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X-Wing Alliance Mod Database

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Listing compiled by Wildstar02301. This page will be updated as much as possible, so check back here often. Any changes made in the most recent update will be noted after the site description. Please report any dead links on the Jedi Council's Games Forum.

Modding Tools and Tips

  • Troy Dangerfield's X-Wing Mission Editor page
    ( http://www.troyed.com/x-wing )
    The first (and last) word in mission editors for the X-Wing series. Note: AlliEd (X-Wing Alliance mission editor ) requires registration in order to use all features.
  • Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    ( http://www.darksaber.gaylenol.com/ )
    Just about everything an X-Wing modder could want can be found in the File Archive.
  • The Flying Temple
    ( http://www.flyingtemple.com )
    Home of Defiant's X-Wing Launcher, which may be required to install some of the mods listed here.
  • XWA Expansion Guide
    ( http://www.btinternet.com/~jmdare/ )
    A good guide on how to mod X-Wing Alliance, even how to do your own cutscenes.
  • X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project
    ( http://www.xwaupgrade.com )
    : The best tutorial available on how to create X-Wing Alliance OPTs (ship models). Forums are also available if you have a modding question.
  • XvT:BoP and XWA Campaign Creation site
    ( http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~john22/ )
    : A bit out of date as far as links go, but this site has excellent tutorials on how to create ships and missions for "X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power" and XWA.
  • Special Operations Squadron
    ( http://membres.lycos.fr/sosleader )
    : "Links" page includes several mission editors, including Evan Sabatelli's TIE Fighter Workshop, a 32-bit (Windows) mission editor for TIE Fighter. Note: Files created with X-Wing and TIE Fighter mission editors on this site will work in both DOS and Windows versions of these games.
  • CRS Morning Star
    ( http://www.crs-morningstar.net )
    : "Flight Deck" library includes the classic DOS XMB (X-Wing Mission Builder ) utility. Note: Files created with XMB will work in Windows X-Wing.
  • X-Wing: Legacy
    ( http://www.xwlegacy.net )
    : A way to stay up on happenings within the X-Wing modding community. Forums are available if you need help or just to discuss what you're working on.
Star Wars Mods (X-Wing series mods that stay with a Star Wars theme)
  • X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project
    ( http://www.xwaupgrade.com )
    : An ongoing project aimed at "upgrading" X-Wing Alliance with higher resolution (and often more accurate) ship models.
  • Darksaber's X-Wing Station
    ( http://www.darksaber.gaylenol.com/ )
    : Listed again because it's home of the "Ultimate Craft Pack", which includes the XWAUP ships plus models based on the prequel movies and others.
  • Czech X-Wing Series Site
    ( http://xwing.wz.cz )
    : Home of "Imperial XWA", a redux of the XWA front-end from the Imperial side.
  • Ol's XWA Mission Site
    ( http://www.xwa.gaylenol.com )
    : If you installed the "Ultimate Craft Pack", you need the mission fixes found here. Also available: the "Order of the Sith" mission pack.
  • TIE Fighter Total Conversion for XWA
    ( http://www.tftc.gaylenol.com )
    : Work-in-progress; an attempt to recreate the classic missions from TIE Fighter in the XWA game engine.
  • X-Wing Redux
    ( http://es.geocities.com/xwingredux/index.html )
    : A conversion of the first three Tours of Duty of X-Wing (minus the missions that require the Death Star surface) for XvT/BoP and XWA. Note: Site and missions are in Spanish.
  • XWA Expansion Guide
    ( http://www.btinternet.com/~jmdare/ )
    : Downloads section features XWA OPTs, including a couple of Calamari cruisers from the Expanded Universe.
  • Abolisher's Mission Command Outpost
    ( http://abolisher.xwlegacy.net )
    : Home of the Ashgard Campaign and Atmospheric Shipset. Just added: a replacement backdrops file.
  • SSD Shadowkeeper
    ( http://crespin.xwlegacy.net )
    : Home of the Cataclysm-Class B Cruiser OPT
  • X-Wing Alliance Version Integrale
    : A shipset and campaign project intended to span the entire Star Wars saga. Site is mainly in French.
  • Drakken's Just Downloads XWA Ships
    ( http://drakken.xwlegacy.net )
    : Self Explanatory...XWA OPTs.
