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Art Auction for "Princess Leah" Goes Live

Posted By Mike on March 27, 2012

One of our TFN Fan Force admins, Rachel, wanted to make sure we were all aware that the art auction for little "Princess Leah" Esquenazi has gone live. Thanks to Rachel for spreading the word on a cause that has grabbed the attention of the Star Wars fan community, especially those with young children.

Art Auction for "Princess Leah" Goes Live

Just over a year ago, in a galaxy very very near, a little princess was born. And her name was Leah?

Leah Esquenazi is the daughter of two Star Wars fans, Zev and Francesca Esquenazi. At the young age of two months, she began to suffer from high fevers and seizures. At the time, the cause of these symptoms was unknown. Over the coming months, she developed fast growing cataracts, breathing problems, tremors, random eye movements, and more. She had surgery for her cataracts, had a feeding tube put in, and had a tracheotomy done.

At this time, Leah now spends a great deal of time in the hospital in the PICU at UCLA in Los Angeles. Her seizures continue and she requires a ventilator to breathe correctly.

Her diagnosis is that her illness is mitochondrial in origin, but it?s a new mutation that has never been seen before. There are few treatments for mitochondrial illnesses, and no cures.

While Leah?s parents have insurance, it is at limit and exhausted. The bills are well over $2 Million dollars, and continue to rise. Her parent?s are having difficulty obtaining things she needs like a backup ventilator, or a wheelchair. Leah requires 24-hour a day care. While the insurance company pays nurses to help, keeping nurses on staff is difficult, and often her parents are left to cope alone. Leah?s continuing medical care costs are skyrocketing with no end in sight.

They need our help.

Leah?s story is well known in the Star Wars community?costumers, prop-makers, and fans from all over the world have banded together to support Leah, sending cards, gifts, monies, love, and positive thoughts to help. Leah, now dubbed ?Princess Leah?, has been on the news, been featured in articles, videos, and much more.

Now, artists from all over the globe, along with Star Wars fans in their local community, have banded together for a massive fundraiser for the family. These artists and fans have donated over 100 pieces of artwork and collectible memorabilia to auction off on eBay to help cover Leah?s medical expenses. The auctions will last 14 days and include original paintings, sketches, sketch cards, books, craft work, autographed items, and more! There are some truly unique items here!

The auctions will launch on March 25th, on this profile on eBay: http://myworld.ebay.com/artforleah

Here are photos of the items received so far:

You can follow the auctions here on the auction Facebook page:

You can also join Princess Leah?s supporters here:

And read more about Leah and her family here:

If you have questions about the auctions, about the pieces being auctioned, or want to help, please write us at briekalan@gmail.com

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