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Your First Step in a Much Larger World

Often times Americans are criticized for their belief that the universe revolves around them.

You mean it doesn't?

I say that jokingly, though I have to catch myself all of the time with that mindset. At times, I often times think in a box as well, limiting my world to the place where I live. I'll probably even do it unthinkingly in this editorial (is so, send me a note and I'll edit it quickly!). In reality, there are thousands of people that visit TFN daily that enjoy Star Wars from a different perspective than my own. They are from across the world. Others have been fans for just a short time. There are people that are only in it for the money. Still to others Star Wars is their job, not a fun hobby in their spare time.

Literally hundreds of different countries are represented in the visitors of TFN, as testified by the tons of dates for the international airing of The Phantom Menace (see our TFN Calendar for specifics in your country). Many of our staff themselves give us an international perspective, though the site was founded here in the States. Britany is from England, Sebastian is from New Zealand, Rod is from the Netherlands, and Carter is from New York (which is like a whole independent country [grin]). Though much of our news is from the United States since that is where Lucasfilm is based and where much of the action is taking place currently, we've had reports from all across the globe for news and views of Star Wars. The United Kingdom seems particularly intrigued by Star Wars, perhaps because of all of the original British actors and extensive filming of the Classic Trilogy in that area of the world.

We use Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) for our news posts for consistency, though in the future it would be fun to have a cookie in your browser that converts posting times to your time zone. In contrast, TFN can be updated almost 24 hours a day as news happens because somewhere across the world someone is awake and talking Star Wars.

With this in mind, we're working on developing a truly worldwide community for Star Wars fans, giving them a place to speak their mind, enjoy news and relate to the movies. Fanforce is in the business of connecting fans in their own corner of the world, and the Jedicouncil.Net gives everyone an opportunity to speak out on subjects they are passionate about.

There are thousands of members and regulars to TFN and our hosted sites, and often times value is placed on those that have been around for a while and have a track record. Others are regarded as near celebrities inside the fan community and their views are given the most respect. But keep in mind that someone new can add a new perspective that is healthy for everyone. New ideas and speculation only fuel our anticipation for the upcoming movies so don't cut off someone too quickly, they just might have something new to add to your world.

Sometimes we listen so carefully to people the media calls a celebrity, thinking they have some super power or special gift with everything that comes out of their mouth. But keep in mind just because a celebrity or famous person says something not to just follow along blindly in their tracks. George Lucas puts his pants on one leg at a time. Steven Spielberg ate breakfast this morning. Natalie Portman goes to school everyday. Harrison Ford shops at Wal-Mart when he's out in Wyoming. They are normal people that probably are gifted and have special talents, but they are still just a normal person underneath it all. It doesn't matter where you are from or how much money you have, you are still just another person to me.

TFN is an online worldwide community, where we strive to have everyone on equal playing fields. If you have access to a computer you have access to the world. If you can speak English (and yes, we're working diligently on many other major languages for the news sections of the site), you can speak your mind. If you are a celebrity you can dwell unnoticed among real people, if you are Lucasfilm you can read exactly what the fans are thinking from their own lips.

The world doesn't revolve around any one of us, and if we were gone it would continue to spin around just fine. We are an international community of Star Wars fans, with everyone contributing valued opinions and ideas. If you can understand that, you have taken your first step in a much larger world.

Joshua Griffin
April 17th, 2001


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