  • SMR-TI
    ( http://smrti.xwlegacy.net )
    : An XvT "Environmental Upgrade" and an XWA audio upgrade can be found in the "Downloads" section (however, there is a newer XWA sound effects pack on Jefe Picaro's site {see below}).
  • Veritech R&D Facility
    ( http://veritechceo.xwlegacy.net More XWA OPTS
  • The STS
    ( http://thests.tripod.com )
    : XWA OPTs, some based on craft depicted in Star Wars comics.
  • SaxSoft Productions
    ( http://saxman.xwlegacy.net )
    : XWA OPTs available here are the E-wing and the "Tandem-X" X-Wing.
  • LucasFiles.com
    ( http://www.lucasfiles.com )
    : Two files available in the X-Wing Alliance Missions area: the "The History of the ISD Immortal" mini campaign and the Episode I Shipset (mirror; see below)
  • Paradox Productions: X-Wing Alliance
    ( http://www.pseudorandom.co.uk/2000/paradox/ )
    : More XWA OPTs, but some X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter OPTs are also available, as well as a mission pack for XvT. Ships are the "ugly" fighters described in Michael Stackpole's "X-Wing" novels. Worth downloading just for the "read me" files.
  • Polaris Fleet Systems
    ( http://polarisfs.tripod.com )
    : Home of the MA-91A Seafire, an experimental fighter designed by the beings responsible for the B-wing.
  • Phelan Shipyards
    ( http://www.fortunecity.com/underworld/emulator/889 )
    : dreddnott's XWA OPTs.
  • Gringlas Arts and Works
    ( http://www.gringlas.de.tf )
    : More XWA OPTs, but be warned...the site is mostly in German.
  • New Jedi Order Project
    ( http://www.njoproject.com )
    : An XWA "total conversion" based on the "New Jedi Order" novels.
  • Episode I Shipset
    ( http://episodeishipset.njoproject.com )
    : A shipset and mini campaign based on events before and up to "The Phantom Menace".
  • Vince T's X-Wing HQ
    ( http://www.bluephantom.de/ )
    : Click the "Downloads" link for Star Wars-based OPTs, including a couple of Imperial hangars, the original TIE Vampire, and capital ships from "Revenge of the Sith".
  • A Dark Prophecy
    ( http://adp.bluephantom.de )
    : A work-in-progress shipset and campaign for XWA partially based on events that took place during the period of Palpatine's rebirth.
  • Andy's OPT Download Page
    ( http://www.kroell-net.de/opt/index.htm )
    : X-wing vs. TIE Fighter/Balance of Power and XWA OPTs. The XWA OPT of the big asteroid in "The Empire Strikes Back" is a must-have.
  • Crusade Tournament
    ( http://www.swcrusade.net )
    : XWA OPTs and missions, but they're primarily meant for tournament participants.
  • Hosk Station
    ( http://spaz.itgo.com/index.html )
    : More XWA OPTs and missions. OPTs are mostly bounty hunter craft. Note: Some of the mission links are dead, so have your "Back" button handy.
  • MTD Industries
    ( http://www.mtdindustries.com/xwa )
    : Home of the Clone Wars Project, which includes the Acclamator-class Troop Transport and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Delta 7 Jedi Starfighter (from "Attack of the Clones") and Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Starfighter from the "Clone Wars" cartoon. Also has some original Corellian craft.
  • The OPT Vault
    ( http://www.freehomepages.com/veritechceo )
    : XWA and XvT OPTs. XvT OPTs include the Missle Boat and TIE Defender (from TIE Fighter ) and the first Death Star.
  • XvT Technologies
    ( http://www.abstraction.com/derek2/ )
    : XvT and XWA OPTs. XWA OPTs include a few original TIE-type ships. Note: The link in the left frame to the XvT Fighters was not working at press time, but may be working again by the time you read this.
  • ATX's Navbuoy
    : OPT section includes a pre-XWAUP Cloakshape Fighter. Coming soon: The Battle of Hoth project.
  • Imperial Bastion
    : This site seems to have mirrored Wedge's old XWA campaigns before that site was taken down. Page is in Russian, but the campaign filenames in the links (as well as the campaigns themselves) are in English.
