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Cinescape Flames TFN over DVD Issue

UPDATE - Cinescape has removed the Editorial we refer to, but it was up long enough that many readers and other websites have seen it and drawn incorrect conclusions about our stance. We've got the e-mails saying "Why don't you want DVD?" to show that. Therefore, just so everyone's clear on where we stand on this, we'll leave this editorial for you to look over. If nothing else, it recaps our history of efforts on the DVD front.

UPDATE 2 - Cinescape has reposted their editorial, but with the references to TF.N removed. However, they now have another separate editorial totally about TheForce.Net, our DVD stance, and their first editorial. Gotta love it.

You may recall a recent post we did where we said we weren't going push the DVD issue here more because it was basically "beating a dead horse". It generated a couple of letters which we responded directly to.

Today Cinescape posted an editorial written by Matt Springer flaming us for taking that position. We'd like to take the opportunity to respond in kind. Here's one quote:

I guess as the PREMIER Star Wars site on the web, they hold final sway on when acting in protest on a Star Wars-related issue is relevant or "beating a dead horse." And why was there no petition or letter campaign organized through the PREMIER Star Wars website for such a hot-button fan issue? Were they too afraid of upsetting their favored-nations status with Lucasfilm to act on the matter?

This is unfair, uninformed, and unnecessary. Here's why.....

We have done a LOT on this issue. Do a search for 'DVD' on our site and you'll see we've been covering the issue as far back as January of 1999, if not longer. We've done a ton of posts on the issue and made a big deal about it whenever possible.

We've also done a couple of Editorials on this issue, as well as conducting multiple Surveys on the issue of DVDs. (here and here.) We have been told from Lucasfilm insiders that these editorials and surveys are both looked at and recorded by Lucasfilm representatives. Therefore, whatever YOU say in the surveys is noted by them.

Our forums are filled to the brim with talks about the DVD issue, as well as the and RASSM newsgroups. Other websites have their own petitions and discussions on the topics.

We receive dozens of e-mails EVERY DAY about DVDs. Fans have flooded Lucasfilm with e-mails in their Ask The Jedi Council features. Various reporters from many publications have flamed Lucas for not doing DVD. In every interview, George Lucas and Lucasfilm reps have been asked about when the films will be on DVD. They were asked the question over and over at the Denver Celebration. We've even had multiple reporters from major publications ask us our thoughts on the DVD issue. It's been discussed in the Insider and in chat rooms.

What could possibly be said to change their minds now that hasn't been said already?

There's two goals behind blitzing them on this issue - 1. To make them hear the message and 2. To get them to change their minds and release the films on DVD. Goal number one has been long ago accomplished. They know we want the DVD. So how is goal number 2 going to be accomplished? It will be accomplished when George Lucas changes his mind, and only he can do that.

But let's get back to the Cinescape complaint that TheForce.Net is not paying attention to the issue. In addition to the above activities on our site, we have e-mailed people directly within Lucasfilm and told them our thoughts on the issue. We've even gone so far as to talk directly to Jim Ward, head of Lucafilm marketing, about fans wanting DVDs. We would hope that this is more constructive than lashing out at other sites who have nothing to do with the decisions being made.

Matt implies that we're telling everyone to shut up on the issue. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We're all for other websites posting their thoughts, petitions, or whatever on DVDs. We just feel that we've done everything we can on THIS site. That doesn't mean anyone else should stop.

Matt also seems to think we're doing this because we're afraid of offending Lucasfilm. What a load of Bantha Poo-Doo. We've pissed off LFL numerous times, we just don't care to go broadcasting it to the world. This site could be shut down tomorrow and frankly it wouldn't be the end of the world. We'd spend more time away from the computer, avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome, and life would go on. We also have other online endeavours to occupy our time. So in the end, whether we're on Lucasfilm's good side or bad side doesn't really change how we operate.

Matt and Cinescape, please keep writing your editorials on the DVD issue. We, at TF.N, cared enough that we campaigned for a whole year. We agree that not putting the Star Wars films on DVD makes absolutely no sense coming from a guy who demanded the best possible presentation of the film in theaters. Why not in home theaters? But at what point is enough said on the subject? Isn't our time better spent gathering Episode II news, posting fan films like Dark Redemption, doing reviews, and other such stuff?

TheForce.Net Staff


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