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EU Roundtable #1.1

Welcome to the first ever EU Roundtable, a series (hopefully) of hour-long chatroom discussions between members of the online Star Wars fan community. More immersive than forums, and less manufactured than interviews, Roundtables are meant to showcase the nitty-gritty of fandom ? interesting, straightforward debates, typos and all. The goal with this one was mostly to see if my idea would work, so I chose pretty simple topics. In the future I?ll probably alternate between things like this and more precise, hot-button topics. Today?s chatters are:

  • Matthew Creelman, far better known as Raven, Literature moderator for the Jedi Council message boards here on TFN.

  • Michael Sheridan, webmaster of the fansite Star Wars: Myth and Magic, (CeeWulf on the JC forums) best known for the excellent ?20 Questions with?? VIP interview series he?s been running all year.

  • Paul Myers, founder of The Unofficial Clone Wars Site, a rising star in the online news community, with all you need to know and more about LucasBooks? current publishing program.

And of course there?s myself, Mike Cooper, your friendly moderator (and TFN Books and Comics staffer). Let?s get started!

You have just entered room "EU Roundtable.?

Mike Cooper: We'll start with one of the big debates these days: should the Clone Wars be featuring more big space battles?

Matthew Creelman: Definitely.

Matthew Creelman: X-Wing books proved that novels can definitely show large space battles.

Matthew Creelman: So did the Thrawn trilogy, and the NJO.

Mike Cooper: good point

Mike Cooper: no one's ever put it that way

Matthew Creelman: Though comics are more visual, I think that comics are a weaker medium for space battles.

Paul Myers: Hmm. Well, that's a loaded question. Sure, I'd love to see space battles, as would most people.

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, but there have been some space battles are are pretty, well, dull and somewhat difficult to read.

Paul Myers: But the important thing is the story.

Matthew Creelman: I won't disagree. I couldn't stand the space battles in TUF.

Mike Cooper: x-wing was a big exception, but i go think it's true that most can be kinda boring

Mike Cooper: *do

Paul Myers: Space battles have to be done right.

Michael Sheridan: Some writers get so into describing every little movement and jostle, the battles lose any kind of flow and you kind of trudge through them.

Mike Cooper: right

Matthew Creelman: Depends on the skill of the author. I don't think that land battles have been done right either in Cestus Deception or Shatterpoint.

Michael Sheridan: The worst is when the writer is an actual pilot.

Matthew Creelman: how so?

Mike Cooper: i thought the big fight at the end of shatterpoint was pretty good, though stover is better at smaller scenes

Michael Sheridan: Because they tend to get very bogged down into the minute details, how the controls work, all that kind of stuff. It's too much, and just slow to read.

Matthew Creelman: ah, fair enough.

Paul Myers: In Return of the Jedi for example, there was a big space battle, but there wasn't as much time spent on it as on the character stuff like Luke and Vader fighting.

Michael Sheridan: I'm trying to think of a space battle in a SW book that I really liked.

Matthew Creelman: Katana fleet.

Matthew Creelman: Star by Star at Coruscant.

Matthew Creelman: taking of Blackmoon

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, the Coruscant battle was really well told.

Mike Cooper: well that doesn't bode well for jedi trial; aren't those guys ex-military?

Paul Myers: Space battles are very fun and exhilirating, but they should be used in moderation.

Matthew Creelman: final battle with Zsinj by Alliston

Michael Sheridan: But, at the same time, there were times in that book when it focuse on Luke and Mara while they were piloting that got a bit slow.

Matthew Creelman: I don't think that space battles work when you focus too closely on the individual starfighters - it's the overalls strategy that's important.

Matthew Creelman: That's why thrawn was fun to read

Michael Sheridan: But, personally, I like the smaller battles better. While I think massive, epic conflicts are an integral part of Star Wars, it's those little moments that are generally the most powerful.

