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The Clone Wars Episode #19 Preview

Posted By Mike on February 25, 2009

Might as well round up The Clone Wars posts for this morning with a link to the preview video for Episode #19, "Storm Over Ryloth"

From the episode synopsis at Starwars.com:

"Ahsoka disobeys Anakin's orders and loses most of her squadron -- prompting Anakin to help give his Padawan a lesson in a respect for authority, and the opportunity for redemption."

UPDATE: From Lucasfilm:

A Battle Over Ryloth Begins an Epic, Three-Part Struggle in

The first of an epic, three part story arc, ?Storm Over Ryloth? begins an in-depth look at the emotional tolls of the galactic conflict, as well as the price of failure when lives hang in the balance. The all-new episode of the hit animated series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS premieres at 9 p.m. ET/PT Friday, February 27, on Cartoon Network.

In the episode, the heroes of the Republic begin their campaign to free the planet Ryloth from the oppressive occupation of enemy forces. In an effort to break through the orbiting Separatist defenses, however, Ahsoka must learn a hard-hitting lesson after she disobeys Anakin?s orders ? and loses most of her squadron as a result.

Director Brian Kalin O?Connell and writer George Krstic welcomed the opportunity to explore some of the less heroic aspects of the conflict, particularly examining the responsibility of the Jedi in light of the consequences of their actions.

?It?s easy to make the Jedi into superheroes, but showing their vulnerability really makes them far more interesting and believable,? O?Connell says. ?You have this Padawan in the footsteps of the Chosen One. And she fails ? badly. Clones die, and that?s horrible ? and we really get to feel that weight. But we also get to see how Anakin rebuilds Ahsoka?s confidence, and how she comes back and rises to the challenge.?

Krstic agrees, adding that the episode offered an opportunity to infuse the Saga?s classic space opera elements with a new emotional weight.

?This is a very epic episode ? it?s grand and operatic ala the old days of the original Star Wars,? he says. ?There are so many wonderful aspects to this episode because Ahsoka must deal with real life and death situations, and the result isn?t good. She gets her first experience dealing with the burden of command, and finds out that it isn?t all heroics. It really is a burden.?

As the beginning of a three-part story arc, ?Storm Over Ryloth? expands the scope of the Clone Wars to illustrate both the far-reaching and intimate effects of the war. Tackling ambiguities and exploring emotional motivations and consequences, this episode sets the stage for ?Innocents of Ryloth? and ?Liberty of Ryloth,? the continuation and conclusion of the thrilling Ryloth saga.

Picture caption from Lucasfilm: "Ahsoka must face the consequences of her actions in ?Storm Over Ryloth,? an all-new episode of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS premiering at 9 p.m. ET/PT Friday, February 27, on Cartoon Network."

Trademark information for Star Wars: The Clone Wars images: TM & ? 2009 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.

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