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E3: IGN Gets a Look At Republic Heroes

Posted By Mike on June 6, 2009

While at E3, IGN was lucky enough to preview the upcoming Clone Wars game, Republic Heroes, which is headed to mulitple platforms in Septermber of 2009. See the excerpt below from IGN's preview with some gameplay and character details:

In total there'll be 8 playable Jedi, and one of the more interesting abilities was called 'droid jacking,' where a Jedi character can jump up on top of a droid and slam their lightsaber through the victim's head. By doing this the Jedi effectively gains control of the droid, allowing them to move around and cause damage while the period of control lasts. This works regardless of what type of droid you target, so it should help make the gameplay feel more varied, particularly if you decide to take advantage of the two-player drop-in, drop-out cooperative gameplay. In Jedi stages you'll also find some simplistic puzzles to be solved using a variety of powers.

If you feel like experiencing something a little different, it's also possible to play as one of 10 clone characters. These guys have a different style and abilities, focusing mostly on utilizing weaponry strewn throughout the stage. They can fire blasters, toss thermal detonators, and pick up special weapons in certain spots like a minigun to wipe out large groups of foes, or rocket launchers. Jetpacks also factor into the combat, letting you float around for a little while above the fray."

Click here for the full IGN preview and make sure to check out the trailer if you have yet to do so.

UPDATE: See below for a few more Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes related links coming out of E3 2009...

G4TV offers up their rather positive first impressions and talks about the plot and gameplay. Excerpt below:

"While no one would fault you for thinking any game with the words ?Star Wars? in the title would be based off the movies, Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is actually a new action game with roots in the ongoing Clone Wars cartoon that airs on the Cartoon Network. And while, from what we saw of the game at E3 today, it looks like the game is decidedly made for fans of that ?toon, those fans will be very happy with the game.

For starters, Republic doesn?t just share the show?s distinct art style, as it uses the show?s actual art assets, as well as the same writers and voice actors. More importantly, the game picks up where the first season ends, with plot points having repercussions in the second season."

GeekSugar chimes in as well and touches on the addition of minigames. Excerpt below:

"And finally, to keep things interesting, Lucas Arts has added some fun mini games (like shoot-em up, which has you mowing down enemies for points) within the levels. The good news is you won't have to exit your current game, so it's not a hassle to participate."

Our friends at EUC also point out that you can check out trailers at the Xbox Live Marketplace and screensots at GameSpot.

UPDATE #2: A final round of a couple links via our friends at EUC:

From "E3 09: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Republic Heroes impressions" at Destructoid:

"A couple things hit me in the right spot. First, the game has style -- a mixture of cel-shading and caricature. (I was told all the assets were ripped from the television show.) Second, I was drawn in by the promise of cooperative play. Despite my advancing age and being burned by Star Wars games through the years, I still have an itch to roll as Jedi with a friend. (Apparently, the cooperative is only offline.)"

From WhatTheyPlay's "Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes first look":

"By picking either Jedi masters or Clones, gamers can slash or shoot their way through the Separatist force?s defenses, traps, and boss battles with simple attacks, blocks, and reversals, and some nifty Star Wars tricks. Jedis wield Force powers such as pushing enemies, while they can use their light sabers to approach nearly every kind of confrontation, from an ominous crowd of droids to jamming their flashing swords into doors and obstacles to progress. Clones can use jet packs, gadgetry and their plethora of guns (primary and secondary guns, mini-guns, and rock launchers) to handle droids, Droidekas, and bigger baddies using either the controller's trigger button or by simply aiming the right analog stick to shoot. Many obstacles, however, cannot be removed alone, requiring resourceful team members to act together to progress - just like we've seen in the Lego Star Wars games."

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