Paul Myers: yeah

Mike Cooper: the only person who's really kept me interested in in-cockpit action is stackpole...most of the dogfighting in the NJO was dull for me

Matthew Creelman: I disliked NJO dogfighting because it was mostly Jaina doing it.

Matthew Creelman: heh

Mike Cooper: heh

Michael Sheridan: Visually, they're just plain awesome. The Death Star sequence in the original, the final battle in ROTJ. Just great stuff. I love watching it. But, I'm not much for reading them.

Paul Myers: the big space battle in return of the jedi was cool, but there's nothing quite like watching Luke make the trench run in A New Hope.

Michael Sheridan: But, I wasn't a fan of the X-wing stuff, so maybe i just missed out on the great space battles.

Mike Cooper: it's one of those things that can either be amazing or awful, with little in-between

Matthew Creelman: I was watching ANH yesterday. In my opinion,the greatest moment of the Saga is when Luke turns off his scope.

Mike Cooper: that's a new one

Paul Myers: I liked the X-wing books. I think they had a good balance of character and battles.

Matthew Creelman: Can you imagine the panic back on Yavin?

Michael Sheridan: What's a new one?

Matthew Creelman: Luke turning off his scope.

Michael Sheridan: I think that could be considered a pivotal moment in the series.

Mike Cooper: well, here's a related thought...if the clone wars were done already, would you be satisfied with the battles that have been done?

Matthew Creelman: You have a green recruit, in an X-Wing for the first time, with DARTH VADER on his tail, the Death Star in firing range, and an impossible shot coming up, and what does the boy do: he turns off his scope!

Paul Myers: no, i would not be satisfied

Matthew Creelman: I wouldn't be satisfied either.

Paul Myers: I would like to see something like the X-wing series in the Clone Wars

Michael Sheridan: Well, are we talking about done already with 70s-80s tech, or are we takling today's digital effects?

Mike Cooper: not to fall back off-topic, but i always thought it was kinda weird that theyput luke in charge of a flight like that at all

Paul Myers: I guess Biggs pulled some strings ;-)

Matthew Creelman: I think that Biggs was supposed to lead, but he deferred to Luke.

Matthew Creelman: yeah.

Mike Cooper: no, i mean, if the publishing program was over, with no jedi trial, obsession, etc coming out

Michael Sheridan: Well, it's important to note tha the originals were more personal, less epic.

Matthew Creelman: he knew who the better pilot was

Matthew Creelman: Less epic? I'd say far more epic.

Paul Myers: I think Jedi Trial is going to be the definitive Clone Wars novel

Matthew Creelman: I hope so.

Paul Myers: the one that everyone remembers

Michael Sheridan: Less epic in the sense that the story is about a massive galactic civil war, but the story doesn't get too involved in it. Its' more about Luke, Han, Leia, and their struggles.

Matthew Creelman: that's true

Michael Sheridan: The prequels are more epic in their scope.

Michael Sheridan: They're more involved in the politics and galactic events.

Michael Sheridan: But, that's shifting onto another debate.

Mike Cooper: yeah

Paul Myers: all the Clone Wars novels we've had so far are very personal

Matthew Creelman: The comics have been pretty personal so far as well.

Paul Myers: I think Jedi Trial will get a little bit more into the big battles

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, doesn't seem to me that any of the CW novels have been very grand in their scope so far. They seem to focus largely on individual struggles.

Matthew Creelman: In my opinion, Republic #61 and #64 have been the best Clone Wars stories to date.

Paul Myers: Jabiim has satisfied my need for epic battles in the comics

Mike Cooper: i'm not the biggest fan of aayla and quin, but i do think it made more sense for republic to deal with them than huge fleet things

Matthew Creelman: Personal stories, but they touched on larger battles too.

Mike Cooper: they're doing a great job of preppaing anakin for the fall, too

Paul Myers: I think Dark Horse has done a great job

Paul Myers: We have the personal Quinlan Vos arc, and then we have things that are more epic like Jabiim

Matthew Creelman: Yep. Clone Wars comics have done more to make Anakin a) likable, and b) prepare him for the Dark Side than anything else.

