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Monthly Results For Star Wars CCG Online League

Posted By Josh on April 5, 2007

The first month of the inaugral league season is complete! Two of the most dominant players in that span were Death Star and Monotrema, the former setting an impressive new Consecutive Winning Streak record (34 games) and the latter breaking all five of the other league records for Most Games in a Day (6), Week (23), Month (66); Most Wins in a Month (35); Most Points in a Month (123).

The monthly ladder finished with the galactic capital of Imperial Center in First Place with Monotrema's 123pts; Hoth's TrooperShark99 is strong as ever in second place (84pts), and right on his heels in third is Darren Pilbeam of Kuat (83pts); the rest of March's top ten (and their regions) Death Star (75pts-Ralltiir), cclarkso (66pts-Imperial Center), Darth Crusher (63pts-Hoth), Psychobabble (60pts-Mon Calamari), Wise (56pts-Kashyyyk) and Dalton (56pts-Imperial Center), and Kinslayer (48pts-Kashyyyk).

In all-time international play averages (based on a country's top three players, which is also the current minimum required to be ranked), Canada sits at the top of the mountain with 120 points but the United States has closed the gap to 118.3pts; Deutschland (60pts) is in third and Australia (49.3pts) has overtaken Polska (40.3pts) for fourth place.

The Star Wars CCG league is approaching 500 registered members and since the league started six months ago neearly 600 games have been reported to the league by players all over the U.S.; from the Pacific Rim across Europe. Managing the online league is a tremendous experience and I appreciate each and every player who participates in online play, and especially this league! I look forward to meeting even more of you (either in the Holotable lobby or elsewhere) and bringing lots of cool prizes and even more online competitions to everyone!

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Fantasy Flight Games Releases The Search For Skywalker Expansion
Posted By Dustin on April 26, 2013:
One of the light side?s greatest heroes has gone missing?

Edge Of Darkness Deluxe Expansion Announced For Star Wars: The Card Game
Posted By Dustin on February 23, 2013:
Two new faction decks!

Star Wars X-Wing Card Game Details
Posted By Dustin on August 11, 2011:
Video interview from Gen-Con

Fantasy Flight Games Joins Forces With LFL
Posted By Mike on August 2, 2011:
Card, RPG & miniatures games on the way!

Passing This Along: Petition Of The 2000
Posted By Eddie on March 29, 2011:
Fans concerned about established continuity...

Star Wars Trading Card Game
Posted By Dustin on May 8, 2008:
Still alive and kickin' online...

Happy 30th Anniversary Star Wars!
Posted By Dustin on May 25, 2007:
Stephen Hayford's latest tribute to that galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars CCG Online "Classic" and "Episode VI" Tournament Info
Posted By Josh on April 17, 2007:
PLUS pre-constructed decks for the Episode VI format...

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