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Star Wars Rebels

Another Look At The Star Wars Rebels Hour Long Premiere

Dustin February 13, 2018

"Let's go get Hera." -Kanan Full Report

Star Wars Rebels

Sneak Peek Of Star Wars Rebels

Dustin February 13, 2018

Exclusive Star Wars clip hints at major turning point for Rebels Full Report

Star Wars Rebels - Hera

The Story Of Hera Is The Story Of The Rebellion

Dustin February 12, 2018

Why Hera's Rebel path is one of Star Wars greatest journeys. Full Report

Star Wars Rebels

Rebels Returns In One Week From Today!

Dustin February 12, 2018

Try to get caught up with this quick refresher. Full Report

Star Wars

Multiple Star Wars Shows Confirmed For Disney Streaming Service

Dustin February 6, 2018

Bob Iger reveals some big news during the Disney earnings call today! Full Report

The ForceCast

The ForceCast: February 2nd - Rebels Trailer Breakdown

Ryan February 3, 2018

The guys break down the final trailer for Star Wars Rebels, shot by shot. Full Report

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels Spoileriffic Soundtrack

Dustin February 2, 2018

Team Jedi-Bibliothek have discovered Kiner's website has The Star Wars Rebels soundtrack listing and it reveals a huge spoiler for the final episodes! Full Report

Star Wars Legends

More Star Wars Legends Characters Coming Back

Dustin January 29, 2018

Always in motion is the future... Full Report

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels Body Count

Steve January 29, 2018

Death comes to us all but some sooner than others and one thing Rebels hasn’t shied away from is the “doing away with” of several characters in its four seasons. Full Report

Star Wars On 30 Rock

Every Single Star Wars Moment From 30 Rock

Dustin January 27, 2018

The crew from the official 30 Rock channel gave us a heads up to this great compilation video of every single Star Wars moment from 30 Rock. Full Report

Entertainment Earth

Star Wars Birthdays

Upcoming Birthdays in next 10 Days

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