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How do you feel about NSync being cut from Episode 2?


Like I've won the lottery. (by DB)

I think that it was great that they got cut from the movie. Because they might be famous and have a lot of money but they shouldn't get whatever they want. I have loved Star Wars just as much ever since I saw it for the first time. I have one of the biggest collections in all of my county. I am one of your biggest fans and I did not get a part in the movie so I think that it's fair. THANK YOU!!! (by Aaron Sanders)

I think *NYSNC should stick to making music. I don't want them screwing up Star Wars. (by alex czaplicki)

Excellent! (by jettison)

Let the cheering begin! George has brought balance back to the force. (by TKO)

I feel great. All Star Wars fans needed was a movie theatre full of teenage girls screaming throughout the whole movie. Good call Master Lucas. (by Kenobi1980)

Now I know there is a GOD. (by Paulo)

Hooray. (by I)

Praise the Lord. (by H-52)

If it is true that the guys from *NSYNC are being cut solely because of fan complaints, it's pretty sad. Almost as sad as the sea of complaints to begin with. They were extras, people!! In case you don't know what that means, they don't have any lines, and would show up on screen no more than a few seconds at most. Not that it would make a difference. (by Lanny Birch)


Glad, because now it means the roles are open for the Backstreet Boys :D :P (by Wil Harris)

I am glad that the Star Wars universe will not become some pop culture joke! (by roberto trevino)

They'll most likely think of someone more abhorrent to replace them with. (by John Coltrane)

Thank God. (by Brian)

I think it's pathetic that LucasFilm submitted to whining and groaning of fanboys, considering most of the complainers were not looking at this from any logical point of view. I'd rather my films have 2 second scenes of *NSYNC than a film that is ultimately 'edited' by several hundred internet geeks. (by Kayvan Koie)

It has been said many times that their appearance would detract from the reality of a movie. I believe LucasFilm made a VERY wise decision ... now to work on Jar Jar! (by Obi-bob Wontoobi)

Very relieved and pleased to hear of the drop of *NSYNC. A very prudent choice and may be able to resurrect Lucas' legitimacy after Episode 1 (by Sean Mooney)

It's just interesting that *NSYNC got into the movie because of who they are, and were cut for exactly the same reason. I don't blame *NSYNC for wanting to be in Star Wars and asking for it, but Lucas has said NO to hundreds of real actors, saying yes to *NSYNC was pandering. (by BEARison Ford)

I would like to thank George Lucas for leaving no record of *NSYNC in the Star Wars Galaxy. I don't love Star Wars because of Cameos. I love Star Wars because it's a Galaxy far far away that I can escape our petty capitalistic, plastic, vain world for a few hours. *NSYNC was a bad idea to begin with. If your gonna put a music group in any of the prequels, how about Sy Snootles and Max Reebo! (by SM)

Wooohoooo! (by jawagirl)


Impressive ... most impressive! (by rct)

I was so disappointed when I heard they would be in the movie. I am more than thankful that *NSYNC was cut. Thank You. (by terrin durfey)

I'd trade *NSYNC & Backstreet Boys cameos to get rid of Jar Jar in a heartbeat. (by Andrew Walkowiak)

Thank the maker! (by c3-po)

Thank you George!!!!!!!!!!!! (by KG)

Thanks for listening George and Rick. I think this helps retain the Star Wars universe as we've come to know and accept it. (by Christopher Tellez)

I'm glad they took it out. To put *NSYNC in EP II would be like having Bo & Luke Duke walking around in Cloud City in ESB. Or like having David Hasslehoff playing one of the Rebels on the Hoth Base. When my buddy told me about *NSYNC, I had decided that I would stand up and BOO the movie and walk out on it on opening day when I saw *NSYNC. I'm glad they are gone, (by Brandon)

Um, I agree with it. Shouldn't we be trying to bring an air of respect to the SW series, like is being done for LotR? Having a teeny bopper fad boy band, who are not respected actors, thank you very much, in the movie is a detriment to the movie. Leave them out. (by Kevin)

If you think about it, Attack of the CLONES was a perfect venue for *NSYNC/Backstreet Boys/O Town/New Kids. But I'm still glad they're gone. I am used to archetypes in my Star Wars films, not stereotypes. (by RU12?)

Proof that the fan community does wield some power. (by benkenobi84)


I think the only point made here is that they do listen to the fans. One other smaller point, people, since they do listen to us; why not bicker over larger and more important issues? (by DevanJedi)

I think it ROCKS. (by Sid Highwind)

Beautiful!!! (by He-Man)

I'm glad *NSYNC got cut. Personally, I think they would have just detracted from the movie. I've loved Star Wars since I can remember, and just knowing they were in it, whether I could see them or not would tick me off to no end. Thank the maker! (by Brian Zehmisch)

THANK YOU! -- BUT...The fact that *NSYNC was even considered makes me have great concerns for the rest of the movie. (by JustinDDD)

It is a far far better thing (by dan)

I am quite pleased. By seeing *NSYNC, I would have been distracted from the movie, and would have been pulled out of the flow of the movie. Thanks George. (by jediguy)

I think it's great! I can't remember the last successful movie that included a singing sensation. (by Ruben Gomez)

Actually I'm really sad that a bunch on whiners can keep a group of guys from fulfilling a life long dream. Who cares if you like their music or not? They are fanboys just like us. I say put em back in George!!! (by Jacen5150)

Oh thank god!! thank you George, you still rule! (by allan)


I'm very, very happy that Lucas has cut them from AOTC. Thank you very much, George! We've been waiting nearly 20 years for this film, please don't let us down! Thanks! May the force be with you. (by darth underwood)

I still want my Jedi Joey action figure. (by Darth Backstreet)

Relieved ! It would have only been a distraction from SW. (by Aaron)

Fantastic news!!! (by Jeff Jeff Banks)

Just woke up from a horrible nightmare. (by Darth_Nemesis)

While the removal of *NSYNC makes me happy, I'm not sure I like the precedent this sets. When we, as laymen, decide what the directors can do, do we rob them of their ability for artistic vision? Do not misunderstand. I am glad they're gone, but I wish Lucas had done this before this fiasco came up. (by Jameson Sawyer)

It's a relief for the film's credibility. But it doesn't really matter as we live in a culture that says *whatever* Lucas does is wrong. (by Chris Berry)

I think it's great that George made that call. It would have drawn the audience away from the greatest movies of all time. (by GPMenace)

Personally, I like the fact that they're no longer going to be in the film. However, when the original announcement was made, I couldn't have cared less. After all, they were only onscreen for a couple seconds. It's just icing on the cake I guess. (by Dan Lomme)

Having *NSYNC in the movie for a second or two would not have changed my opinion of the movie one way or the other. But still, it brought a small tear of joy to my eye :P (by Darth_Payback)

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