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Kotaku Previews Battlefront Elite Squadron

Posted By Mike on August 8, 2009

Following our previous post with links to E3 coverage of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, Kotaku offers up their preview of the game coming to the PSP and DS this fall. Check out the excerpt below and click here for the full write-up.

"Air and Space Combat: While the ground controls for the game can be annoying, I found that air and space combat was a bit easier to deal with. Maybe the fluid motion of the starcraft or the fact that you expect the controls to feel a bit different when you're in a vehicle, helped.

Ground to Space: Even with those mini cut-scenes, being able to run around on the ground shooting it out with bad guys, and then jump in a ship and strafe and finally fly up into space and take on Capital ships is pretty spectacular. It gives the game a sense of scale rarely found in a portable.

Deep Interactions: Not only can you transition between the game's three levels, what you do in one place can have a deep impact in the other. You can, for instance, shoot at Capital ships with Ion cannons from the ground and then go into space to finish off the job. You can also land in a ship and do combat inside the halls of what you were once flying around. It's pretty cool."

UPDATE: Kotaku provides yet another preview of Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. Excerpt below:

"What Should Stay The Same?
Outer Space: Flying a snow-speeder is beginning to feel old. But flying an X-Wing is a joy that doesn't spoil. Why is that? The outer-space fracas between my fighter and some shielded Star Destroyers was a blast. Fighters can attack capital ships, land in them, have their troops lay siege. It's fun. That's been in Battlefronts before. But what's fresher is...

Space Vs. Ground: Those capital ships can fire at ground forces. I flew my X-Wing down to Hoth, endured a few-second load time (four, maybe?) and landed my fighter to join in the ground battle. AT-AT walkers were attacking the rebel shield generator. I hadn't seen the damage done by the capital ships, but I did hurry over to the Rebel's ion cannon. I tried to fire some shots. I kept getting killed, but after the aforementioned whining, I got my chance. My Star Wars hero stood at a Hoth super-computer and my PSP screen became a targeting reticule with the belly of a Star Destroyer blotting its sights. I fired away and blew the thing up. In multiplayer, other players could be up in space witnessing that while I'm on the ground."

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