Mike Cooper: i really hope that the whole "i can't stop people from dying" thing is what lucas is gonna go for

Michael Sheridan: Well, the goal of these Clone Wars stories are largely to explore what Anakin endures to make him into the hardened, corrupted person he becomes.

Mike Cooper: okay, let's move on

Mike Cooper: Troy Denning's post-NJO trilogy will be called Dark Nest, comprised of The Joiner King, The Unseen Queen, and The Swarm War. How about those titles, guys?

Matthew Creelman: Looks to be an insect theme for sure.

Mike Cooper: heh. you can tell when i'm pasting in stuff i wrote earlier, because it's the only time i use caps

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, lots of bugs.

Matthew Creelman: Not quite sure what I think about insects in Star Wars.

Mike Cooper: are you guys excited about that, or turned off?

Matthew Creelman: More turned off than anything else.

Michael Sheridan: Well, the Geonsians were insect-like.

Matthew Creelman: It sounds like they want Starcraft in the GFFA.

Michael Sheridan: Not sure it's unprecidented.

Michael Sheridan: LOL

Matthew Creelman: Nothing wrong with Starcraft, but it's not part of the GFFA.

Michael Sheridan: Seemed like the Vong were very Starcraft like.

Matthew Creelman: Eh, they were different enough. Barely.

Matthew Creelman: Or maybe this is the plan.

Matthew Creelman: The next series will feature the Vong and the villains from Dark Nest renamed the Zerg and the Protoss, and we'll settle into a brood war.

Michael Sheridan: I'm willing to give it a go cuz it's Denning. I thought SbS was terrific, and my conversations when I did the Denning Q&A made me think he was pretty creative and had a head on his shoulder.

Paul Myers: The titles sound a little wierd, but then I don't know what the story is about

Michael Sheridan: But, judging from the titles, we're gonna be treated with another collection of really dark novels.

Mike Cooper: dark with darkness =)

Mike Cooper: i'm a rare breed in that i love star wars, but otherwise i'm not really a sci-fi or fantasy fan

Paul Myers: From the titles I get the feeling that the main plot centers around some insect-like creatures and their problems

Matthew Creelman: I don't mind dark. Some of my favorite series are dark (Lucifer, A Song of Ice and Fire, etc). But it can't just be dark for the sake of being dark.

Mike Cooper: so i'm kinda iffy about it, but like michael said, it is denning

Paul Myers: Denning hasn't dissapointed me yet

Mike Cooper: if he can make tatooine ghost interesting, he can do anything

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, right now there are two authors I have no problem with, and thats Denning and Stover.

Michael Sheridan: LOL

Matthew Creelman: Tatooine Ghost didn't thrill me.

Matthew Creelman: The two authors I have no problem with are Allston and Stover.

Mike Cooper: i went in with somewhat low expectations

Michael Sheridan: I liked TG, cuz it was a lighthearted alternative to the other books. But, the ending was a bit weak.

Mike Cooper: i only wish leia had gotten the painting, because then that would explain why she's the one who bested thrawn

Paul Myers: Tatooine Ghost was nice. i agree the ending was week, but it was cool to see people like Kitster who had known Anakin

Matthew Creelman: I think that part of my problem with TG was that I'm not a Han and Leia fan. The other part is that I didn't think that it really changed much, even in reterospect.

Mike Cooper: yeah, and it really couldn't, without being set after the NJO

Paul Myers: Maybe Leia will get the painting in Dark Nest

Michael Sheridan: I don't think it was supposed to change anything, it was just supposed to "explain" something.

Matthew Creelman: Leia got the painting in TUF. ;-)

Michael Sheridan: She already got the painting.

Michael Sheridan: Ah, beat me to it.

Mike Cooper: which was pretty cool

Matthew Creelman: Damn straight.

Paul Myers: oh. I just skimmed TUF. I can't stand Luceno

Matthew Creelman: It was a typical Pellaeon moment.

