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CEII: Jabba's Palace Reunion - Massive Guest Announcements

Star Wars Night With The Tampa Bay Storm Reminder

Stephen Hayford Star Wars Weekends Exclusive Art

ForceCast #251: To Spoil or Not to Spoil

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Star Wars Celebration VII In Orlando?

May The FETT Be With You

Mimoco: New Mimobot Coming May 4th

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Who Doesn't Hate Jar Jar anymore?

Fans who grew up with the OT-Do any of you actually prefer the PT?

Should darth maul have died?

What plotline, character or scene in the entire Saga irritates you the most?

The misconceptions you had about Star Wars, when you were a kid
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Interviews -
Face To Face With The Masters

Any citizen of the galaxy may be summoned to answer to the Jedi Council. Here you may read the transcripts of such sessions.

Cellblock 1138 - 1997-1999 - 2000 - 2002 - 2003+


Wil Wheaton - In the first of a series of interviews with sci-fi personalities not of the Lucas influence, TFN takes on the character Star Wars fans love to hate - Wesley Crusher.
Published December 7th, 2002 (by Chris Hanel).

RenegadeOfPhunk & Jens Ljungblad - TFN Games Staffer Tom got the opportunity to chat with RenegadeOfPhunk, co-creator of the Jetpack mod, and Jens Ljungblad, creator of the Sand Arena map.
Published November 6th, 2002 (by Tom Night).

Walter Jon Williams - TFN Books has had the opportunity to interview Walter Jon Williams, author of the recently released "Destiny's Way".
Published October 1st, 2002 (by Michael Potts).

Matthew Stover - Here are his thoughts on writing, the Yuuzhan Vong, and the Force as detailed in his new novel, The New Jedi Order: Traitor.
Published August 7th, 2002 (by Michael Potts).

Warren Duxbury - He got to work on Epsiode II. He was in Episode II. Read all about it.
Published July 8th, 2002 (by Joshua Griffin).

Shelly Shapiro - The editor of Del Rey books talks with TFN about the job of editor, upcoming projects and so much more in this interview for literature entusiasts.
Published July 1st, 2002 (by Michael Potts).

Temuera Morrison and Jeremy Bulloch - A Q&A with the actors who played Jango Fett and Boba Fett.
Published May 22st, 2002 (from the Sci-Fi Expo).

Ray Park - The man behind the infamous Darth Maul in Episode I.
Published May 21st, 2002 (by Joshua Griffin).

Brennan Swain - Winner of CBS' Amazing Race and massive Star wars fan.
Published April 26th, 2002 (by Joshua Griffin).

Curtis Saxton - Author of the Attack of the Clones Incredible Cross-Sections. Also webmaster of the Star Wars Technical Commentaries.
Published April 22nd, 2002 (by Scott Chitwood and Michael Potts).

Andreas Petrides - Star Wars stunt double for Obi-Wan in Episode I having worked previously on Gladiator and currently developing the Movie Fight Xperience.
Published April 2nd, 2002 (by Joshua Griffin).

Elaine Cunningham - Star Wars author Elaine Cunningham has written the New Jedi Order book Dark Journey as well several short stories for SW Gamer.
Published February 19, 2002 (by Michael Potts, Scott Chitwood, and Chris McElroy).

Robert Bennett - Star Wars 3-D Screensaver author.
Published February 16th, 2002 (by Joshua Griffin).

Troy Denning - Star Wars author Troy Denning has written the New Jedi Order book Star by Star as well several RPG books.
Published January 21, 2002 (by Scott Chitwood and Michael Potts).

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