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What scenes should be cut from the IMAX version of AOTC?


Cut everything of C-3PO once they leave Tatooine; shorten droid factory scene; cut picnic scenes; shorten speeder chase (by Adriel)

All of the C3PO shenanigans during the factory and arena scenes (by Head)

All the mushy gushy scenes when Anakin and Padme are flirting. (by Shadow)

Romantic exchange between Anakin and Padme by the fireplace on Naboo. Running w/ the cows on Naboo. You get the picture.... (by Seth)

Anakin dreaming, sappy lines in Naboo by fireplace, shorten Shmi's death, shorten Anakin's whining in the apartment while Padme is packing (by Eric Code)

Maybe just trim some of the Anakin and Padme scenes a little. They don't need to be cut entirely because they mean a lot to the story. (by Dan)

Eliminate the Naboo picnic (by Dark Lord Of The Sith Krumme)

Cut out the love scenes, Jar Jar, and the credits!!! (by scruffylooking)

The "pear" scene and the "fireplace" scene (by Amy)

It won't shorten it by much, but at least cut the nightmare scene.....you get the idea enough with them talking about it the next morning. Besides that, everything is too important to cut (sadly, even the lovey stuff......=P). (by Diablo)


Most of the meadow picnic scene could be cut without losing anything from the film. Probably trim a little bit from the factory scene and Coruscant chase. Some people seem to be forgetting the intention of the cuts is not to edit the film so that it is totally different (Get rid of all the changeling stuff, edit Padme and Anakin out of the film, etc). Be reasonable folks. (by Hang10 Fett)

C-3PO's silly scenes in the droid factory and the asteroid battle between Obi Wan and Jango (by QuiGonHrafn)

1) Shmi's death (saying I love u then die), 2) C-3PO's factory scenes, 3) some of the picnic (Anakin rolling over, riding a cow etc.) 4) some of the fireplace talk scenes, 5) shorten Zam/Anakin scenes, 6) shorten droid factory, 7) change the death of Corde (by maulseller)

In order of preference to be axed: the fireplace scene, the scene of Padme and Anakin at the dinner table on Naboo, the prairie scene on Naboo, Anakin having his nightmare, Anakin riding the swoop bike on Tatooine. (by Teddy Durgin)

Droid factory scene (by DarthMaul)

Lots of the awkward scenes between Anakin and Padme. And also shorten the whole Anakin's mom dying sequence to just one or two brief *gasp*ing words from her mouth. (by tithead)

The first kiss. (by Real Vader)

Most of droid factory (by jayshilo)

C-3PO's puns and most of the droid factory "mishaps", awkward Anakin/Padme interactions, Anakin's momy death scene shorter (by lando face)

The Meadow Scene w/Anakin and Padme (by Shannon)


Take out the "Naboo date" scenes..... (by mike swelstad)

I also would say cut some of Zam Wesell chase, droid factory and a lot of the final battle between the Clone and Droid armies!! (by Don Collard)

Almost all of Naboo - why does everyone hate C3PO's puns so much?! (by Kevin)

The kid-friendly scenes in which C-3P0's character is being butchered by putting his head on a droid's body and having him say cute lines like "this is such a drag!" (by Alex Wilgus)

Some impertinent comments of both Anakin and Obi-Wan during the Zam chase could be easily omitted making whole sequence a little bit shorter. Then cut the Anakin riding the Shaak, but otherwise leave the picnic scene as it was, and get rid off the nightmare scene, because Padme already mentions Anakin having nightmares. Finally, cut the tiny scene of C-3PO hanging from the "arm" of Droid Factory worker and instead make him fall straight to the assembly line after being pushed by R2-D2. (by Lord_FinnSon)

The very un Star Wars cafe scene with Dexter Jettster (by Alexander Wiggles)

I gotta say get rid of all of 3PO factory pun scenes, Anakin's nightmare, and that whole picnic/ riding the bloated tick scene. (by lordobin)

The Yoda duel at the end. It's silly and unbelievable. (by Walter Mullins)

The scene when Padme and Anakin are eating at the table, as well as the scene when Anakin is riding on the animal are just not needed. At this point the love is determined and these are just wastes of time. (by Paul Mazur)

Get rid of scenes that do not advance the plot and trim what is not needed to advance the plot. Excise the redundant and the repetitive, delete the cheesy. The droid factory sequence can be almost entirely removed without damaging the narrative as can the diner scene, although it is a very entertaining nod to film noir. I love the Coruscant chase, but it can be trimmed a bit. Anakin riding the giant tick cow wouldn't be missed by me, nor would his dream. (by Oldy Von Moldy)


If anything, maybe some edits of the final Geonosis battle or the romance scenes. (by Jeddle Master)

That darn picnic (by ed)

Padme lying in the sand hurt, Queen Jamillia, riding the animal after the picnic, trim nightmare scene (by jxshin)

Trim some of the speeder chase and Geonosis battle, keep the picnic, but cut out the "cow tick" thing, shorten the arena monster battle, cut Queen Jamillia, The Yoda/Mace/Obi-Wan walking down the hall could be cut..hard one to call on that one (by Darth Skippy)

Any scene that involved flirting (by Colin)

The whole scene of Padm? and the clonetrooper after she fell from the gunship. As an audience we all assume she's okay and will probably follow soon as she can, redundant and awkward feeling overall. (by Lady Kenobi)

All the awkward silences between Padme and Anakin. (by Will)

Any scenes where Anakin and Amidala speak to each other (by Tim)

The stupid rolling in the grass scene on Naboo! (by jedi bob)

The whole stupid "everything here is soft" scene (by Adam Houhoulis)


Cut out arrival on Naboo, walking, Queen Jamillia scenes, Ob1 library scene, first lake retreat scene (at least long stare & first kiss), Anakin's nightmare, Shmi's funeral (at least Cliegg's part), and Padme waking after fall. Trim: chase, picnic scene (Palo & roll in grass), Padme stuck at droid factory, and Geonosis battle. (by myself)

Anakin on Tatooine (by amp)

The scene where Padme and Anakin discusses keeping their relationship a secret (by vickey jackson)

The entire Anakin-Padme love scenes (by Quy Tran)

Don't cut anything! Just have a 15 minute intermission so you can switch reels in the middle of the movie. I like taking a break during a movie anyway. (by Alex Lindquist)

All of the love sequences. All of them. The acting was the worst during these moments, not like it was good elsewhere. (by 1001 Jedi Nights)

Don't cut any Anakin and Padme scenes (the story is about a jedi in love!), cut Jar Jar and C3PO (by Asad)

Shorten the chase scenes...the funeral scene is integral to the whole going evil thing...get rid of the animal riding scene (by Marc)

Padme and Anakin's picnic and dinner scenes are fine, although the Naboo-cow riding can well be cut completely as the digital effect is not refined enough to save it. I agree with cutting the C-3PO puns from the droid factory and arena (like Jar Jar, just too much silliness to be tolerable) (by Jedi Outcast)

The waterfall conversation between Anakin and Padme. Zzzzzzz! (by Steve)

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