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Boba Fett #2 - Crossfire
by Terry Bisson

Published by Scholastic

Scott's Rating:   4 out of 4

Boba Fett - Crossfire is the second book in a new young reader's series. It picks up shortly after the events of Episode II.

Young Boba is now under the care of Count Dooku. However, Boba is not entirely sure he can trust his father's former employer. As he secretly explores Dooku's lair, he discovers that the Sith Lord is undertaking a massive archaeological excavation to try and find a lost Sith artifact. What exactly it is remains a mystery.

Before Boba Fett can learn too much, a group of Republic Clonetroopers attack. Led by a Jedi and Padawan, they chase Dooku off the planet. Believed to be an orphan by his clone brothers, Boba is taken off planet onto a Republic Cruiser. As the ship travels to Bespin to unload the former captives, Boba makes friends with an alien named Garr. But can a future bounty hunter afford friends? That becomes the true question when he faces off with Aurra Sing to recover his father's ship, Slave I.


    This is the first Star Wars book to fully take place after Attack of the Clones, so it is worthy of note to hard core fans. It not only tells us what happens to Boba Fett after the film, but we catch back up with Count Dooku and Aurra Sing. This book also features our first look at a battle after Geonosis. This is the first Clone War battle shown in the Expanded Universe.

I was very curious to find out what Count Dooku was up to after the movie, and this book gives a glimpse at that. I was intrigued by the fact that he was after a Sith artifact. I was even more intrigued that the book never revealed what it was or why he was after it. I wonder if that will be addressed later in this series or elsewhere.

It was great to see the Clone Troopers in action yet again. Their battle against Dooku's forces was one of the highlights of the book and gives us a glimpse of what they are like down in the trenches. Bisson gives us an idea what their life is like on the cruiser between battles, how they behave, and what their personalities (or lack thereof) are like. We also get more of an idea of how Boba Fett has distaste and a little bit of jealousy for the Clone Troopers. Again, pretty deep for a "kid's book".

The story ends up on Bespin. I enjoyed seeing this classic trilogy location featured in a prequel setting. We get a quick look at what life is like there and how they play amid the politics of the Clone Wars. Bisson also gives us a taste of the fallout from the Clone Wars by showing us what life is like for the orphans a refugees displaced by the conflict. Boba Fett is also shown being conflicted between having a normal childhood with friends and following the path of a bounty hunter which his father set before him.

Crossfire continues to offer a fun and exciting look into the origin of Boba Fett. So far the results are worthy of this character who has been risen to cult icon.


    I have no major gripes about this story, but I do have one question. In one scene, Count Dooku intimidates Boba Fett into staying quiet about the fact that he's also Darth Tyranus. But why? He's already revealed himself to the Jedi as a Sith. What secret does he have left? Why does he feel this boy is a possible threat? I didn't follow.


    The $10 price tag comes along with a nice hardback cover, but will casual fans be willing to buy this cool story at that price?

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