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Interviews -
Face To Face With The Masters

Any citizen of the galaxy may be summoned to answer to the Jedi Council. Here you may read the transcripts of such sessions.

Cellblock 1138 - 1997-1999 - 2000 - 2002 - 2003+

Julian Montoya

Name: Julian Montoya

Alias: None

Species: Thinks he's Human, actually droid.

Homeworld: Earth

Political Affiliation: Changing

Weapon of Choice: Marketing Research

Vehicle of Choice: Beyond my financial means

The following is a transcript of an Interrogation Session conducted by Jabba the Hutt's droid EV-9D9. The interviewee is a marketing droid named Julian Montoya. This transcript was confiscated from the Hutt's Palace shortly after the Rebels busted up the joint.

EV-9D9: Welcome to Jabba's Palace, droid. The Master has been needing a marketing droid for quite some time! Before we wipe your memory, we'd like to see if you hold any potentially valuable information! Are you going to cooperate or will we have to let the master deal with you?


EV-9D9: You're a feisty little one! However, here you are required to speak basic! Now, let's begin. With the re-release of Star Wars on video, new packaging and logos were created. What was Twentieth Century Fox looking for when creating them and did you have an eye towards the New Trilogy when choosing characters to put on the covers?

Julian: GONK, er..I mean, I was involved in the creation of the international packaging which was dramatically different from the US packs. Our boxes featured original paintings commissioned from artist John Alvin (John has been a hard core SW fans from the beginning). Internationally we were going for a more "classic" look. We wanted images that "felt" like the original posters but which were new and fresh. This campaign gave us a unique opportunity to create a series of "posters" which actually worked as a trilogy. Each piece features one of the major influences in Luke's life as the central focus. The image for ANH featured Ben Kenobi, the image created for ESB featured Vader and the final piece focused on Luke himself. The three pieces really tell the story of Luke's quest to become a Jedi knight. In case you haven't had a chance to see these images, check the last issue of the Star Wars Insider for a look at them or the pages of the current Jawa Trader to see what they look like.

EV-9D9: Good! Is there becoming more of a demand for Letter boxed films? Will more TCF movies be released in this format? (In VHS format?) Why are they usually more expensive?

Julian: The demand is increasing slightly. The average video renter is watching his video on a 13" or 20" screen so they don't like the "smallness" of the wide screen videos. Clearly, the movie buffs and folks with high-end equipment are the market for this format. As screens become bigger and cheaper, more folks buy them. However, they're used to the "pan and scan" format they've always rented so it's hard to get used to the wide screen format. Films such as the SW Trilogy are very popular in the wide screen format. Also, films with grand scope such as "Braveheart (which Fox released internationally) also do well. Anytime the setting or "size" of the film is almost a character in the movie, the wide screen versions perform well. Story driven pieces such as "Waiting to Exhale" usually are never released wide screen on video (laser disc is anther issue - you're dealing with real purists there). That being said,...do you think there will be a wide screen version of "Independence Day?"...GONK!!

EV-9D9: What is the current status of Star Wars Special Edition as far as being released on video? When it is eventually released, could there be a "The making of" tape along with it?

Julian: At this time no plans are in the works. As far as a "making of," I don't know but it sure wouldn't surprise me.

EV-9D9: You're not telling us everything you know, marketing droid! Will the Star Wars Special Edition Trailer be featured on any TCFHE videos?

Julian: I think Fox does a great job of applying corporate synergies. And, since I don't think that we're not going to pull any punches on the launch of SW:SE, I imagine that is a real possibility.

EV9D9: We demand more information! Give him the hot foot!

Julian: Wooooooow! GONK! GOMP!

EV-9D9: Maybe that will teach you some manners! So, would it be possible to release on video other Star Wars related productions such as the Boba Fett cartoon from the Holiday Special, old Trailers, commercials for toys, appearances by Luke on the Muppet Show, etc.? Could this be a special tape along with a collector's set?

Julian: The rights to all of those properties are very closely (and very well) controlled by the good folks at Lucasfilms. They've got a strong vision for the long term future of Star Wars and I'm sure that they know what they will do with these "treasures" fans have been looking for. Rest assured, based on my work with Lucasfilms, the Star Wars franchise couldn't be in better hands. They love these films as much as we do. GONK!

EV-9D9: Yes or No will do. The TCFHE home page has been an excellent place for Star Wars fans to learn about the films. Will it continue to be updated as the Special Editions are released? Are there any special plans for it in the future?

Julian: I agree with you on the page. I think it's fabulous. However, it is run by my talented and capable counterparts on the domestic team. I know that they plan to keep it very interesting and full of movie facts. They always cover upcoming product so a couple of pages on SW:SE wouldn't surprise me. GONK!

EV-9D9: How are things looking as far as TCF being able to distribute the New Trilogy? Where do things stand right now?

Julian: When the time comes for Lucasfilms to announce who will distribute the new trilogy, I'm sure they will make what they determine to be the best decision for the franchise. Naturally, I'd say Fox is the answer. Every time I hear the Fox fanfare at the start of a TCF film, I half expect John William's bombastic Star Wars overture to follow. I think Fox is really associated with Star Wars in most peoples eyes. We're proud that these films are part of our heritage. I hope to be working on Star Wars projects for many years to come.

EV-9D9: That's not the answer we wanted to hear! Do you want to end up like your friend over there?!

Julian: Gulp! GONK!

EV-9D9: Good! Now we understand each other! What other Sci-Fi films are scheduled to be released in the lower priced video series? (Such as Abyss was.)

Julian: The "Selections" line you are referring to is a U.S. proposition which we are about to roll-out internationally. Fox has a rich catalogue full of some outstanding sci-fi films so I wouldn't be surprised to see those sci-fi titles be part of this very successful product line.

EV-9D9: Are there any plans to release the SW Films in the DVD format?

Julian: The "original" trilogy is gone for good on video. And since we haven't started looking at SW:SE, I can't really answer your question. I can tell you that, as software suppliers, we will make our products available on whatever platform makes sense. GONK!

EV-9D9: Now for the final question. What are the chances of sucessfully navigating an asteroid field?

Julian: 3,720:1 (Although they're probably a little better in my case,...I've logged many an hours on Star Wars computer space flight sims!)

EV-9D9: Very good, droid! I see you'll work out perfectly for us! Guard! Take him to his new position for the Master.

Following this Interview, Julian Montoya, the marketing droid, was given to the Rancor as a chew toy. He filled his position perfectly!

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