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Star Wars Rebels

Freddie Prinze Jr. Drops Some Big Rebels Insight On The Forcecast

Steve April 19, 2018

In the latest episode of the Forcecast, Freddie Prinze Jr drops by for maybe his last time to provide some new insight into the death of Kanan Jarrus. Full Report


The ForceCast: April 18th-Freddie Prinze Jr. Returns

Dustin April 18, 2018

This week, Ryan and Daniel are back and are joined by Freddie Prinze Jr. for what will likely be the final time. The trio discuss Kanan and the finale of Rebels. Full Report

Star Wars

George Lucas Returns To Direct Ewan McGregor In New Disney Direct Mini-Series

Dustin April 1, 2018

Kathleen Kennedy makes announcement at Awesome Con! Full Report

Force of Destiny

Watch Forces Of Destiny Season 2 Now Online!

Dustin March 19, 2018

The second season of Star Wars Forces of Destiny animated shorts were released today with eight new episodes available on Disney's YouTube channel. Full Report

Forces of Destiny

Star Wars Forces Of Destiny Returns March 25th To The Disney Channel

Dustin March 16, 2018

Star Wars Forces of Destiny returns Monday, March 19th with all-new adventures for heroes throughout the Star Wars saga. Then there will be a can't-miss TV special to follow on Disney Channel on March 25th at 9:50pm. Full Report

Kanan Star Wars Rebels

Freddie Prinze Jr. Private Signing With Official Pix

Dustin March 15, 2018

For only the second time ever, Official Pix is very excited to offer a signing with Freddie Prinze Jr., the voice of Kanan Jarrus in Star Wars Rebels! Full Report


If You're Not Watching The Freemaker Adventures... You Should Be.

Steve March 15, 2018

With Star Wars Rebels ending and no new TV series' announcement dates, what better way to pass the time then catch up on the excellent The Freemaker Adventures! Full Report

Star Wars Rebels

Did Filoni Give Us More Questions Than Answers?

Steve March 13, 2018

With the recent Star Wars Rebels finale, did Dave Filoni give us enough answers? Or did he just create more questions? Full Report

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Coping With The Grief

Steve March 9, 2018

Having a hard time coping with the end of Star Wars Rebels? Here are five books to help you get over your loss. Full Report

The ForceCast

The Forcecast: March 9th-Taylor Gray Returns

Ryan March 9, 2018

Ryan and Charlotte are joined by Taylor Gray, the voice of Ezra Bridger. He talks about the show ending, gives a behind the scenes look at the final episodes, and much more! Full Report

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