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What do you think of the deleted scenes chosen by LFL for the AOTC DVD?


I don't like them. I want to see more action scenes that I've read about and watched on the trailers before Clones came out last May. Give me more action!!!!! (by RODN)

It's very disappointing that are not including the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi raid on the Droid Control Ship. I thought that particular scene would give us the added insight to why they, as well as Aayla Secura were escorted into the Jedi circle in the arena. I have been dying to see the fighting style of Plo Koon, considered to be the third strongest Jedi behind Yoda and Mace Windu. (by Nai-Nek Bush)

They should have included an extended Dooku / Yoda fight along with the lost 20 scene (by Joey7F)

Where is the Ki-Adi Mundi assault on the control ship? Or Anakin killing more Tuskens? I hope these are added to the film. (by Keith)

Adequate....but I really hoped that they would have added the battle in the Trade Federation Control Ships with Ki Adi Mundi and Plo Koon... (by Ben Skywalker)

ahhhh... Mayhem thinks the deleted scenes are ok... not great, but they'll do. Mayhem is still upset over not getting "the middle" documentary that we all wanted though! (by The Electric Mayhem)

I'm assuming that Lucas is saving the best of the deleted scenes for the ultimate DVD release in '05 or '06. There we will also see the Darth Maul/ Qui-Gon on the ramp of the Naboo Starship. But for now it's good to get some more Dooku footage. (by Bucky)

I'm disappointed. Not enough action scenes. (by bloodclat)

Very disappointing. Surely they must have known that the majority of us wanted to see the control ship raid and the extended duels? (by James A)

Very big disappointment --- more action shots please (by big razza)


Plo Koon! where are you??????????? :_( (by Jau)

Whatever happened to the "Lost 20" scene, it was definitely filmed - do you think they have a specific reason for not including this, possibly something that may occur in Episode III? (by Darth Peril)

Where is the "lost 20 discussion" and the raid?! (by Darth Perturbed)

No control ship raid? No Dooku with 2 lightsabers? I can understand how those scenes might have been a little too effects intensive to finish by the DVD release date, but I really wanted to see those!!!! (by Simon C. )

Seems like everybody want some more of the action scenes. So do I. I hope GL put these scenes back into the movie, because not having them in the deleted scenes is a real dissapointment (by Kal El)

Like everyone else, I wanted the Droid Control ship raid and the extended lightsaber duel. Hopefully, some of those scenes can be found in documentaries elsewhere on the discs. (by ety3)

What happened to the Plo Koon/Ki Adi Mundi extended subplot? The extended Yoda/Dooku fight seen briefly in the DVD trailer? I feel shortchanged by their selection, it sounds more like they picked the ones easiest to complete rather than the ones fans want (like the waterfall scene from TPM) (by Admiral Snackbar)

What??? Lucas actually spent time improving his story?!? This is a big change. I'm impressed. (by Rick)

I am upset that they left out 3P0 getting his coverings, and the Control ship raid! Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait for the Special DVD Edition in 2005. (by Brinn)

I knew they would not include the Raid on the Trade Federation Battleship. Too much special effects to, not enough time. But I would have preferred the discussion on the lost 20 instead of the Windu/Obi-wan Discussion on the jedi landing pad (by Ugo B.)


Pretty disappointing, no jedi raid on the federation ship, and no extended scene with dooku using two lightsabers. (by Matt)

Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi!!!!! Please George....please (by duko77)

Who knows, maybe they'll have more available via the dvd website (wink wink) (by Jorge Sacul)

I really wanted to see more Jedi action sequences, ie Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi raid and extended Yoda / Dooku battle. What we get is more focus on the loved aspect of the film (by Martyn Adams)

It's clear that a lot of substantive Anakin and Padme material was pulled from the final cut of the film... probably due to it's quality. So... in the end, we'll see more of what the love story was "intended" to be and why it seems so rushed in the film. It shows that with a few cuts, this really could have been a "love story"... but the action simply won out. Too bad there isn't an action oriented "cut scene" though. Ki Adi Mundi's raid: RIP (by Matt Freeman)

