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Catching Up With LEGO SW III: The Clone Wars

Posted By Mike on March 12, 2011

As we get ever closer to the March 22nd release of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, LucasArts has rolled out some more goodies to keep your anticipation riding high. Upon it's release, LEGO SW III: TCW will be available on the following gaming platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS (as a launch title for the new gaming device), and PC. Until then, on to the updates!

Click on any of the images below for full views.

First up, say hello to unlockable Boba Fett! Besides his appearance in the upcoming game, you can unlock the famous bounty hunter now at LEGOStarWars.com. Once there, wait for the site to load, and then hit the ENTER key. The secret code is SARLACCFOOD.

From Boba Fett, we move on to some new images and details regarding new vehicles to the LEGO Star Wars universe...

Anakin?s Starfighter From a young age, Anakin Skywalker was a special pilot for the Republic. Throughout the Clone Wars Anakin most frequently piloted his customized Delta-7B Aethersprite light interceptor. The ship is small, but effective for completing space missions, which is exactly what it is utilized for throughout LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Playing as Anakin you will take on battalions of CIS starfighters and complete puzzles to help the Republic protect the galaxy from the CIS.

AT-AP This light walker is used in the Clone Wars primarily as a mobile cannon. Quick movement across the battlefield is paramount to success in LEGO Star Wars. The AT-AP?s cannon will not only devastate opposing troops and vehicles, but will also destroy buildings and the hardened silver LEGO.

AT-RT The AT-RT, or All Terrain Recon Transport, is used by the Republic as a scout vehicle. They are designed to be light and can quickly move from area to area. In LEGO Star Wars they are used to get across ground battle areas in a hurry.

AT-TE AT-TEs, or All Terrain Tactical Enforcers, are the meat and potatoes tank of the Republic. They are heavily armored and equipped for taking and delivering major damage. Not only does this vehicle dish out and take punishment, it also gets troops from one point to another on the battlefield. In LEGO Star Wars III this vehicle is nearly impossible to destroy. While slower moving then other vehicles, this tank takes a beating and delivers a punch when it arrives.

BARC Speeder The BARC speeder, or Bike Advanced Recon Commando, is used primarily to quickly navigate around the battlefield. It is the most readily available vehicle in LEGO Star Wars, and many can be found on the battlefield at no additional cost to the player. Even though its weapons don?t pack a hefty punch, the BARC speeder still packs enough firepower to turn rank-and-file clankers into dust.

LAAT/i The LAAT/i is one of the great vehicles in the Republic fleet. Not only is it used as a means of troop transportation, but it also serves as a light gunship in most major Clone Wars-era battles. In LEGO Star Wars III these ships are primarily used to fly around capital vessels and destroy items to help solve puzzles during various missions. The LAAT/i are also useful when exploring the galaxy to complete space combat missions.

Last, but not least, you can head on over to EW.com for a fun exclusive commercial video clip.

Thanks to Justin for the video link!

UPDATE: LucasArts has spread the Little Clone Pooper video love after giving EW.com the initial exclusive. If you have yet to see the hilarious advertisement, you can now do so below...

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