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Worst Sith Lords Ever
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. Darth Bed Wetter...
by Jade's Fire2003

9. Darth Ralph Nader
by Kristopher Small

8. Darth Barney
by pompous george

7. Darth Doh....
by Kelther Topom

6. Darth Ants-In-Your-Pants
by Bishop

5. Darth Regis
by Chris Hawkins

4. Darth Pacifist
by SHojo316

3. Darth Nerfherder
by Maul KenObi

2. Darth Malodorous
by Bill DeJournett

1. Darth Dopey
by Rebecca

10. Darth Elmo
by Harry Pitts

9. Darth Oprah
by Konrad Jonsson, Reykjavik, Iceland

8. Darth Not-Appearing-In-This-Movie
by Dogman2000

7. Darth Happy Bunny
by Mud Pepper

6. Darth Nibbles
by Matt_the_Hutt

5. Darth Hiney
by Ed Canale

4. Darth Mauled
by JadeLady

3. DarthJar-Jar
by blah

2. Darth N'Sync
by DarthTrunks1138

1. Darth Bean
by Deac

10. Darth Mickey
by Sasquatch

9. Dartho Loompa
by Manics1

8. Darth Moranis
by Jared Childress

7. Darth Congeniality
by diskerror

6. Darth Algar... Party on Darth!
by forrestg99

5. Dartha Stewart
by Dubya Fett

4. Darth Will-Tear-You-Apart-Really-Bad-And-Will-Even-Kill-You-To-Death!
by Andakin

3. Darth Poopius
by ravyn

2. Darth BWAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
by Luke Skyviper

1. Me!!!
by Darth Sillious

10. Darth Monotonous
by Qui-Gar Jinn

9. Darth Richard Simmons
by Chris Z

8. Darth Flatulus
by Jason Nicholas

7. Darth Prozac
by Karl-Gon Jinn

6. Darth Mall Security
by Dex1138

5. Darthy-Darth and the Funky Bunch.
by The Third Sith

4. Darth Brooks
by Dubya Fett

3. Darth Pull My Finger
by Jade's Fire2003

2. Darth Kramer
by JediTC

1. Darth Urkel
by Tombourine

10. Darth Buttercup
by Waterfarmer

9. Darth Comic Book Guy
by HPS00

8. Darth Obscenious
by Shadow Of Sidious

7. Howard the Sith
by Bri-Gon Geers

6. Darth Beavis
by Rystall79

5. Darth Fluffy-Bunny-Slippers.... OF DOOM!
by Coconut Boy

4. Darth Mediocre
by Darth Paul

3. Darth Incontinence
by Just Jeff

2. Darth Hasselhoff
by Yoda the Movie

1. Darth Smurf
by Mike M.

10. Darth Tinky-winky
by angel'espacem

9. Darth Claustrophobic
by Shane

8. Darth 'Keep-That-Lightsaber-Away-From-Me'
by LittleJedi

7. Darth Walrus
by Sandtrooper TK-326

6. Darth Cowardice
by Raven

5. Darth Pinky (Narf!)
by Coconut Boy

4. Darth I'll-Drop-Your-Pants
by Darth-Demented

3. Darth McBane (As played by Ranier Wolfcastle from The Simpsons)

2. Bea Darthur
by Rafiennes

1. Darth Pikachu
by cool_kyle_15

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