The Yuuzhan Vong Database

4th Edition

Written by Nom Anor

Additional editing and research by J. Erich Jay


This encyclopedia is dedicated to all the great authors of the Star Wars Universe for giving us a glimpse into a galaxy far, far away.


            The Unifying Force has reached bookstores worldwide, and it brings with it the conclusion of The New Jedi Order.  In the coming months, the Yuuzhan Vong Database will be completely rewritten and revamped.  You will see numerous changes, including a revised layout.  This is a daunting project, with lots of time invested and requiring more time yet. My goal is to have it completed by July 2004. In the past I haven't kept up with my release dates very well, but this one is a reality. The updates won't be all at one time - the Database has become very fluid, and the updates will flow in at seemingly random times. Keep your eyes open - good things are to come.


            The origin of the Yuuzhan Vong Database can be traced back to March 11, 2000 and the founding of the Yuuzhan Vong Homeworld, part of the Official Site's now-defunct fansite program. In August of the same year, the author joined forces with Mike Cooper and brought the guide to the Unofficial New Jedi Order Homepage. When he joined in June 2002, he brought the Yuuzhan Vong Database with him to serve as a resource to authors and fans alike.

A Note From the Author

            My first experience with Star Wars occurred sometime during my early childhood, but it wasn?t until I reached sixth grade that I came to appreciate the classic tale of corruption, betrayal, and ultimate redemption. Now, at eighteen, I am a devoted Star Wars fan and enjoy movies of both the classic and prequel trilogies, as well as the books, comics, and video games of the Expanded Universe.

            The amount of depth and creativity injected into these storylines is astounding. Although the majority of my friends don?t share the same interest in this area as I do, I have managed to meet other online that are excited about Star Wars and continually feed my interest. I would like to thank my family for understanding the obsession that afflicts Star Wars fans and for their continued support of my work. I would also like to thank you, the fans, for providing that eagerness to learn about the Yuuzhan Vong. Your positive feedback is what keeps me going.

Nom Anor

Nom Anor

October 2002

A Note From the Webmaster

            Well, I'm not gonna get into a speech here, cuz I don't want to scare visitors off. The layout and stuff were done by me, but this is, by all accounts, Nick's page. He reminds me a lot of myself when I started the UNJOH over a year ago, except for one thing. All I did when I made my page was take GhentZ's news, summarize it, and make it look pretty. Nick's gone far out of his way to gather, catalogue, and present every last tidbit of Vong info that's come out, and I have no doubt that he'll continue to do so throughout the NJO's run. I was more than happy when he agreed to host the Database here at UNJOH, and I hope you have as much fun losing yourself in the wealth of information provided by both the UNJOH and the Yuuzhan Vong Database as I have presenting it to you.

Mike, aka "Coopra"

August 2000

Table of Contents

The New Jedi Order Booklist

Part I: History of the Yuuzhan Vong

Part II: Dramatis Personae

Part III: The Yuuzhan Vong Bestiary

Part IV: The Yuuzhan Vong Warfleet

Part V: Yuuzhan Vong Ground Forces

Part VI: Yuuzhan Vong Structures

Part VII: Yuuzhan Vong Glossary





  • Text by Nom Anor

  • Webmastering by Mike Cooper and Nom Anor

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