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Star Wars Is Everywhere: Episode LV

Posted By Mike on October 2, 2011

My Little Pony, X Factor, a lightsaber riot, fantastic SW wedding rings, more Blu-ray links, an interesting bagpipe perfromance and much more showcase just how all over the place we are this week. Enjoy!

io9.com points us to an episode of My Little Pony where they recreated the ending to A New Hope, you know, with ponies. Check out the video below which provides a side-by-side comparison of the two.

X Factor host Steve Jones compares his co-star judges to Star Wars characters in the following video from The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

ForceCast fan Derrick from South Carolina wrote in to share the romantic Star Wars wedding rings he and his new bride share. Click on the image above for the full view of the inscriptions that will make Star Wars fans who didn't think of it sooner jealous.
(Thanks Derrick...and congrats!)

According to an article at Yahoo Sports, press conference questions with Star Wars references are not what you want to ask Florida Gators football coach Will Muschamp. See the back and forth below but then click here for the full read.

"Excuse the Star Wars reference, but you kind of have a master vs. padawan thing going on between you and Nick (Saban)," the reporter asked.

"What's a padawan?" Muschamp replies

Here's the rest of the transcript:

Reporter: You've never seen Star Wars ?

Muschamp: Haaa?

Reporter: You guys ...

Muschamp: I watched Star Wars I and after that I watched "The Empire Strikes Back" and I ain't seen nothing after that.

Reporter: Well, uh ...

Muschamp: I don't know what a padawan is. You didn't call me a bad name, did you? I don't speak French either.

Speaking of Star Wars and sports, Sports Illustrated has a nice gallery of pictures all about the GFFA in the sporting world.
(Thanks Justin!)

Blastr.com presents the incredible Darth Vader mask created by Bashir Sultani using table salt.

Our past couple of editions of Star Wars is Everywhere have featured some links to takes on Star Wars: The Complete Saga from around the web. Let's continue that trend by showcasing Dan Geer's detailed write-up at PopcornMonster.com which breaks down the set in two categories: the extras and the films themselves. The excerpt below centers on the new controversial tweaks to the films.

"Why must we accept or get used to it, you ask? To put it plainly, when you watch the Blu-rays, the stories are still the same. The characters are still the same. None of the changes made over the years have been so drastic as to make the films unrecognizable to the viewer. No iconic aspects of the films have been destroyed in any way, thus the films themselves still remain iconic. These are essentially the same films we all grew up with and loved. Are there alterations George Lucas could do to change the iconical impact the films have had on film-making and pop culture? Absolutely. But I sincerely feel that he has not done that here."

Our friend Cam at Den of Geek seems pretty happy with his Blu-ray set, but he couldn't help but think of 5 items he would have loved to have seen included.

ILM digital artist John Goodson is excited about the Blu-ray release according to an article at HomeMediaMagazine.com.
(Thanks Brian!)

Newmindspace organized a lightsaber riot in New York City's Washington Park last Saturday night and Gothamist.com has lots of video and pictures from the madness. We've embedded one of the many videos below...

Star Wars author Daniel Wallace spoke at St. Petersburg College last week to promote The Jedi Path and TampaBay.com provides some coverage of the event. Excerpt below:
(Thanks Som!)

"Daniel Wallace wasn't just another guest speaker at St. Petersburg College. The fact that he was flanked by a Jedi knight and a rasping Darth Vader was the first clue.

Friday was Star Wars morning at the school's music center, where Wallace, an author and self-proclaimed lifelong geek, transported a multigenerational audience to galaxies far, far away: the universe of superheroes, humanoids ? and books on actual paper.

Wallace took the stage to discuss his latest bestseller, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force. The interactive book combines past and future in the best Star Wars fashion, with a mechanized case ? a "vault" that opens up with blinking lights and sound effects with the touch of a button. Inside, the story goes, lies a 100-year-old journal, written 1,000 years before that from masters to apprentices, owned by Luke Skywalker himself. The $70 "relic" also includes coins, badges, a severed Padawan braid, a map of the Jedi temple, and other artifacts."

The new show, The Bazura Project, launched on ABC2 Australia on Thursday, September 29th and their opening title sequence goes through the history of cinema in one long continuous shot. Naturally, if you are doing anything that concerns the history of cinema, Star Wars should be included. See the video below at approximately the 28 second mark.

A group of Star Wars fans in Los Angeles recently held a viewing marathon of all seven Star Wars films and sent over a time-lapse video showcasing their viewing experience and their ratings on each film.
(Thanks Brad!)

Here are three links from the always entertaining Official SW.com Blog that are definitely worth checking out.

Star Wars Art: Comics Interview: Carlos Garz?n
Typographic Star Wars Posters to Benefit Children
Muppet Troopers!

And with that, courtesy of NewsLite.tv, we leave you with the mental image of a dude riding a unicycle in a kilt while playing Star Wars music on bagpipes...

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