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E3: Star Wars: The Old Republic Wrap-Up

Posted By Mike on June 14, 2011

E3 2011 has come and gone and while we provided numerous coverage updates regarding Star Wars: The Old Republic, let's take a step back and organize all the videos, previews, interviews and impressions that came out of this year's expo. I think its safe to say that the biggest splash at E3 for Star Wars fans certainly seemed to be centered around the cinematic intro video for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

As promised, Star Wars: The Old Republic delivered more new content than ever before at E3 ranging from the aforementioned cinematic intro to gameplay previews and raid details. Naturally, SWTOR.com has posted their E3 round-up which includes videos of the cinematic intro "Return," a gameplay features preview, the Eternity Vault Raid, and the Tatooine Developer Walkthrough. In addition, the official site of Star Wars: The Old Republic notes updates to the Game Overview and Game Setting pages.

Most outside impressions of the game seem to be rather positive noting gameplay and graphics improvements from previous gameplay previews. We've broken down the coverage (outside of SWTOR.com) by category below for your convenience.


"Return" - Intro Cinematic

TOR Cinematic Video from the EA Press Conference

Tatooine Walkthrough Parts 1-3

Tundra Operations Gameplay Trailer

Operation Eternity Vault Raid Trailer


Fluid Raids Interview

Producer Insight with Corey Butler

Operations Interview

Daniel Erickson Interview from Machinima

ArtsTechnica.com - interview with Daniel Erickson - "Star Wars: The Old Republic's lead writer on good Sith, evil Jedi"

Massively - interview with BioWare's Gabe Amatangelo - "E3 2011: BioWare shows off The Old Republic Belsavis raid"


Gamespot.com - write-up on the Tatooine level, screenshots, and a video featuring lead writer Daniel Erickson with a preview of Alderaan

Wired.com - "Hands-On: Beginning My Star Wars: The Old Republic Adventure" (video & write-up)

EA.com - video of the EA live broadcast and Q&A with lead writer Daniel Erickson, screenshots, and a round-up of TOR trailers and gameplay videos

Massively - screenshots and a video preview of Alderaan with Daniel Erickson, which also includes a Q&A (from the EA live broadcast)

IGN - write-up states that the engaging story is what will lure non-MMO fans

TomsHardware.com - short write-up

VentureBeat.com - hands-on with cooperative gameplay

Massively - hands-on write-up as an Imperial Agent Operative

MMOMFG.com - "Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2011 Impressions ? The MMO for the non-MMO player"

NerdReactor.com - hands-on preview with a few screenshots

Massively.com - multiple staffers provide hands-on impressions

Kotaku.com - a bit of a lukewarm write-up

EscapistMagazine.com - demo write-up which hopes TOR can live up to expectations

Shacknews.com - Alderaan co-op demo write-up

VGRevolution.com - hands-on as a Smuggler and a Sith Maurader

GamePro.com - "E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic is Looking Much More Polished These Days"

GameRant.com - hands-on preview

Tecca.com - hands-on preview comparing TOR to WOW


Last but not least, let's not forget that Razer announced new computer tie-in peripherals for The Old Republic. Starwars.com and SWTOR.com both provide announcement details.

While I'm sure there are links out there that we missed, hopefully the videos and links above will satisfy your TOR at E3 2011 appetite.

Stay tuned to TFN for a Kinect Star Wars wrap-up in the next day or so.

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