Mike Cooper: really?

Paul Myers: It took me like a year to get through Cloak of Deception

Matthew Creelman: I've mixed feelings about Luceno. Loved Cloak of Deception, hated Agents of Chaos, wasn't too keen on anything but the last 100 pages of TUF.

Paul Myers: I just think Luceno's writing is very dry and boring

Matthew Creelman: Agreed.

Matthew Creelman: It suited COD, which was political intrigue

Mike Cooper: his overall plots vary, but he does a lot of unexpected little things that i love

Paul Myers: One of these days I'll actually read everything in TUF, maybe

Matthew Creelman: his style doesn't suit action books in my opinion

Mike Cooper: like TUF starting with 50 pages about a heretofore-unknown character

Michael Sheridan: I don't really feel one way or another about Luceno.

Michael Sheridan: TUF was a bit weak. Didn't really enjoy that book all that much.

Mike Cooper: okay, let's move on

Matthew Creelman: man, we're all heretics

Paul Myers: lol

Matthew Creelman: speaking ill of TUF

Mike Cooper: In just over nine months, RotS will be out, and the EU will officially have free reign. In light of Tatooine Ghost's popularity, a lot of people want to see a similar story that fills in the rest of the gaps for Luke and Leia, especially when it comes to Padme. Should this happen, or would it be best to leave it open to interpretation?

Matthew Creelman: ...must... not... spoil....

Matthew Creelman: I hope they do find out.

Michael Sheridan: They should find out.

Mike Cooper: well, spoilers aside, i think it's safe to assume things don't exactly go well for her

Mike Cooper: what with the evil and all

Michael Sheridan: I'm looking forward to when that book gets published.

Paul Myers: Hmm. Maybe a book called Naboo Ghost... ;-)

Michael Sheridan: :-)

Mike Cooper: heh

Matthew Creelman: I think that finding out who their mother was, how she lived, and how she died will cause some reevaluation by both Luke and Leia.

Mike Cooper: do you think they should do another whole book about it, though, or just work into into the cracks somwhere?

Matthew Creelman: I think that it deserves its own book.

Paul Myers: I'd like to find out what Ben Skywalker will think when he finds out everything about his grandparents

Michael Sheridan: Own book. A personal journey for the two of them.

Matthew Creelman: Yeah, I want a Luke and Leia adventure.

Michael Sheridan: Heck, there's never even been a book that featured Luke and Leia together on an adventure.

Paul Myers: Yeah. If it's done write it could be good.

Matthew Creelman: Leave the kids and spouses behind, grab their sabres, and go looking for adventure

Mike Cooper: what about splinter of the mind's eye?

Mike Cooper: yeah, cause leia just loves that saber

Matthew Creelman: There was wierd sexual tension in Splinter.

Mike Cooper: that's what makes it fun!

Michael Sheridan: Splinter was kind of a weird book.

Mike Cooper: i have to admit that i read the comic version, so i probably missed a lot

Matthew Creelman: I'd like a Luke and Leia book without the sexual tension, not that it doesn't have its place. :O

Matthew Creelman: ;\

Paul Myers: I bet Foster didn't know they were related when he wrote Splinter. hehe

Matthew Creelman: I HOPE he didn't

Matthew Creelman: cause otherwise, it gets weirder...

Michael Sheridan: Well, maybe that's Foster's thing.

Paul Myers: lol

Michael Sheridan: Seemed to me that Splinter was written before any of the other concepts were developed regarding their familial ties.

Mike Cooper: it's debatable in lucas even knew as of empire

Michael Sheridan: But, hey, Lucas had them making out in ESB, so who knows.

Mike Cooper: considering the big honkin' kiss

Matthew Creelman: If Lucas knew then... hehehehe

Paul Myers: one wonders how much Lucas planned and how much he made up as he went along

Mike Cooper: it's gonna be interesting to see how prequel stuff is handled in the post-NJO stuff. i figured ben would stay relatively young for a while, but sue rostoni just mentioned that the 9-book series is gonna be ten years after the NJO

Michael Sheridan: I think he made a lot of it up as he went.