I concure! Plo Koon/Ki-Adi Mundi!! Maybe they will add it to the battle? Probably not but just a thought (by nwarth)

I would've liked to see more of the Tusken Raider slaughter. I don't know if more was even shot, but it was one of the most anticipated scenes and it really didn't deliver. (by Joel Slater)

I was hoping to see the scene where C-3PO gets his coverings! (by Chad Robinson)

The only scene i was looking forward to was the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi Mundi mission!!!!! (by Jango Fett)

I guess now we'll have to wait until we can buy all six movies on DVD - 'uncut' to see the best scenes. (by Michael Usry)


I really wanted more or extended action scenes, maybe maybe maybe George has put in little bits back into the film, fingers crossed. (by Bowfinger)

I know the droid control ship was deleted for story elements and time constraints, but GL should have showed us a glimpse at this wonderful scene for the pure enjoyment of seeing Jedi Masters in action (by Jeff E.)

Why is there no Count Dooku/Yoda scenes with the 2 lightsabers? Also everyone wants to see the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Nubdi raid on the droid control ship. (by Dave Grote)

I wanted to see more lightsaber action in the arena. I also would have liked to see Plo Koon & Ki-Adi-Mundi in action a little more. (by Wolfcon)

I'm just happy that we don't have to wait two more years for the DVD!! (by Rasheed)

Well, thank goodness there's more Christopher Lee. Counting the Padme's family and Padme's bedroom bits as two "scenes" rather than one is a bit cheesy, though -- and I'd really been looking forward to the Plo and Ki-Adi traveling road show. (by cpierson)

It's not what I wanted. I wanted extended fight w/ yoda, more action (by Ryan Noreuil)

They are ok... I was hoping for what everyone else wanted... extended saber fights =( Oh well maybe they will put everything in the rumoured extended DVD Version of the saga!??? We'll have to wait till 2005-2006 to see... =( (by Steve)

I am dissapointed, none of the action scenes were included. Like the extended Yoda Dooku or the control ship raid (by darthfara)

Sure, a lot of padm?, but no Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi scene, and the extended Yoda/Dooku fight and the completing Threepio scene, ... I hope those will be in the VHS, or incoperated in te movie itself.... (by Kris Van de Sande)


I was a little disappointed that the Lost twenty discussion and the Jedi raid on Geonosis but other than that, I was pleased with the list. I'm a Nat fan so more Padme, yeah!! (by Natnut)

I want the Jedi raid on the control ship. (by JarFett)

Not Happy! Not happy at all! I want Plo Koon and Ki-Adi-Mundi in action!!! I want Dooku with 2 lightsaers against Yoda! What happened??? I think Episode I had better deleted scenes! (by Cesar)

I had hoped the Plo/ki Adi scene and some extended Dooku fight scenes would be added. (by Ian Foster)

I think it's OK. As much as I like lightsaber scenes, they are not all that necessary. I just hope some of the Padme/Anakin scenes and the politics scenes will add to the story, those aspects were a little too rushed in the theatrical version. Ki-Adi/Plo would have rocked, but only with purple and gold sabers... (by Grey 1)

I wanted the discussion of the 20 lost Jedi. It's absence leaves a big hole in the movie. (by Bill Bonomo)

Would like to see the control ship raid & Dooku fighting with 2 lightsabers (by thc13hi)

Where is the Plo Koon/Ki-Adi-Mundi scene? Argh!!!! Are they holding that hostage with the original trilogy too? (by Motterman)

I like some of them but overall I'm a bit disappointed. I would have liked to see Plo Koon's and Ki Adi Mundi's mission and some extended fight scenes. (by Raymon)

I absolutely am dissapointed that none of the missing Tatooine footage was added. I was really looking forward to seeing Beru with lines and now, ...well it looks like that's not going to happen.(by Matt)

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