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What scenes should be cut from the IMAX version of AOTC?


Some of the droid factory scene. No way! Keep in all Anakin & Padme Scenes!! (by JediJen)

The picnic scene (by Jeremy)

Anakin & Padme arrival on Naboo should be trimmed down along with the conversation with the new queen The picnic between Anakin and Padme the dinner with Anakin and Padme and the scene when they are on the refugee ship (by Ryam Graves)

Anakin riding giant aphid, most of C-3PO in factory and arena, cut down beast shots in arena (by jawiebob)

If I had to choose a scene to lose it would be Padme running through the hills while Anakin falls off the fat grazing animal thing. Thought the CG there looked kinda rubbish. (by Joel)

The 23 boring minutes between the chase through Coruscant and Jango and Obi-Wan's asteroid field chase (by Brad Kan Obi So Cool)

Padme and Anakin's talk in the meadow. Just slowed the flick down to a crawl. Get rid of it George. Please!!! (by Wesyeed)

Lose the meeting between Anakin and Palpatine by cutting the preceding Jedi Temple scene short and maybe looping in dialogue or something; trim some off the love scenes; lose the library scene; dice up the scene with Dex a bit (when you think about it, the narrative is actually kind of tight in this movie already) (by Robb)

Nearly everything that took place on Naboo, especially the "picnic"... (by David Jenkins)

Shorten the Zam Wesell chase, the arrival and new queen of Naboo scenes, cut as much as possible from the dinner and completely remove the picnic ... Probably shorten the conversations with Cliegg, Owen and Beru... (by eelektrik)


Cliegg Lars speech at Shmi's funeral (by oo-ta goo-ta, Solo)

Anakin's "No, mom, no!" sleep talking... hearing Padme bring this up is enough. (by /\/\ichael)

Padme/Anakin love story (by Robert Futhey)

The sappy scenes with Anakin and Padme in the fields of Naboo. (by FrostyGuy)

The Droid factory scene (by Oliver)

The horrendous "romance" scenes! (by Carl Spencer)

Instead of cutting off entire scenes, trim down the following scenes: the picnic/field scene, Zam's chase, asteroid chase, droid factory (by Darth Kashyyyk)

Definitely cut Anakin's nightmare scene - and the fireplace scene. The Droid factory can be deleted as well. (by Dallas Jedi)

Cut out the fireplace scene, because by this point in the movie the audience should have already understood the issues surrounding their relationship. As for cutting down or out the action sequences, it would be a mistake, because it was these scenes that the fans enjoyed the most and felt was missing from phantom. (by Chris)

That droid factory video game (by dav)


Cut nothing with a lightsaber, laser beam, flying ship, or magnificent explosion. Anything else is game for trim or omission. (by John Pemble)

None! They should just speed up the film and have them talking like jittery chipmunks so I can see every part of Episode II on IMAX! (by beavoboy)

The kids in the classroom stating the obvious with Yoda acting amazed (by cynicman)

Anakin's nightmare. Meeting with Queen Jamillia. Up the stairs on the way to Queen Jamillia. (by Caitle')

I think Jar Jar should be cut and some of the scenes with Anakin and Padme. But keep 3PO! (by Sara)

That whole 3PO factory scene and the "love" scene by the fire (by Kevin)

The clones eating, half the battle scene with the clones, Dooku flying from Geonosis to where Sidious is. (by JoAnna)

The nightmare scene, otherwise I like all the rest!!!!! (by raia)

Cut the Obi-Wan and jedi children scene as that's redundant after the library scene, or vice versa, then just take a minute here and there throughout (by shawn)

All the rubbish with 3po losing his head. (by jon quinn)


Cut the credits just microprint everyone's name to one frame. the credits on any star wars movie would take out half that time need to cut right there. (by kenobi515)

Cut out the dinner! (by Jim Jim Binks)

All, or almost all of the droid factory scene (by DarthC)

The entire droid factory scene-- what was the purpose? (by Mani)

The whole 3PO thing in the droid factory and arena scenes - they're way too much (by joe g.)

C-3PO's puns and the scene with Anakin and Padme entering the arena. (by Nick Cole)

Anakin making fruit hover, Coruscant in the clouds (by Mike Wallace)

I think they should just take little things out, like just shorten some things like don't show the bugs crawling toward Padme as much or take out some shots that show Theed, and things like that (by Jeremy Solo)

When Anakin is riding that cow thing and falls off!! 2 words "Flying Fruit". I could do without Jar Jar's meeting Anakin and Obi-wan, and the Zam chase could be trimmed a bit too. (by Padawan_whiner)

Much of the long winded Super Mario Conveyor belt Droid Factory scene (by daveyg)


Cut out most of the part where they chase Dooku to the hangar and when Anakin and Obi-Wan first see Padme (by matt)

Cut the fireplace scene. Cut the scene in which Anakin rides the Shaak. Padme's confession of love for Anakin can definitely be shortened. C-3PO's puns and the conveyor belt. Last, but not least, cut Anakin's sand monologue. (by Cap'nBarnaclebeard)

They could totally cut down on the scenes of love w/ Anakin and Padme. They like each other, we get it. Even the scene where Anakin is riding on top of the anteater/elephant looking thing, eliminate it. But, above all, cut out the pointless scenes that continue to show Anakin's arm caught in the conveyer belt. They could have totally edited that part and put in more useful scenes. (by wupmasta2000)

Fireplace scene with Anakin and Padme, Anakin/Padme dinner, Anakin riding the Shaak, The long discussion between Obi Wan and the head cloner alien guy!...that ought to do it! (by IMAX Editor)

The pointless conveyor-belt sequence! (by Freca Tindrock)

The scene with Anakin's nightmare...it was weird... (by Jedi Steve)

Delete all the scenes with 3pO making dumb comments throughout the battle scene (by chase)

3PO Droid Factory Scenes: That way, the droids can become more important in Ep. III (by Darth Bane)

Anakin and Padme's dinner and fireside discussion. (by Padme' Kenobi)

The sand monologue must go! And I wish I could wish away Anakin's "I wish I could just wish my feelings away." (by Bob)

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