Matthew Creelman: agreed

Mike Cooper: so he'll be old enough to ask questions

Michael Sheridan: Daddy, why did Aunt Leia and you make out?

Matthew Creelman: I wish that the nine book series was around the time of KOTOR.

Matthew Creelman: :D

Mike Cooper: yeah, that woulda been nice

Mike Cooper: but in a way, two one-shots is better

Matthew Creelman: I want to see Revan and Bastila confirmed together.

Michael Sheridan: I think the idea of doing books during the KOTOR era is interesting. Explore new territory, for the novels anyway.

Matthew Creelman: Yep.

Paul Myers: 10 years after TUF is like what, 35 years after ROTJ?

Mike Cooper: they're basically going to have to come up with a setting from scratch, so it's better to try a couple things out before putting three years worth of eggs into one basket

Mike Cooper: i think so, yeah

Mike Cooper: what if revan is a woman, matt? =)

Michael Sheridan: Well, 10 years, so that would make Han pretty old at that point. Wonder if they're going to kill him off, or let him die off screen.

Matthew Creelman: female Revan+Bastila is also OK. :-)

Paul Myers: Han would only be about 70. That's still young... ;-)

Matthew Creelman: I wish that they'd just skip ahead a few hundred or thousand years - that way we don't have to see heroes grow old and die

Matthew Creelman: [fanboy]And Luke might still be around, having extended his life through the Force, and he could mentor some young hero in the far distant future[/fanboy]

Mike Cooper: even figuring out how long the big three would live is kinda touchy...you'd think that in a society this advanced, life span would be well over 100

Matthew Creelman: Truce at Bakura had people living into their 120's, but that might have been local years.

Paul Myers: and yet Obi-Wan seemed so old in ANH

Mike Cooper: well, he did spend 20 years alone in the desert

Paul Myers: true

Mike Cooper: that's the only reason i buy ewan morphing into alec =)

Matthew Creelman: And he had Anakin as a Padawan - that has to age a man before his time

Paul Myers: haha

Mike Cooper: well we know his mind went pretty fast, what with all the "my young padawan" crap

Mike Cooper: that's jedi for whipper snapper

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, I think the saddest moment will be Han getting too old or dying. Luke could potentially be around for quite a long time.

Michael Sheridan: Chewie's death was sad, but Han's will be much more powerful. To me, anyway.

Matthew Creelman: I figure that Luke need never die. When 900 years old he reaches, look better than Yoda he will.

Paul Myers: maybe han will live to be 120 and still be kickin'

Mike Cooper: i'd really like them to do a big jump, but they probably want to keep the door open in case lucas really does change his mind someday about more movies

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, but how much of that was his being a Jedi, and how much was simply his species.

Michael Sheridan: Lucas will never do more movies.

Mike Cooper: he probably won't, nor should he, but business is business

Paul Myers: no movies, just tv

Matthew Creelman: EU television shows worry me a little.

Mike Cooper: and the last thing they want is thousands of pissed off EU people when a hundred years of post-RotJ history is thrown out

Matthew Creelman: How well will they keep to continuity?

Mike Cooper: depends on when they're set

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, there'll be a tv show. The question is will it be animated or live-action.

Mike Cooper: i think both are happening, actually

Matthew Creelman: two shows coming up I think

Matthew Creelman: yeah

Paul Myers: personally, if there's a tv show I hope it's inbetween ROTS and ANH

Michael Sheridan: I've heard a few things, but curious to see what they do.

Michael Sheridan: I don't.

Matthew Creelman: Jedi Hunter!

Mike Cooper: i mean, there's 18 years in between III and IV. that's, like, the entire bantam era

Michael Sheridan: That would stink, in my opinion anyway.

