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What scenes should be cut from the IMAX version of AOTC?


The silly one where Anakin and Padme were rolling around and riding the cows. Same with the one where they were on the ship, going to Naboo. In fact most of the love scenes should be cut. (by MarvinTheMartian)

The droid factory - it served no purpose other than being "video game" type eye candy. (by Jonathan)

Shorten opening, once ship lands cut to explosion, then cut to Palpatine's office. Shorten Coruscant chase. Cut OB1/Mace/Yoda at Jedi Temple. Cut all library scenes. Cut Boba firing Slave 1's guns at OB1. Shorten asteroid chase. Shorten OB1's skulking about on Geonosis. Cut goodbye scene before boarding transport to Naboo. Cut transport to plaza, walking, and Queen Jamillia scenes. Shorten meadow scene, cut Anakin's ride, and keep rolling in the grass. Cut dinner scene and nightmare. Keep fireplace scene. Shorten droid factory scenes. Shorten arena fights with droids, shorten final battle. Cut Padme getting up. Keep all Anakin Tatooine scenes. (by Padme2852)

Truly, cutting the end credits would save 10 minutes and definitely save the integrity of the film. As for the other 23 minutes, cutting down the battle scenes, factory scene, and parts of the Anakin/Padme romance should do the trick. (by Andrew D.)

Cut all of Anakin's scenes especially when he mumbles, "Milady". (by Creon)

Get rid of Anakin surfing the tick-cow, the 'sound of music' picnic, fireplace scene and the 'we live in the real world' line (this is Star Wars, man, who needs to be reminded of that), Threepio swapping heads with the battledroid, and shorten the touring of the cloning facilities (by Sithlord999)

Anything with Anakin speaking in it (by darthgoat)

The whole thing about "aggressive negotiations" could be safely cut. (by Yoda)

Trim the long speeder chase scene, trim parts of flying through space, and trim the obi wan spying on Geonosis (by Yroc)

The scene where Anakin and Padme are playing in the grass and Anakin gets hit by that big bull-looking creature. (by Dan Smith)


The scene where Anakin and Padme are in the field and Anakin rides the cow like creature. (by Clayton)

They could cut some of the scenes in the cloning facility, and the C3PO scenes in the droid factory, and still have a good movie. Not as good as the full movie, but still good. (by Josh)

CUT: Jedi Coleman's plunge; Dex's robot and voice; Obi's unjedi-like comments about dumb beasts; finale ; trim credits, droid factory; cow surfing; Padme's nap; floating fruit; speeder antics (5th element!); and Kamino fight). (by Dejarik Offworld Alliance)

The scene with Padme and the clone trooper after falling out of the air craft (by red43j)

For the love of humanity, cut out the scene by the fireplace! that and the end credits. Perhaps a little trimming down on the other stuff with Anakin and Padme. (by Dragonlancer)

Take out the fireplace scene, Please. The whole thing! Thanks. (by Lo)

The cursed pear! I don't like that pear! So that scene can be cut :) (by Bail-AnBillies)

We need to remember that some people may not have seen it before. The scenes that are cut should not be important scenes in the film, they should be small side-stories and pieces of long scenes that are not needed. (by Garrett Waters)

Both love confessions, from Anakin n Padme, the 1 by the fire place n when they were being dragged to their execution (by Crimson Fuzor)

Cut the 3PO humor scenes out. They distract from the flow of the battle scene. It also wouldn't hurt to cut the scene where Anakin is riding on the big-butted cow, that was the worst effect in the entire film. (by Dave)


The scene when Obi-Wan sneaks through a Geonosian cavern for about ten hours (by Xavier_Andrews)

The Love Scenes (by Rick)

Cut the end credits-save more of the story! (by Geoff Krickhan)

OK why does everyone want the chase scene cut out? Those will be amazing in the IMAX theaters. but I shall agree with everyone else that the droid factory and Naboo picnic could be cut shorter! (by Jon Anderson)

