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Awesome Con

Join Us At Awesome Con 2018!

Steve March 20, 2018

If you're looking for something to do next weekend, join us in Washington DC at Awesome Con for a full weekend of amazing Star Wars fun! Full Report


Marvel Comics For June 2018

Jay March 20, 2018

Marvel has sent out solicitations for their June 2018 titles, including 7 Star Wars comics and 4 Trades! Check out the advance solicitation list after the jump. Full Report

Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Coping With The Grief

Steve March 9, 2018

Having a hard time coping with the end of Star Wars Rebels? Here are five books to help you get over your loss. Full Report

Jedi Journals

Jedi Journals: March 2018

Jay March 7, 2018

March comes in like a nexu in this super-sized Jedi Journals episode. Lucasfilm announces a huge literature campaign for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Chris and Jay give you all the specifics. Full Report

Star Wars: Last Shot

Daniel Jose Older Talks Star Wars: Last Shot

Dustin March 4, 2018

An interview with author Daniel Jose Older talks about his take on the galaxy's two favorite scoundrels. Full Report

Did Rebels Pull From Legends Again?

Steve March 2, 2018

In the episode, "A World Between Worlds" we had many revelations, one of which was a seemingly new Force ability. Turns out, it might not be that new... Full Report

Star Wars: Last Shot

Star Wars: Last Shot Excerpt

Dustin March 1, 2018

Read this excerpt featuring the legendary rebel and his son, Ben, in a different kind of Star Wars struggle - one for sleep. Full Report


Fan Made Star Wars Character Posters

Dustin February 28, 2018

Glenn MacDonald sent in these two beautiful Star Wars character posters that he created! Full Report

Star Wars Resistance

What Is Star Wars Resistance?

Dustin February 24, 2018

New trademarks point to new unannounced Star Wars project. Full Report


Marvel Comics For May 2018

Jay February 22, 2018

Marvel has sent out solicitations for their May 2018 titles, including 10 Star Wars comics and two collections! Full Report

Awesome Con

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