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TheForce.Net Wish List

Given a limitless budget, no concern for an actual marketing plan, no need to actually sell very many copies of a title or just basically without any limits at all -- what would be our wish list for Star Wars? Here ya go ...

A Permanent Star Wars Prop Display - I'd love to see the Lucasfilm Archives put on permanent display in San Francisco somewhere. What good are the props doing sitting on shelves in a barn at Skywalker Ranch? Make a place where the public can come and enjoy them! - Scott

The Complete Star Wars "Making of" Boxed Set - It would be great to compile all of the footage and behind the scenes pictures into one huge boxed set on the Making of Star Wars. Interviews with actors, writers, artists and more would round out a fantastic package on how the universe of Star Wars was created. It would have to include tons of footage (new and old), as well as interviews with major and minor players in the series. It would be great to have some of the people interviewed reflect back on the 'way things were' as well. - Josh

More Women Characters in Episode II - More women, not just the token lady in a position of command (so are we supposed to forgive the lack of women, simply because there's one (and only one) high up? If women are 50% of the population, they should be at least 50% of the casting, including the speaking parts! - Nicole

Stop the Midichlorian Madness - The midichlorians? Either downplay their role or if possible, eliminate them altogether. The midichlorians take away from the wonder of the Force, for me. As Nicole commented, bring back the spirituality. The midichlorians reduce the Force to science. The Force is about faith, not quantifiable properties. To have the Force explained in terms of the midichlorians, all the ideas of the Force being as strong as someone's will and belief, and the notion that the Force is an "energy" that permeates and binds us together (as evidenced in the original trilogy), is negated. - Helen

A Star Wars 3-D Imax Short - I'd love to see Lucasfilm create a short, 30 minute Star Wars film for the 3-D Imax screen. If you've never been to a 3-D Imax film, it feels like you're really in the film itself. All of the people and objects in front of you take up your whole field of vision and it feels like they're really in front of you with the 3-D effect. It would be great to see a SEQUEL to Return of the Jedi. Have a short adventure with Mark Hamill and the Solo kids. If we won't get a sequel trilogy, this is the next best thing! - Scott

Bring Back Super Empire Strikes Back (Playstation 2) - I loved the classic trilogy games on the old Super Nintendo System (SNES) days. Bring back the wild ride of the Mode 7 landspeeder, and the side-scrolling adventure series to the next generation systems! - Josh

A Dark Empire Novelization - One of the most frequently asked questions we have at TheForce.Net is, "When did the Emperor get cloned and resurrested?" Nobody seems to be aware of the Dark Empire comics by Dark Horse. If it was adapted into a novel, it would be a great way for the audience to get clued into the story (and also possibly become more aware of the comics). Other Dark Horse comics have been turned into novels (Aliens, Predator). Why not this one? - Scott

Better Dialogue in Episode II- Please someone, write some dialogue that will sound natural, and won't make me laugh when it's supposed to be serious. - Nicole (seconded by Helen)

Pre-Prequel Era Revamping - A complete, thought-out revamping of the ENTIRE Star Wars timeline prior to Episode I. Make it a multimedia venture like "Shadows Of The Empire". Have a series of novels, comics, games etc. that fill in the story: not a movie or tv show, but just a story like SOTE. Have Williams or McNeely do a soundtrack CD: can you imagine hearing "Darth Bane's Theme"? Have Lucasfilm settle, once and for all and from themselves as the source, this whole timeline canon issue instead of the mishmash it's become. If they did that it would be *the* definitive storyline, set in stone without question. It would also extend the SW merchandising *way* past the shelf-life of the films. - Chris

Classic Mystery/Mysticism - TPM was seriously lacking in mysticism, the Force was barely used, and barely taught. All we learned that was new was midichlorians, not quite what I expected. I don't want a scientific explanation, I want spirituality. Even as a kid, my favourite scenes of the first three movies were Luke's training with Yoda on Dagobah. So don't tell me a kid's movie cannot have spirituality and magic in it! - Nicole

Difinitive 2 Disk Set for John Williams' Score to TPM - For Lucasfilm and Sony Classical to allow Nick Redman, Michael Matessino and Dan Hersch to put together a definitive 2 disc set for John Williams score to Episode 1. Or maybe RCA Victor could do the release so the soundtrack would be identical in design to the previous 2 disk sets for episodes 4-6. - Steve

The Star Wars Holiday Special on DVD - Actually, at this point 22 years later, even an official release on video would be acceptable. It certainly isn't a fine example of filmmaking, but I don't think I've ever looked forward to the broadcast of a television program more than I did the 11/17/78 broadcast of Holiday Special. - Steve

TFN Staff
May 13th, 2000


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