The jedi children scene (by Jim Fuse)

The scenes where he says Jedi does not have a nightmare; the "fireplace" scene where Annie says to Padme his soul is tormented and the fat Naboo creatures rambling around. (by Claudio Dirani)

Padme getting helped by the clone trooper and the whole C-3PO on the production line and him in the arena. (by Jason C)

The love and romance between Anakin and Padme (by Connor Macleod)

The "You fell into that nightmare, Master" (Obi-Wan fake laugh) scene. The Sound of Music scene that comes right after the picnic. The fake floating fruit scene. Some of the conveyor belt stuff. Shorten the fireside scene by removing that awful "my heart is beating" speech. And get rid of the "nightmare" scene. Get rid of the handmaiden's "I have failed you milady" line. Just show her as being dead. (by Maggie M.)

I can't believe anybody would want to cut any scenes with Jar Jar in them!? If you're going to cut any scene, cut out the boring Yoda lightsaber fight. (by Jar Jar Fan)


Diner scene (by disco stu)

The meal between Anakin and Padme on Naboo, its great but could go! Jar Jar and C-3PO (by M Marshall)

Every single love scene between Anakin and Padme. (by jedistudent)

The fireplace!!!!!!!!!!!! (by Eduardo Lattes)

All the Threepio scenes. (by Omar Ansari)

Obi-wan meeting Jango and Boba (just any thing without action, I mean come on, we all know the story by now) (by damndirtyape182)

Just cut the credits! (by Camb_Creno)

The meeting that states that Jar Jar gives power to Palpatine. All of it even Yoda and Windu talking. (by Brad Brown )

You could possibly cut trim up some of the Anakin/Padme scenes. Like the riding of the Shaak or the walking scene on the lake ("we used to swim out...."), that could be trimmed. Also, cutting Anakin's dream would work too, since Padme alludes to it. Shorten up some of the droid factory as well. Some of the scenes when Padme & Anakin are flying to Naboo could be trimmed as well. Best of luck! May the force be with you! (by Mike M)

Some of Yoda's dialogue at the beginning, Anakin/Padme eating scene on Naboo, the whole droid factory scene, Padme falling from the gunship (by Kurt)


Anything with jar jar (by jesse)

The frolicking in the grass (by Outlander_)

Everyone seems to want all the romance scenes between Anakin and Padme cut out, but we have to see a romance to justify their marriage. I think the Jedi library scene with Jocasta could be cut. Obi-Wan tells Yoda about the planet not showing up in the computer anyway, so it might be cut since it's sort of redundant. (by Curtis Warner)

A lot of the romance stuff really slows down the pace of the movie, especially the part where Anakin rides the potato cows. Other than that, bits and pieces here and there, maybe roll the credits a little bit faster (or just put a web address on the screen where people can look up the credits online if they care). And leave Jar Jar's scenes as they are. Cripes, people, stop picking on poor Jar Jar. Sure, he was overkill in TPM, but his tiny part in AOTC left me wishing he'd had a larger part. (by Feldman Skitzoid)

Do not cut any action scenes, but cut all of that love rubbish and super corny line between Anakin and Padme. Mute everytime or dubb Obi-Wan's voice when he says I hate it when he does that or I got a bad feeling about this. it's getting old. (by eric1138)

Don't cut out the Lake retreat. I want to see it on the IMAX screen, point out the pop can easier. Also don't cut Padme lying in the sand, then people will actually see the 1138 beside her. (by Cranie)

20th Century Fox Fanfare & "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..." (by Jimm)

Picnic and riding scene, definitely. (by Thomson)

Cut some off droid factory and the speeder chase. Cut the nightmare scene. Cut some of the Queen scene, like the part where she gets on her political high horse. Cut the diner scene. They should have enough there. (by wiwille)

3PO in the factory, Jar Jar, Padme and Anakin in the field, Anakin's rubbish acting (by Himura)

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