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The Old Republic: First Gameplay Video!

Posted By Mike on December 13, 2008

From SWTOR.com:

"BioWare? and LucasArts? share the vision for Star Wars?: The Old Republic? in our first video documentary, complete with new concepts, new screenshots, and real-time pre-production gameplay video. Hear about the approach to storytelling straight from The Old Republic?s Creative Director and Lead Designer James Ohlen and Principal Lead Writer Daniel Erickson, and watch Art Director Jeff Dobson discuss the aesthetic appeal of stylized realism. Watch the latest video documentary and experience the ?look and feel? of Star Wars: The Old Republic now!"

See the video below or click here to check it out at the game's official website!

Massively offers up their observations from the video here.

Also, 1UP.com spoke with BioWare founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, principal lead writer Daniel Erickson, and studio creative director James Ohlen about the Star Wars MMO. Excerpt below:

1UP: Another thing we've been wondering about since the initial trailer -- because when you made the announcement, you only showed Jedi and Sith -- was how you plan to satisfy gamers and provide a rich experience for those who don't necessarily want to be Jedi or Sith? How do you make it compelling to be a bounty hunter, a smuggler, or some other, seemingly less powerful, class?

Dr. Ray Muzyka: Yeah, that's a very important question. We look at the movies for inspiration, and we see a whole bunch of really iconic heroes or villains. We want everyone in this game to feel like they're a hero in the universe, or a villain, and really be able to take on that role. [We want to enable] choice with consequences, which is something really new for an MMO -- to actually have a story with choice and consequences and to be able to take on different roles as you do it is really exciting. But the inspiration for that is from the movies, where you see these iconic characters that actually are involved and engaged with Jedi and Sith and are playing important roles that help the entire Star Wars universe timeline unfold in different ways, depending on what they do. Imagine the scene...where you have Luke and Leia and Han and Chewie and C-3PO and R2-D2 and Obi-Wan all storming the Death Star. That's an iconic moment, and they're actually enacting a story moment. They're all heroes. They're all doing something really cool, but they're not all Jedi and Sith. Yet they all feel heroic in proportion."

Sources: EUC, Massively and 1UP.com


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