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Please email your rules questions to chuckk@decipher.com or send your questions in written form to Decipher at PO Box 56, Norfolk, Virginia U.S.A 23501-0056 clearly marked as "Jedi Knights Rules Question".


(Q) Does each Jedi Knight card have a unique URL?

(A) No. That was announced previously, but now you can find out anything you want to know about Jedi Knights at decipher.com/jediknights/.

(Q) Are you allowed to look through your Theme pile? What about your Force deck? What about a discard pile? What about the site pile or system pile?

(A) You are allowed to look through your Theme pile at any time (your opponent may not). You may look through your Force deck (not your used Force cards pile) only during the Force Phase. Neither player may look through any discard pile, site pile, or system pile without game text that allows them to (for example, game text including the word ?topmost? allows you to look through your discard pile, although you must keep those cards in the same order).

(Q) On page 37 of the printed Rulebook, the entry for ?shuttle? says that it happens during the Starship Battle Phase, while on page 20 is says shuttling is a Blockade Phase action. Which is correct?

(A) Shuttling is a Blockade Phase action. Page 20 is correct. The version of the Jedi Knight Premiere Rulebook available on our website has the Glossary entry corrected.

(Q) What happens to the cards on or under a card that is discarded?

(A) Except for replacement (see page 26) when any card is discarded (or leaves play by any other means), the cards on or under that card are discarded.

(Q) When a starting Hero is replaced, does that card go to the discard pile or my Theme pile? And how much does that cost?

(A) A starting Hero that leaves play for any reason is placed in its owner?s Theme pile. You must pay the full deploy cost of the new card.

(Q) How many characters/starships may support a leader?

(A) The number of leadership icons on the leader card represent the maximum number of characters/starships that can support that leader.


(Q) When exactly does the doubling of my total power for my Hero at the site happen during a Control Check?

(A) All the possible modifiers from the game texts of all cards in play are added to the total power at the site and then that total power is doubled. Doubling the power is the last part of the calculation.

(Q) What happens to the system and site cards when a Control Check results in a tie?

(A) Each player places his version of the planet location in his Theme pile. In other words, no one ?scores? the planet by putting their copy under their used Force cards. (In a team game, the planet locations can be placed in either team member?s Theme pile.)


(Q) How many times in a turn can one character/starship fire a weapon?

(A) Each character/starship with a weapon may fire that weapon once per battle, even if that character/starship is in more than one battle in a single battle phase.

(Q) Can a character/starship which is rotated fire a weapon?

(A) Yes.


(Q) Once we have chosen our Force cards, can I share credits with my teammate?

(A) No. The credits from your Force card must be used only to play your cards. (You may play a weapon card under your teammate?s card.) The same is true for the draw number on your Force card; you may not share card draws with your teammate.

(Q) During the Final Conflict, can my teammate and I pool the bonus credits from the planets we have won?

(A) No. Each location card must be assigned to one player or the other, however the two teammates decide. Those credits may not be divided or shared.


AF-27--Motivated Trooper

(Q) When this character is armed with an E-Web Blaster, how many times may that E-Web Blaster fire in a single battle?

(A) Twice only (not four times).

C-3PO--The Professor

(Q) May I play a weapon card under C-3PO?

(A) No. The phrase "May not use weapons" is equivalent to "May not play weapons under here."

Droid Detector

(Q) Does a Droid have to be in play when I draw cards in the Draw Phase in order for this Event to add 1 to the draw number on my current Force card?

(A) Yes.

Full Throttle

(Q) If I have more than one copy of this Event in play during the Power Step of a battle, may I draw more than one destiny?

(A) Yes, you may add one destiny for each copy of Full Throttle in play at that time. Remember to discard them all when the battle ends.

Grand Moff Tarkin--Destroyer of Alderaan

(Q) When do I choose which pile to play a Trooper from?

(A) You may look through either or both piles first before you choose which to play from.

Han's Blaster Pistol

(Q) This card says, "you may draw two cards for weapon destiny, choose one to use and discard the other," how does that work?

(A) You must declare whether you are drawing two or one before you make any draw for this weapon.

Iasa, Jawa Merchant

(Q) Does Iasa have to be in play when I draw cards in the Draw Phase in order for him to add 1 to the draw number on my current Force card?

(A) Yes.

Red Two

(Q) Does Red Two add anything to my side?s power if my side doesn't have an Event played as a tactical bonus?

(A) No.

Solomahal--Veteran Scout

(Q) When I play this character outside of the Deploy Phase (for example, when a site card enters play), may I use his game text to play a Scout from my Theme pile?

(A) No. You may only play a character outside of the Deploy Phase if game text specifies that character plays for free. Since Solomahal's game text doesn't specify that, you can?t deploy a Scout under these circumstances (even if that Scout has no deploy cost).


(Q) What is Zutton's power during a Control Check?

(A) Six, unless there are other modifiers besides his game text. During a Control Check, Zutton is not "in a battle."


The following cards have had their gameplay altered from what was originally printed. All versions of these cards must be played according to the following corrections:

Admiral Motti--Fleet Admiral

Premiere card 70U < character card for The Empire >
Correction: The game text of this card should read as follows "Your Star Destroyers play for one less credit. Your side's other pilots are power +2. Once per Deploy Phase, you may exchange the topmost starship in your discard pile with a starship, weapon, Event, or Trooper in your hand."

Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Premiere card 12 R < Event card for The Alliance (Note: the 12 L version of this card is correct as printed.) >
Correction: The game text of this card should read as follows "Plays if Leia is at the site. During your Deploy Phase, you may discard this Event from play to take topmost Droid or Jedi of your discard pile into your hand."

The information in this document is copyrighted by Decipher Inc. 2001; however, it can be freely disseminated online or by traditional publishing means as long as it is not altered and this copyright notice is attached.

? 2001 Lucasfilm Ltd & TM. All rights reserved. Used under authorization.

TM, ? & ? 2001 Decipher Inc. All rights reserved.

Chuck Kallenbach II
Decipher Inc.
Game Designer


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