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What scenes should be cut from the IMAX version of AOTC?


C-3PO in droid factory, Anakin riding the Shaak and having nightmare, Dorme asking if the Senator was okay (by TK421138)

The whole, Anakin riding the Naboo cow scene (by lordsmiley)

The picnic, dinner, and the transport ride to Tatooine... (by JodoKast)

The Meadow Picnic (by UCFKevin)

All this technology and you have to cut the movie?- Grass frolic, easy. (by Doug Maul)

All loves scenes between Anakin & Padme except scene before arena (by David Ditota)

Picnic scene, animal riding, droid factory shorter (by tim h)

Anakin riding the Shaak (by Garr)

The fireplace scene (by Nixumb)

Love speech before Anakin and Padme are brought into the arena (by Patrick)


Anakin & Padme cow riding scene (it ends on an awkward note anyway), and take out the C-3PO droid factory scene. All you need is show Artoo pushing him in, and then he lands on the conveyor, and that's it, and then, later you can show bits and pieces of him fighting. Also, the Anakin & Padme dinner scene is completely unnecessary. The scene where Anakin dreams about his mother is not needed since Padme mentions it in the next scene. (by Antilles01)

Love scenes (by Christian M.)

Cut the speeder chase, Obi-Wan fighting Jango, and definitely Yoda fighting. (by ChrisO)

Any Scene with Jar Jar (by Dark Lord Of Sith)

The credits (by orangefuzz)

The "fireplace scene" (by Matt Klas)

Do away with the credits. Cut down the Zam chase and the droid foundry scene as it pertains to C3P0. (by Darth Imax)

I think what should be cut is maybe a little bit of the Geonosis Battle. I mean some of it dragged on a bit and some of it looked too fakey. (by Cole)

I don't believe entire 'scenes' need to be deleted from the film; but trim a few seconds from one scene, a few more from another one, and you can definitely add them up to 20-23 minutes. (by Anthony)

Any scene with luggage! (by kennerboy)


Anakin's confession of love for Padme (after the dinner scene) (by DarkLord5)

Droid factory battle w/ Anakin and Padme'...the silly scene with 3P0's head being placed on the battle droid...the ridiculous scene w/ Anakin riding the bloated tick-cow. (by MadK)

The riding scene. Dex's diner. The C3PO puns definitely...the attempt at cheap laughs really took me out of the moment at the movie. Puns aren't really becoming of Star Wars. Don't cut any action scenes!!! They were too far between as it was! (by Jeronimo)

Speed up the credits scroll. Cut riding the cow on Naboo. Cut most of R2 & 3PO in droid factory. Cut Obi-Wan at the Jedi archives. Cut the scene with the new Queen of Naboo (by Wyldstaar)

Queen Jamillia scene (by strwrse1)

No matter how much we hate some scenes, they are still part of the movie. They should cut tiny parts out of long scenes, and then it will be less noticeable. (by Brandon Waters)

Cut picnic, dinner, and arriving at Naboo scenes of Padm?/Anakin, shorten speeder chase. (by Bruno)

Seriously chop down that chasing through the asteroids scene...Boring... and seriously hack away at the tour scenes of the clone factory... Boring. (by Handmaiden_Sabe)

Almost every "m'lady" (by Lost Jedi Knight)

The entire Geonosis droid factory scene. (by Skip Haughay)


Some of the stuff at the droid factory, Obi-Wan sneaking around on Geonosis, Jar Jar taking Padm?'s place (by Bria)

That awful picnic and dinner scene between Padme and Anakin as well as the whole C-3PO comedy relief shtick on Geonosis. Plus less of the over-long speeder chase. (by rogue1)

When Anakin's mother dies and the funeral as well. When Anakin gets his arm chopped off by Count Dooku. When Senator Amidala's handmaiden Corde is killed by the explosion of the Naboo Royal Cruiser. Jango Fett's beheading in front of his son Boba Fett. Also I feel that the death of Anakin's mother should be permanently deleted from all versions of the film and the script and some other major event should send him down the path of the Dark Side. His mom should get to live. (by blackcandy)

The scene that looks like The Sound of Music. Padme running over the hill and Anakin riding that creature. That scene looked bad and was not necessary. (by Frank Sabatino)

Eliminate the droid factory scene (by Mike Grant)

Some of the battle of Geonosis. Some of the Padme/Anakin romance. (by Conehead2187)

Diner scene, some of the droid factory, riding scene (by historyfolks)

That whole fireplace scene. It makes me gag. (by Iwannabeleia)

Anakin and Padme's picnic and their stay at the resort on Naboo (by Tom)

Any scenes involving dialogue between Anakin and Padme (by JamesT)


Eating on the refugee ship, Pointless! Dex could get to the point faster in the Diner also! I think we could trim a minute or 3 of flight time off of the various flights and landings of starships. They just take too long. (by Victor Nazarian)

Going to the transport ship and picnic and dinner (by Scootbeek)

The giant-tick riding contest on Naboo, the Anakin nightmare, Padme getting up after falling from the ship at the battle of Geonosis (that looked awkward), any reference to the ridiculous name "Anakin", the initial meeting with Jar Jar, Anakin and Padme, a couple of Yoda's backward talk (sometimes it just made no sense). Love speech before Anakin and Padme are brought into the arena, Well heck, while we're at it, lets just get Steve Spielberg to re-edit the whole thing!!! (by devgear)

Cut out as much as you can of the droid factory chase scene! It was a cool scene but completely pointless! (by Brett)

All scenes where Anakin and Padme are in the same room (by darth churro)

Issue the closing credits in hard copy, and cut them from the film--that should save 10 minutes right there. (by Neal Kosaly-Meyer)

The cuts would have to be scenes the film could make sense without. A few of those could be the scene with Obi-Wan and Anakin in the elevator, Anakin and Padme in her apartment before leaving for Naboo, the scene with Obi-Wan, Mace, and Yoda talking, the scene with Anakin and Padme on the freighter, and the scene with Dooku talking with the captured Obi-Wan. All these scenes are good, they help set up and develop relationships, but the majority of other scenes set up for the next big event. (by Curtis Warner)

Cut riding the animal in the field. (by steve)

Don't cut out anything that takes place on the planet Geonosis (by Alex Yu)

Dinner scene, the picnic scene should be cut after the talk about the dictatorship, a shorter conveyer belt scene and no C-3PO head scenes. (by The Ultimate Sueff)

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