer! I don't have a DVD ROM, and I'm FREAKIN' annoyed! (by Dan Geer)

I like the "exclusive" DVD access - but it's been annoying, as I've bought the DVD but don't have a DVD-ROM in my PC. So - there should be a "password" in some part of the DVD - that you can access via a normal player - and key it as a "log-in". (by Chris OConnor)

The "Mystery" Trailer blew me away. I probably watched it a dozen times. I'm really pumped for the release next year! (by Brian N)

The excellent content only accessible for people who own the TPM DVD and DVD ROM should be avaliable to all. Very disappointed with the site not allowing us to download the Mystery trailer to our hard drives (Mr Lucas, please allow us next time around!). With the trend of only accessing the neat content with the DVD and DVD ROM, I hope that with future releases of the rest of the Star Wars Saga on DVD, they make it easier for Mac Users to access the content and add more 'exclusive' stuff. (by Padawan Learner)

Goingout and buying the dvd is one thing, but making us have the dvd to watch the new trailer is just money grubbing on lucas' part, and just goes to show that it's really all he cares about anymore, and not the love of movie making (by Joebuck)

Good idea. I love having extra content! However, I hope the site eventually opens up for users without the dvd access. (by LadyElaine)

The exclusive sneak preview is awesome. I'm so glad that it wasn't just an offer to download the "real" trailer early. I would like to see more content, images, articles, or whatever, but if it was that or the trailer, I would take the trailer anyday. (by Chris S)

Doesn't work for me..:( I have a DVD ROM and Windows XP, but I just never get anywhere. I don't care for the idea. (by Alex Kac)

Besides the Mac users having a hard time with the accessibility to the content, we all should feel sorry for another party, the Netscape Browser users. Uncle George should think about this next time he considers DVD internet content. (by Ewok Maniac)


I got the DVD, and the software it came with expired. What a slap in the face. Lucas thinks his movies are TOP SECRET government projects. What a joke. (by Evan Nash)

Annoyed by the lack of Macintosh support! (by Mitch Chase)

Hey, i've been waiting about 3 years since episode i came out, and i can wait another week until i see the trailer online! I'm a bit disappointed by this, but as long as the flanneled one keeps making good movies i couldn't care less. mtfbwy! (by alienne)

I love the exclusive content, though I might be biased since I have access to it. "Mystery" was worth the price of admission. (by Mike Sorensen)

My Computer has always done everything I wanted it to without a DVD-ROM. Until now, but I would never buy a DVD drive just for this and expecting anyone to is ridiculous. (by Easter)

And I thought Starwars.com wasn't updated enough. The "Exclusive" DVD Rom stuff is hardly updated. Although, the DVD-Rom only trailer was cool! I want, even a little, more often. (by Sith_Hunter)

I like what they have been doing. The new trailer is great and I look forward to more Episode II/III info. I just wished support for the Mac was there in the begining. (by JediToren)

I think the idea of "special" items for those that buy the DVD are fine. However, I don't have a DVD Rom drive therefore, having the DVD doesn't do me much good. (by Steve K.)

LucasFilm's excuse for not making it available to Macs is that "the technology isn't compatible, oh well". I think that is a terrible excuse. Why not choose a technology that *IS* compatible, and from what I understand, there isn't anything truly special about. (by mcclint)

Mystery was great. I just wish people would quit whining about LucasFilm's policies. They create the things we love but some people insist on complaining when they are not able to access more info than the general public. Be happy you got Breathing and Mystery! (by Greedo99)

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