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As the Young Jedi CCG evolves with each new expansion, there always arises a slew of new rulings questions. And as those questions are answered, others rise to take their place. With all this activity, how can a player keep up with all this? And worse yet, Decipher is a very busy company putting out three top-quality card games and they can't always update the current rulings section as frequently as they'd like. Well, that is why I created this section at TFN. As a Squadron Member I have access to all the up-to-date rulings directly from Decipher's official rules guy, Justin Pakes. As he updates the Council Members on new rules, I will update this section at the same time, so now you can have all the official rulings without having to wait between CRDs.

AUGUST 1ST, 2000
Da Dug Chaaa!
This card only affects Dark Side podracer pilots.

deploying effects
Once deployed, your Effect card will only leave the table when the current planet is won or surrendered.

Jedi Force Push/Sith Force Push
Jedi Force Push and Dark Jedi Force Push (Battle of Naboo Battle cards) stop your opponent from using his or her weapon in battle. Thus any Battle card or character game text bonuses that are dependent upon using the weapon will be ineffective.

A weapon is lost only when the character using it is defeated. Since Force Push stops the character from using that weapon, the weapon will not be lost if the character is defeated.

When you choose to evacuate a planet you must play a transport (for free) in your deploy step. All the characters and weapons on the planet you deploy the transport to *must* evacuate on that one transport. Your opponent has a chance to stop you with only one starfighter. The starship conflict must then be resolved.

weapons & battle cards which allow more than one character to fight together
Only one weapon is allowed per fight, and that weapon must be used by the first character revealed in that fight (i.e. the weapon card must immediately follow the Battle card).

If the first character is the character who is lost, (for example, it is the <> Gungan or <> Battle Droid) then the weapon is also lost.


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