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Entertainment Earth

The Force-Cast For December 1, 2006

Posted By Jason on December 1, 2006

Your weekly dose of Star Wars returns and we are jam-packed with news from the last two weeks. No Cantina interview, but fear not, it will be back next week and we still manage to bring you over 90 minutes of goodness from the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Check it out as we discuss changes for Celebration Europe, how fans can become a part of Celebration IV, the fight for Jedi rights in our own galaxy and actor Sam Huntington comments on FanBoys. Plus, lots of juicy collecting and gaming news, Jay Shepard's Intro to the Expanded Universe, the EU Character of the Week - Aayla Secura - and your e-mails. All that and more are waiting just for you.

Also, a special thank you to the Winners of our October Podcast Alley Promotion:
  • Jason Taylor of Delavan, IL
  • Josh Deutsch of Maineville, OH
  • Ed Dolista of Victoria, Australia
  • Jeff Ellis of San Francisco
  • Peter Dobson of Irving, TX
  • Harry Dauz of Sherman Oak, CA
  • Lyne McInnish of Ozark, MO
  • Marc Scott of Evansville, IN
  • Chris Carter from Mount Pearl in Canada
  • Devin Reed of Riverton Utah

    Show notes for December 1, 2006

    Top of Show:
  • Rebelscum 10th Anniversary
  • Donate To Toys For Tots
  • Bantha Tracks Thanksgiving
  • Jedi Training at Disneyland

  • Celebration Europe Moves
  • Celebration IV: Created By Fans, For Fans
  • Star Wars Kid Is Top Viral Video
  • Ziddio Star Wars Film Contest
  • Sam Huntington On FanBoys At IESB.com
  • The Fight For Jedi Rights
  • Malingering Spiritual Malaise Spurs Demand For Even More Star Wars Sagas
  • Preview Star Wars Insider #91

    In the Cantina:
  • No One In The Cantina This Week :(

  • The Unproduced Jabba The Hutt Micro Collection Line
  • Saga Legends Fan's Choice Showdown
  • Betrayal On Felucia Battle Pack Boxed Pics
  • Commander Appo & Elite Corps Clone Trooper Packaged
  • Imperial Shuttle Ad From Target
  • Canadian News: Walmart Gets Exclusive Tin Sets
  • What's Next For Titanium Series?
  • New Titanium Series Forged Figures Sneak Peek
  • New Galactic Heroes Sneak Peek
  • Darth Vader: Black & White
  • Busting Out With Princess Leia
  • Mos Eisley Cantina Bookends Gallery
  • Sideshow Collectibles: Production Numbers Announced
  • Sideshow Collectibles: Dreaming Of A Sith Christmas?
  • Kit Fisto Character Key Is Up!
  • SideshowCollectibles.com Celebrates Christmas!
  • What is Sideshow Rewards?
  • Another Medicom Kubricks Chase Figure Found
  • More Kubrick Chase Figures
  • New Medicom Kubricks
  • R2-D2 To Be Next mimoco Flash Drive Character

  • More Starship Battles Minis Revealed
  • LucasArts Reveals Star Wars: The Best of PC
  • There's More to Lucas Than Star Wars, You Know

    Expanded Universe
  • Jedi Journals Bookshelf
  • Dark Horse On Sale

    Jay's Intro To The Expanded Universe, Part III
  • The Rise of the Empire - spanning The Republic at Peace, Last Years of the Republic, Rise of the Empire, The Dark Times, & The Rebellion Begins

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