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The Elstree Empire Day Convention

Posted By Mike on March 20, 2012

UPDATE: The preorder/send-in is now live for the upcoming Elstree Empire Day. Click here!
(Thanks Paul!)


Our friend Ollie wrote in to make sure we were aware of The Elstree Empire Day which is coming to the famed Elstree Studios on May 5, 2012. Here's the description from the ShowmastersOnline.com boards:

"This is a very special event for all Star Wars fans and something Gary Kurtz and I have wanted to run for many years

on May 5th 2012 for the first time Star Wars fans will be able to attend a Star Wars fan convention at Elstree film studios themselves.

This is a very rare chance to visit the historic film studios and take part in a very special day , an Elstree Empire Day.

The day will consist of

Talks by the guests
Autograph session by the guests with some rare first time signer guests
Display of Original film props some never been seen before.
Display of Art Department items such as art work ,models and Blueprints etc
Display of photos showing all the work that took place at the film studios
A talk by Gary Kurtz Star Wars Producer about a day in his life at the studios back in 1976
And many more surprises that you find out about on the day.

There will also be a Auction of rare Star Wars items including the following
Rare Star Wars Autographs
Screen used Star Wars Film Props
Original film posters
Film Production used items
As well as other really cool items

There will be a limited number of tickets for sale for the con and when they have sold out that will be it , as the studios have put a cap on the amount of public can attend so do not miss this chance to be there ."

Click here for the full forum post with ticket details. More information can also be found at the Kurtz Joiner Archive Facebook Page. Any profits from the event will go towards the "preservation and restoration of artifacts" within the Kurtz/Joiner Archive.

Thanks to Ollie for the heads up!

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The Elstree Empire Day Convention
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Updated! Coming to Elstree Studios in May

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