Matthew Creelman: suit yourself :p

Mike Cooper: i eally like the concept, but it could be kinda depressing after a while

Mike Cooper: *really

Paul Myers: depends on how they do it

Paul Myers: star wars is based on hope.

Matthew Creelman: yes

Mike Cooper: yeah, but how do you bring that across in a series where every episode ends with a jedi getting sliced?

Paul Myers: it wouldn't be easy

Michael Sheridan: I like the idea of books taking place during that time, but a series? I don't know, don't like it. I mean, we already know how it ends. Why develop a tv series when the ending is already established?

Michael Sheridan: Seems to me that if they do a television series, it'll be independent of the saga, in that it'll have all new characters in a whole new storyline.

Mike Cooper: i think star wars television should never go beyond miniseries telling a set story

Michael Sheridan: I could see that.

Mike Cooper: imagine some big ten-hour rogue squadron thing

Michael Sheridan: If there was a series, it would have to take place long after the movies and EU. But, mini-series could take place anytime.

Paul Myers: how about a tv show about Ben Skywalker?

Matthew Creelman: That'd be cool.

Matthew Creelman: of course, it'd have to be animated

Paul Myers: why?

Mike Cooper: that'd be a good way to avoid needing harrison ford, actually

Matthew Creelman: no way you can get Harrison Ford and co., and no way that any stand-in would do

Michael Sheridan: that's the rub, do you make a live action series, or animated? Live action would be pretty dark expensive.

Mike Cooper: they could hire a brand-new mara, and hamill'd be glad to guest here and there

Michael Sheridan: dark = darn

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, I'm sure Hamill would be happy to jump on board.

Mike Cooper: even carrie fisher would probably do it if they needed her

Paul Myers: you could alway say that Han died if Harrison wouldn't do it

Paul Myers: ;-)

Mike Cooper: heheh

Michael Sheridan: Ford did a cameo in the Indy series, I'm sure he wouldn't be beyond doing one for a SW series. Maybe.

Matthew Creelman: That's a big maybe.

Mike Cooper: he did?

Mike Cooper: a flash-forward?

Mike Cooper: he once said something along the lines of "i have no interest in the character but i'd do it for the sake of consistency"

Michael Sheridan: The series was based on the older indy telling stories. In one of the TV movie they did, it was Harrison telling the story.

Mike Cooper: ah

Matthew Creelman: I didn't much care for young indy.

Mike Cooper: it was way before my time

Mike Cooper: okay, seeing as how the original topic was left in the dust about fifteen minutes ago, let's move along

Michael Sheridan: I loved that show.

Matthew Creelman: lol

Paul Myers: lol. we like to segway

Michael Sheridan: Think we said all there was to say on it, tho.

Michael Sheridan: So that's a good thing.

Mike Cooper: if only we could segway into the actual next topic =)

Mike Cooper: this'll be a quick one, then we'll call it a night

Michael Sheridan: ok

Matthew Creelman: Right-o.

Paul Myers: ok

Mike Cooper: Republic 67: great story, or should Randy Stradley stick to the editorial side of things?

Matthew Creelman: how about both?

Mike Cooper: what do you mean?

Paul Myers: Randy should quit being an editor and just write!

Paul Myers: Seriously, Republic #71 was awesome!

Matthew Creelman: The story was great, but Ostrander is simply better. As long as Ostrander is around, I'd rather Randy stayed to the editting side of things.

Mike Cooper: 67, paul

Matthew Creelman: Republic #71?

Michael Sheridan: I liked it. Great artwork, strong story. I like it more when the stories tie into the overall saga and not side stories.

Paul Myers: my bad

Paul Myers: my mind thought 67, but my fingers typed 71

Matthew Creelman: The art was good. Normally, I don't like Republic or Jedi as done by anyone other than Jan, but in this case I made an exception.

Mike Cooper: i loved seeing anakin actually do what he was told for once...even if it took him a while

Paul Myers: I was sceptical at first about an issue by Stradley, but it blew me away.

