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A Literary Analysis of the SW Movies

Posted By Britany on December 2, 2004

JediGaladriel sends in news of a new Star Wars site called Saga Journal, a monthly journal dedicated to the literary analysis of the Star Wars movies.

The launch issue includes essays on:

  • Anakin's political philosophy

  • the saga as a seasonal nature myth

  • a comparison between the Jedi and the samurai

  • an examination of the Campbellian journey as applied to Luke

  • Hit the link above to check it out.

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    Star Wars Episode VII Forum Now Open!
    Posted By Dustin on October 31, 2012:
    Join the conversation in our Jedi Council forums!

    The Jedi Council Forums Are Back
    Posted By Dustin on September 4, 2012:
    All wings report in!

    CV: TFN FanForce Jedi Council Party
    Posted By Dustin on August 8, 2010:
    Updated! Party you must, with TFN!

    CV: Official TFN Fan Force Party
    Posted By Dustin on June 21, 2010:
    Party with fellow fans Saturday night!

    Re-Hosting Jedi Council Forums
    Posted By Philip on June 2, 2010:
    Notice for member accounts

    We Talk To Tanya Roberts!
    Posted By Paul on January 29, 2010:
    Artist on the UK's new Clone Wars comic...

    Invasion Artist Interview!
    Posted By Paul on February 19, 2009:
    We talk with Colin Wilson...

    Interview With Invasion Writer!
    Posted By Paul on February 19, 2009:
    Tom Taylor talks to...

    Henry Gilroy / Dave Filoni Interview!
    Posted By Paul on December 29, 2008:
    A Christmas Present to the fans...

    We Interview Henry Gilroy...
    Posted By Paul on November 12, 2008:
    YOU ask the questions!

    We Interview Timothy Zahn!
    Posted By Paul on November 1, 2008:
    Right here on TheForce.Net...

    RPG Designer Rodney Thompson Interview!
    Posted By Adrick on September 20, 2008:
    Talks KOTOR & TFU campaign guides!

    Abel G. Peña Week -- Part 7!
    Posted By Paul on August 26, 2007:
    Once you start down the dark path....

    Abel G. Peña Week -- Part 6!
    Posted By Paul on August 25, 2007:
    Jacen Solo and the meaning of heroism....

    Abel G. Peña Week -- Part 5!
    Posted By Paul on August 24, 2007:
    Mystical energy and artificial intelligence...

    Abel G. Peña Week -- Part 4
    Posted By Paul on August 23, 2007:
    The living fanboy dream....

    Abel G. Peña Week -- Part 3
    Posted By Paul on August 22, 2007:
    Everything he tells you is true—from a certain point of view!

    Abel G. Peña Week -- Part 2
    Posted By Paul on August 21, 2007:
    Continuing our focus on the author....

    Abel G. Peña Week -- Part 1!
    Posted By Paul on August 20, 2007:
    Seven-day series focusing on the author...

    Did You Meet That Special Someone Through TheForce.Net?
    Posted By Mike on July 31, 2007:
    We want to know!!!

    Happy 30th Anniversary Star Wars!
    Posted By Dustin on May 25, 2007:
    Stephen Hayford's latest tribute to that galaxy far, far away...

    Old Hats Team Up For New Fan Mag
    Posted By Mike on February 20, 2007:
    Several names from TFN, What's the Story?, and more...

    It's A Betrayal Bonanza!
    Posted By Mike on May 30, 2006:
    Update #2! Reviews, roundtables, and chats, oh my!

    This September: Original Unaltered Trilogy on DVD
    Posted By Dustin on May 3, 2006:
    It's Official! Lucasfilm answers fans request for the original uncut Star Wars trilogy on DVD...

    Make The Jump To HYPERSPACE!
    Posted By Chris on April 10, 2006:
    Join today and help Roberts & R2 in '06!

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