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Episode VII - Rumors, Summaries And Speculation Galore!

Posted by Byron on October 19, 2014 at 03:10 PM CST

Episode 7 is still over a year away - but it's getting closer! - and everybody seems to be jumping into the spoiler pool. The New York Post is even in on the action as they published an article yesterday summarizing (more or less) most of the bigger, well traveled rumors in an article which can be read here.

As was probably to be expected in light of the recent flood of pre-production artwork that was leaked, many fan sites are now attempting to piece together the story themselves. We love rumors and find the endless speculation about Episode 7 quite enjoyable (someone should really keep a running list of all these theories to make a comparison to the actual movie when it arrives in December 2015), below are some of the things we've heard recently:

Some of the more...creative things we've heard include:

- Adam Driver's character starts off good, but his secret addiction - collecting artifacts related to the darkside - overtakes him eventually and he becomes a villain in the later two films.

- Lupita N'yongo, Driver and Gwendolyn Christie's characters are the "muscle" for the main villain, they all serve a similar function to that of The Inquisitor from Rebels.

- In what would (if it turns out to be true) be complete fan service, there is a sequence involving Han Solo having to disguise himself as - wait for it - a stormtrooper.

Some of the slightly more reasonable sounding things we've heard:

- Yavin IV and the Rebel base seen in Episode IV are in the new film, but no, the set shots of the Falcon and new style X-wings are not Yavin IV sets (hmmm).

- Luke wears an outfit very similar to the one he wore in Episode VI. Different color this time though. He also wears a costume similar to Obi-Wan's in Episode III.

- There is a spectacular sequence involving the destruction of a very familiar ship, and it may or may not also be the death scene of a major character.

And now, some of the totally off-the-charts crazy things we've heard:

- The cyborg villain is actually Luke's son. Having lost his mother (*to be explained via exposition or flashback perhaps?), he is seeking dark side knowledge to resurrect her. When Luke learns that his son has fallen to the dark side, he goes into exile to avoid the inevitable confrontation and battle with his offspring.

- The character of 'Kira' (*is she really the daughter of Leia and Han?) wants to stop this new found villain and knows that only Luke can teach her how, hence the search for Luke.

Remember kids, we aren't stating anything as fact here. Huge grains of salt (boulders of salt, actually) should be taken whenever reading anything about Episode VII. As we get closer to release, the "leaks" should become more plentiful as materials associated with marketing (toys, advertising elements, making of books, etc) are leaked or released to the net.

Whatever the case may be, you can most certainly expect the speculation and rumors to keep increasing as we draw ever closer to December 18, 2015.

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