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Letter from a US Ranger

I saw the original Star Wars when I was about 7 years old. From that moment on I have followed the Star Wars saga and seen every film in the series countless times. Later in life I moved to LA in hopes of getting a career in writing/directing. I made some progress and made some short films, and also worked on a few Hollywood films and events. In 1999, when TPM debuted in theaters, I was at the 1st midnight showing. And during that summer I saw TPM 52 times in the theater! This is no joke! In 2000 I started looking at TFN site like a religion while following news on TPM video release and Episode II news. TFN is such a great site and constantly made me wish how I had the internet way back when I was a child.

I am 33 and an avid SW fan. In 2002 I saw Episode II in theaters about 7 times. I wasn't as inspired to see it as many times as I saw TPM in theaters. Despite Jar-Jar, TPM was a bigger movie event for me and I enjoyed it at the time much more than Episode II. But, still, I was in line at Wal-Mart at midnight to buy Episode II on DVD. Now, I am eagerly awaiting the original trilogy on DVD. A net junkie, I have already seen ROTJ dvd and seen the newly added elements. I must admit, I liked seeing the older Anakin at the end instead of Hayden. On October 20, 2004 I am shipping out to Fort Benning, GA to begin training in the US Army for the Airborne Rangers. I decided to join the US military for various reasons. And, yes, joining the Rangers means I will surely see combat in the not too distant future. In these troubled times, it is a certainty. That's what the Rangers do. And, when I am placed in combat I will do my best. I will be thinking of the children. They are the ones who deserve their chance at adulthood and greatness - and to see great movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I hope my actions in the future will help stop those evil men who would do harm to children like what recently happened in Russia. When that happened, I thought of my 4 year old nephew - who is slightly slow and not very physically coordinated. Children like him and others are helpless against terror and those who would do harm to them. In my journey, I hope I do something that helps stop those that would harm innocent people... especially young, defenseless, children. I want the children to have the wonderful childhood that I had!

As I am preparing to depart, I am still thinking of one thing - Star Wars! YES. I will surely miss seeing the new Episode III teaser when it debuts in November, but I'll be home for Christmas and I'm happy I'll get to see it online at that time. As I continue training, etc into 2005 I am hopful I will get to see the full trailer in March or April... and of course, I am hoping and praying I will be able to see Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith in a theater before I am shipped overseas into combat. Seeing Episode III means so much to me. But, still, life comes first. I had to join the military now. At my age, I had to do it now. Even if it means giving up the chance at seeing the final SW film in a theater... or ever. I don't know what my future has in store for me as far as where I'll be in May 2005. As a SW fan and a total movie lover, I am hoping I will be able to visit a theater as the Fox fanfare plays before the Lucasfilm logo. And, of course, I hope I will serve my country well and will be on this earth long after Episode III in hopes of one day seeing all of the special editions that are sure to come of the prequels and perhaps even a brand new sequel-trilogy...

I want to thank everyone at TFN for all of their hard work bringing me closer to SW than I ever could have been without your site. I'm a 33 yr old man now. But, seeing new info and pictures you post on your site has always made me feel like a kid again! Online, I played Jedi Knight 2 and 3, also! So I love your video game section as well! You fine folks have made the net fun for me as far as Star Wars is concerned. I am forever grateful.

If you remain young at heart, you will never grow old... I thank you all for helping to keep me "young at heart". And, to all SW fans, I hope you all are living your lives the best you can and are doing good. I want everyone to remember that there is always hope. You can come out of the darkness into the light. I am living proof of that. I was in the dark, but I chose to finally turn on the light.

Thank you all for listening. I wish you all the best of things and all you desire....

I salute YOU.

Name Withheld
September 10th, 2004

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