Matthew Creelman: I thought that it was great that Anakin thought he could take on the entire factory himself.

Paul Myers: And Badeaux's art is starting to grow on me.

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, seems to me his reputation procedes him a little now a days. But, it was good.

Matthew Creelman: very much in character, and I suspect that he might have actually been able to do it.

Matthew Creelman: He's turning into a Jedi Killing Machine

Paul Myers: I didn't like it so well in #61 or #64, but I loved badeaux's art in #67

Mike Cooper: this was definitely the first time i've really stopped and thought "man, that guy's good!"

Mike Cooper: badeau, that is =)

Michael Sheridan: Maybe he just needed to get a handle on it. Took a few issues, but I think he's got it.

Matthew Creelman: I prefered Badeaux in #64 to $67

Matthew Creelman: but it was definitely better than #61

Mike Cooper: you'd prefer it to 67 dollars? wow! =p

Matthew Creelman: yes, darn right I do

Paul Myers: I just want to know what's up with the dead Mandalorians. lol

Matthew Creelman: My guess is that it was just visual filler, like the Death Star hologram.

Matthew Creelman: or just a tease

Mike Cooper: do you think RotS is gonna follow through on that concept (people dying around him) when explaining his turn?

Mike Cooper: i think he just wanted to piss off this guy on the DH message boards

Michael Sheridan: LOL

Paul Myers: yeah. i think so too.

Matthew Creelman: ...must ...not ...spoil...

Matthew Creelman: heh, yeah

Matthew Creelman: that's evil, I like that explanation

Mike Cooper: i'm surprised more people aren't pissed about the death star, actually

Michael Sheridan: I hope we see Anakin be a bad mamma jamma in RotS, that's all I care about. He better be the evil dude that he is supposed to be.

Paul Myers: After that guy got upset about the Mandalorians retreating in #65

Paul Myers: Randy wanted to piss him off more.

Matthew Creelman: Trust me on this: Anakin will be suitably dark in ROTS.

Paul Myers: Anakin wanting to keep people from dying was first brought up in AOTC

Michael Sheridan: Yeah, that seems to be Randy's thing. Pissing people off, that is.

Matthew Creelman: Can you blame Randy?

Matthew Creelman: Well, in this case at least?

Matthew Creelman: hehehehehee

Mike Cooper: i've been hanging around those boards for a while now, and all this crap he's getting nowadays just makes me wonder what the hell happened on our forums that was bad enough to scare him away

Michael Sheridan: LOL

Paul Myers: lol

Paul Myers: Viewing the DH boards is like watching a soap opera

Michael Sheridan: Well, I will say my experience with him was a good one.

Matthew Creelman: Viewing any board is like watching a soap opera.

Mike Cooper: oh yeah, your interview

Mike Cooper: i was reading that earlier today actually

Mike Cooper: talking about drama, i'm tempted to bring up the endor holocaust

Paul Myers: lol

Michael Sheridan: Just learned about that for the first time a few days ago.

Mike Cooper: but i think i'll save theat for sometime when i've got a whole hour to fill with one topic =)

Mike Cooper: *that

Mike Cooper: god knows it's everywhere these days

Mike Cooper: well, i'd say that'll do it

Matthew Creelman: thanks for having us

Mike Cooper: anything else to say on this?

Paul Myers: nice talking to all of you

Mike Cooper: i'd like to thank yadda yadda for blah, blah, fill in later...

Mike Cooper: seriously, though, this went really well

Michael Sheridan: This was fun. Good to have a fun debate on a topic I love takling about.

Matthew Creelman: Padme = teh sexy, Republic #67 = teh cool, Luke+Leia = teh ewww, and May teh Force be with you.

Well, there you have it. Matthew?s leet aside, this proof-of-concept was, I think, quite successful. Thanks to Matthew, Michael and Paul for getting in on the ground floor and helping this become a reality. If you have an idea for a future topic, or any feedback for that matter, send it in.

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