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Top 46 SW Warning Labels
by the readers of TheForce.Net

Hurray! A completely original Top 46 contest! This was a fun one, the top 46 for your perusal are immediately below... (WARNING: Do not read submissions with liquid in mouth. May cause damage to keyboard or other electronics in the near vicinity.)

46. Death Star. Warning: Aim away from face.
by Inebriated Wyrm

45. If your Ewok is pink in the middle, please ask your waiter to bring you a new one.
by Semi-Invincible

44. Warning: Storm Troopers are closer then they appear (but don't worry. They still can't shoot you.)
by Chad Evans

43. This door is magnetically sealed. Put that thing away, you're going to get them all killed.
by Keith

42. Warning: Lasersword. Do not use as telescope.
by Darth Cheered

41. Caution! Helmet may impare visibility.
by max_jaybo

40. Surgeon General's Warning: Death sticks can be highly dangerous. Consider going home and rethinking your life.
by Master Nick

39. Welcome to Kamino. Caution: Wet Surface
by Emperor Palpatim

38. For the benifit of Storm troppers on the Deathstar "Watch your head" above every doorway
by Tara-Wan Kenobi

37. Do not remove this tag! Remember what happened to Aldaraan??
by Chad Evans

36. Warning: These power converters may cause excessive whininess and sexual attraction to one's sister.
by Jar Jar Bites

35. (on Tauntaun) Warning: smells worse on the inside
by darthphelps

34. Warning: There is no humor in this particular entry.
by Jedi Sanity Master

33. (on the Falcon) Warning: ability to go 0.5 past light speed may be hampered by modifications to factory specs.
by darthphelps

32. In speeders: "Please ensure that a horizontal surface is within a reachable distance before exiting the vehicle."
by bearded_one

31. WARNING: Do not update website at 3 A.M. May cause memory loss and repetition of topics.
by snowdog83

30. Attention: It May Indeed Be Your Fault
by Dav Corwenna

29. Warning: This indoor 200 ft. chasm has no guard rails.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

28. CAUTION: Contents of Tatooine may be hot.
by Macaroni Penguin

27. Crosucant Road Sign: Watch Out for Falling Jedi.
by Darth Steeb

26. Warning: May cause Delusion of Grandeur.
by padme_amidala_19

25. On Bantha fodder: Caution: completely useless.
by Cirrocco

24. Must be this tall to wear Stormtrooper suit
by Long-Gon Jinn

23. On Lobot: "..."
by Long-Gon Jinn (Editor giggles audibly)

22. Nerf Xing
by Chipper

21. Welcome to the Inner Rim. Warning: "Pull my finger" jokes are prohibited.
by Zarm R'keeg

20. In case of emergency, shut down ALL the garbage mashers.
by Ken Benobi

19. Warning: No, that is not a mistake--Episode IV was actually made first.
by Indy-Solo

18. WARNING: The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are 4039 to 1.
by Son of Jorel

17. Danger! Do not watch Holiday Special (you know, I've never actually seen it!)
by Long-Gon Jinn

16. Warning: Natalie Portman probably has a boyfriend.
by Semi-Invincible

15. GRZPOICH! Hreebah koo wanka ren fooey tan motoro. Repoo tors swah. Fleefan warri fahrs dorf. Vroo.
by Semi-Invincible

14. Exp. Date on Blue Milk : Best before a long, long time ago...
by Balthazar

13. Endor National Park: Do not feed the Ewok.
by Cbormann

12. Watch those hands - she might be your sister.
by Jen

11. Touch this and die, scum.
by Darth Pancreas

10. Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Interregation Droid
by Burtino

9. On a lightsaber : "THIS side up!!"
by Randall Flagg

8. WARNING: Losing Rebel scum in a chase may cause choking.
by Son of Jorel

7. Warning: Do NOT play on or around the Sarlacc Pit. Thank you.
by Darth Steve

6. Warning: Disturbances in the Force may be closer than they feel.
by Chris Klein

5. Sticker on the Emperor:"RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK: DO NOT submerge in water, handle with wet hands, or lick"
by Chris Klein (Ewwwww. Didn't need THAT mental image. BTW, Loved your work in Election. :P -Ed)

4. Warning: Side affects of using the Dark Side may include tooth and hair loss, general ugliness, and getting your ass kicked by Jedi. The Dark Side is not for everyone--consult your physician.
by Shadowen

3. Stay away from power couplings!
by Jacenmaz

2. Warning: Mentioning Taun We will probably get you the number one spot on TF.N top 46 section
by Grand_Moff_Josh

1. Warning: Taun We is really Frank Oz with an arm-extension and a funny voice.
by Jedi Sanity Master

(Well, you *were* warned...hee hee! -Ed.)

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