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Ways NOT To Get A Role In Episode 2
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. *waves hand* You will give me a role.
by Hayden

9. "You know Mr. Lucas, I know some executives over at Paramount that have some great ideas..."
by Arctic11B2P

8. Come to the audition with a Klingon mask
by Bart Juttmann

7. Two words: Good acting
by Bart Juttmann

6. By insisting everybody calls you Luke Skywalker.
by Obi-One and a half.

5. "Mr. Lucas? Are you here? Oh, there you are. Yes, I will turn around while you get out of the shower."
by Walter Danek

4. Calling George late & often making breathing sounds
by Walter Danek

3. "Now watch as I split myself in half"
by Walter Danek

2. "Hi, I'd like to audition for the part of Jar-Jar's sister "
by Exar

1. Belching wookie lines. Enough said
by Walter Danek

10. Having the name of DiCaprio
by Darth Rebo

9. Mr Lucas, PLEEEASEEEEE let me play in your next "Star Trek" movie
by Kapda Assta

8. Ask to play an ewok
by Jedi Bib

7. Tell them that you REALLY like Natalie Portman
by Jedi Bib

6. I'd LOVE to be in Star Wars! Do I get to work with William Shatner?
by DarthSydneyous

5. "Yeah George the xcript is good, but when I watched Star Trek last night, I got inspired and thought....."
by Jaded Of Mara

4. Showing off your chest, where you've carved "I (heart) Star Wars" with an ice pick.
by Sethor

3. Never have Scottish Junkie or Teenage Hitwoman on your resume.... oh wait...
by Randall Flagg

2. Carry a walkie-talkie around the Ranch, whisper periodically to some guy named Knowles.
by Dame Jedi Dench

1. Nudity... blatant nudity
by Molrat

10. "I hate flannel!!!"
by Zoso

9. Remind anyone about TPM
by Lars Cade

8. Pass off yourself and your identical twin as clones
by still notelf

7. "Are all these special effects really necessary Mr. Lucas?"
by Owen (not a handle my actual name)

6. You: You WILL give me a role in this movie... Lucas: Security!
by Darth Puppy-Kicker

5. Post a resume on TheForce.net's discussion forum
by Darth Seifer

4. Acting???
by Owen (not a handle my actual name)

3. You arrive wearing Princess Leias' slave outfit. BUT YOU ARE A GUY!!!
by Terry Letourneau

2. You just want to hang around and flirt with Queen Amidalas' handmaidens.
by Terry Letourneau

1. "No habla ingles Senor Lucas."

10. Insist that you play a rebelious Anakin who rides around on a Harley, and rolls a pack of smokes in your shirt sleeve.

9. Try to presuade Lucasfilm that you can do all your own stunts, including force powers.

8. "I'm here to play Anakin. He's Dark Vader's son from the first one right?"

7. Use Harry Knowles as a referral
by Darth Herd

6. Ask TF.N staff
by Coconut Boy

5. On you resume the words "Master of Power Battles" appear more than once
by Coconut Boy

4. Be Mickey Rooney

3. Run onto the set naked and moon the camera, claiming your posterior is a Bith musician and can play any musical instrument...
by Mark Lord Of The Sith

2. Go to an audition,
by BOB

1. By George a flannel shirt with his name on it.
by James Steele

10. Have an American accent.
by Brad B.

9. Ask "is this where we audition for the special effects filled trilogy, The Lord of the Rings?"
by petey

8. Upon first meeting with Yoda you greet him with "WAZZZZZZAAAAAP??"
by Darth Valmont

7. "Can my mum be in it too?"
by Tony Lee

6. Having the last name Hanson
by Darth Ham

5. Beat George Lucas in the Celebrity Race
by Dominic

4. Eating sour cream and onion chips directly before the scene where you kiss Amidala
by captain poonaka

3. You are 7 feet tall, weigh 300 lbs. and you want to play R2-D2
by A 7 foot man who really wants to play R2

2. Perform "Duel of the Fates" on kazoo for george Lucas
by Anonymous

1. "Hey, what's the big idea!! Where's Mel Brooks?"
by B.

10. Whatever you do, DO NOT mention "Howard the Duck"!
by Thrawny

9. Wedge is my uncle too!
by summerteeth

8. Get a meeting with Lucas and then constantly refer to him as "Flannel Phil."
by Slugwaif

7. Sorry, I don't know anyone in the Coppolla family
by Chris Barnes

6. By exposing your liver spots and saying "See! I have the Emperor's Plauge too!"
by Bob The Insignificant

5. "I, uh, think I just broke Yoda. Sorry"
by Naleah

4. I brought my own script!
by Tony Lee

3. Tell George that you LOVED the Holiday Special
by Mathew Belcher

2. Show up at auditions and do your best Jerry Lewis impression: "Oh, nice JEDI!!!! Please don't hurt me with the lights and the saber and the whoosh whoosh YAMEN!!!"
by Shaun O'Connor

1. Write your application in Bocce
by Emperoress Palpatine

10. Have Aint It Cool News report that you have a role in Episode 2
by owen lars marge

9. Show Lucas my new lightsaber juggling trick.....
by Dr_Starwars

8. Work for a site like TF.N or JediNet,..then theyll know youre obsessed
by Uncle Owens charred remains

7. Eat your left foot in front of Gurland
by bussx bunbum

6. Hack all ILM's computers to say "Hire this guy!" on their screens.
by Jedi Master

5. "I do my own stunts!"
by Mousie

4. "Harrison, your not getting the part of Olos Nah backwards Correlian smuggler"
by RobMeister

3. Two words, Carrot Top!!
by Shady Milkman

2. Dropping Lucas little hints- like putting C3PO's severed head in his bed.
by Jar Jar Bites

1. Can I play a Jedi Knight of Ni please?
by rogue zero

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