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Any citizen of the galaxy may be summoned to answer to the Jedi Council. Here you may read the transcripts of such sessions.

Cellblock 1138 - 1997-1999 - 2000 - 2002 - 2003+

Jeff Cioletti, creator of Millennium's End:
The Fandom Menace

April 2000, by Sherry Wilson

Part 2 of 2

Official documentary website: fadproductions.com/

JC: In ROTJ he counterbalanced the Ewoks basically. That's why I don't mind the Ewoks so much. But when they saw it they loved it. It's just they grew up and realized how childish the Ewoks were and nothing changed over 16 years aside from the Special Edition which only made the movie better especially when they got rid of the Ewoks song at the end and that was like a major bone that Lucas threw fans. I got embarrassed by that song and when they actually changed it I thought it was great. ROTJ was a great movie, don't get me wrong, sometimes it flip-flops with the original SW as my second favorite. It just depends on what day of the week you get me. Phantom Menace - I still don't know where it fits. There are times when I'm like yeah it's the fourth but I think it's weird because each time I watch it I enjoy it more and that hasn't changed on video. I saw it 9 times in the theater and I guess so far on video I've watched it 4, so I've seen it 13 time so far. So I think the 12th or 13th time I was like this is my 2nd favorite of all the movies.

As for other favorite characters, I kind of like Captain Panaka. I have a feeling about him. A lot of people say he didn't do much and was just there. But I have a feeling that, and people keep telling me I'm crazy, he's going to betray Amidala. There's got to be some surprise. We know that Palpatine is evil. And we know that Anakin is going to turn evil. We need some kind of twist like that. Panaka is a big fan of Palpatine. You remember that scene when Jar Jar and Amidala were talking and Panaka comes in all happy that Palpatine has been nominated for Chancellor. I have a feeling that Panaka has a price. He could already be a plant. I think that would be a really cool twist. We know Obi Won won't be evil although he could do something really stupid and get exiled for a while. In Episode II he could be evil and then turn back. That'd be really cool. Because you know the only story that we know is the one he told Luke. He could have left certain details out.

TFN: What do you think about all the spoilers?

JC: I don't like spoilers, although I find myself lured into them. Especially for the prequels because there's already so much we know that's going to happen because we know how everything ends up. Qui Gon dying - had I not known it before I'd seen it would have been a big shock. But thanks to Entertainment Weekly and a friend of mine who read the article and told me that the one thing that really pissed him off and I don't know if you know and I said I probably did (I knew a lot of spoilers already) that Liam Neeson's character dies - and I was "no I didn't know that". And I tried to put it out of my mind hoping it was just a rumor. But not to mention I bought the friggin' soundtrack and I didn't look at it entirely because someone had warned me that there were spoilers on the soundtrack. But 2 words jumped out at me. I saw "funeral" and "noble end" and I was like oh no somebody good is going to die. That was the worst thing they could have ever done.

TFN: What about the book?

JC: Well, they released the book on the same day, but the book you don't have to read. I was looking forward to the soundtrack almost as much as looking forward to the movie. I didn't mind hearing the music before seeing the movie because it's not going to spoil anything. I had heard that they were going to change the opening theme because that's Luke's Theme. I'm not that picky about how things have to be. But the only thing that I ask is that there's always the opening scroll and that there's always the Star Wars theme. They can change anything else they want but this has to be this way.

TFN: TheForce.Net always has the spoilers where you have to highlight them to read them. Do you think that this is a good idea?

JC: That's definitely a good idea. But personally I don't think they should run them at all. It's almost like a media mentality. Like having a scoop. They don't want to run them but they know someone else will and then they won't have the story.

TFN: How long have you been a fan?

JC: Since I was 5 and saw the first film in 1977.

TFN: Do you collect a lot of the SW toys?

JC: I do, but I would not call myself a rabid collector because I don't collect just to have everything. I see stuff that I like and think it's cool and I buy it. I don't see a need to amass all sorts of stuff because there's no room for it. My whole living room is decorated with star wars stuff. I've got my action figures from when I was a kid and my pez dispensers all over the place. I don't come to a con like this with an agenda. If I see something and it jumps out at me and is reasonably prices then I buy it. I seldom spend a lot at cons. I always get all the freebies that they give out. I got the Young Jedi cards that Decipher was giving out.

TFN: Do you play the card games?

JC: No. I have no idea how to play either.

TFN: They will teach you. They're teaching people here. I got them to show me how to play and I actually beat the guy from Decipher (all luck).

JC: It's something that I'd like to learn but my attention span is just awful. I've never been a big gamer so that part doesn't really appeal to me. I have Star Wars Monopoly and I've had it for years. I never played it. I can't get anyone to play it with me.

TFN: I'd like to thank you for this opportunity to interview you and wish you the utmost success with this film. I hope we can stay in touch cause I definitely want to see a sequel to this one.

Click here to go back to part one of Sherry's interview with Jeff Cioletti.

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