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New Images And Description For The Star Wars Rebels Season Premiere Released

Posted by Ryan on October 12, 2017 at 01:05 PM CST

Star Wars Rebels premieres in just a matter of days. On October 16th, the fourth and final season will kick off, and fans across the galaxy are bracing for what should be an emotional set of final stories.

Lucasfilm has released new images and a description for the season premiere:

In this premiere episode, Sabine leads Ezra, Kanan and an army of her fellow Mandalorians back to her home world to rescue her father from the clutches of the Empire. When she discovers the Empire has resurrected a devastating weapon, she must decide whether to destroy it or use it herself.

You can check out the images from the episode below.

Rebels returns with an hour-long episode titled, “Heroes of Mandalore: Parts One and Two.” The episodes this season will air at five different times each Monday, and will have an hour-long block of episodes through Mid-November—where the show will then take a holiday break leading into 2018.

Thanks to Lucasfilm for passing along the info and the images!

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