  • CRS Morning Star
    ( http://www.crs-morningstar.net )
    : "Flight Deck" library contains missions for the older X-Wing sims. Note: "X-Wing 2" is meant for use with DOS X-Wing, as it modifies ships in that game, but other X-Wing missions are compatible with Windows X-Wing. Also includes an OPT file for XvT.
  • CRS Vigilant
    ( http://www.renegadewing.com/1024.html )
    : "Library" contains missions and other files for all X-Wing games. Includes the "Booster Pack Melee" for XWA (the Booster Pack is a hidden ship in XWA).
  • Green Squadron
    ( http://www.bhorizon.com/greensquadron )
    : Click on "Lift Control" link to activate controls. Deck Three has X-Wing missions while "The Dryer" on Deck Ten has a couple of XWA skirmishes.
  • Wolfshead Squadron
    ( http://www.wolfslair.org )
    : Custom missions for X-Wing, XvT/BoP, and XWA. Also includes two replacement XvT OPTs (one for XvT and one for BoP).
  • Alliance Interactive Tour of Duty
    ( http://bhorizon.com/~aitod )
    : Members of the old CompuServe Rebel squadrons bring you this campaign for XvT/BoP (an "interactive" tour of duty is a campaign where each mission is designed based on how a group of pilots fared in the previous mission).
  • Omega Squadron
    ( http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/1945/omega.htm )
    : Site includes custom missions for TIE Fighter, plus ones for the other games with an Imperial bent.
  • Lightning Wing
    ( http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/1945/lightnin.htm )
    : Old CompuServe mercenary group w/ custom missions for X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Note: Some missions may modify ships; as they were meant for the DOS versions of X-Wing and TIE Fighter, they may or may not be compatible with the Windows versions. Caveat emptor, if you will.
  • The Rebel Squadrons
    ( http://www.rebelsquadrons.org )
    : Members have access to their entire custom mission library.
  • Emperor's Hammer
    ( http://www.emperorshammer.net )
    : Imperial group organized much along the same lines as The Rebel Squadrons. TIE Corps members have access to the custom mission library.
  • The Flying Dutchman's XvT Page
    ( http://www.xsvstf.nl )
    : Home of "The Attack on the Mon Calamari Home World" BoP campaign. Available with or without a ship patch and for either side (Rebel or Imperial).
  • The Path Not Taken
    ( http://www.njoproject.com/pathnottaken/ )
    : A campaign and shipset for BoP which tells the story of an altered Star Wars galaxy where the Battle of Endor did not go quite the way we remember it.
  • NHKC Athena III
    ( http://members.tripod.com/TFA_Maverick )
    : Home of ImpTac. Includes ship patches for XvT and BoP plus missions for those games and other XvT/BoP OPTs.
  • Jefe Picaro's Site
    ( http://xvtedicion.maestrosjedi.com )
    : Mostly XvT/BoP stuff, but files for the other games are starting to appear. English version available by clicking the flag near the top of the page. Home of the OPT Database.
  • The Atmospheric Project
    ( http://victorian.fortunecity.com/museum/52/xvt2.htm )
    : It's not known if this is related to Abolisher's "Atmospheric Shipset" project for XWA, but XvT versions of some of the same ships can be found here. Note: There is a link on the page to an XWA version, but it's dead.
  • The Diuturnal Order
    ( http://www.dituturnal.com )
    : Three campaigns for BoP available.
  • Vader's Fist Strike Fleet Tactical Operations Center
    ( http://xwacommand.com/index.php )
    : Custom missions for all of the games; you're an Imperial pilot in these.
  • Special Operations Squadron
    ( http://membres.lycos.fr/sosleader/ )
    : Follow the "Mission HQ" link, then "Custom Missions" for X-Wing, XvT, and XWA missions.
  • Viper's X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter/X-Wing Alliance Campaigns
    ( http://www.vprnet.co.uk/xwc/index.html )
    : A couple of XvT/BoP campaigns, one Rebel and one Imperial. Requires ship stats patch (also found on site). Coming soon: XWA campaigns.
  • The Imperial Order
    : Custom missions for TIE through XWA available in the Battle Archives. The missions are flown for the Imperial Remnant.
Other Mods (Based on concepts other than Star Wars)
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