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Top 46 SW Video Games we'll never see (Part 2, apparently)
by the readers of TheForce.Net

I must be slipping on my old age. I made the consolation that i did my best to make sure there were no repeats. *sigh* I should stop updating at 3AM. :) -Chris

46. NASCAR Racing Degobah
by Jesphobo

45. Jawageddon. The point: see how many points you can get by running over Jawas with your speeder bike.
by Jesphobo

44. Kingdom Hearts 2: Disney meets Star Wars (Jar Jar, meet your long lost brother Goofy.)
by Taikomochi

43. Vice City: Mos Eisley
by Jesphobo

42. The Empire Strokes Back (the Stormtrooper swimming game)
by Jesphobo

41. R2D2's dance beat
by darth_vaderess

40. jabba and the ocarina of time
by darth_vaderess

39. Natalie Port- wait a minute, NEVER make? Waaaaaaa!
by rancortooth

38. A decent real-time strategy game, from the looks of it... *sigh*
by attackrat

37. Wookiee Hairdresser
by attackrat

36. Gungun Death Match 3000
by Emperoress Palpatine

35. Sim Nerf Herder
by Ranic

34. Click-and-Dress Emperor Palpatine
by TsavongLah

33. Jane's Ewok Glider Simulator
by moron

32. Jedi Knight 8: So Very Tired...
by bro_winks

31. Star Wars: Xtreme Beach Volleyball
by JPJ

30. Top 46: The Videogame!
by Gamingboy

29. A racing game featuring the streets of Kamino...wait....
by Smokey the Narcoleptic Arsonist

28. Luke's Revenge: take on the persona of Luke as he finally loses it and beats the crap out of Kyp Durron and Corran Horn (please, tell me YOU aren't tempted)
by luke_sky_rulz

27. Twilek Mud Wrestling
by carbonitehydrates

26. Scrapheap Challenge - Watto's Junkyard Edition
by Simon H. Johansen

25. Extension from the first list - Leisure Suit Lando! Watch him try to pick up Taun We with tired lines and breath so bad it could knock a buzzard off of a manure truck!
by Cirrocco

24. Worms SW edition: Worms are replaced by Stormtroopers and weapons are laser-aimed blasters, so they can, for once, hit their target...
by Balthazar

23. Inter-planetary Droid Fighter! Bender VS. C3PO! R2D2 VS. Twiggy! 21B VS. Marvin the Paranoid Android!
by Cirrocco

22. Wack-A-Wookie
by Lil'layah

21. Darth maul: Half-Life
by mr fu

20. Star Wars: That Guy in the Background... with the Funky Mask 3
by Janusz

19. Sim TFN humor editor. An interactive adventure where you can inform the umor editor that we already did this one.
by Sephiroth

18. "Target Practice with Non-Canon Characters (aka 'Die Mara, Die!')"
by Limani Rye

17. NJO Writer Simulator: The Quest to Kill Off A Beloved Character
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

16. Well, after they released "Force Commander", I'm not convinced there are standards anymore...
by Darth Hideous

15. Mos Eisley Cantina Shootout...Will you shoot FIRST?
by grob

14. X-wing vs. Tie Fighter vs. Y-wing vs. A shoe vs. Star Destroyer vs. Bill Gates...
by BrenDarklighter

13. SNL presents: Star Wars Jeopardy
by doggans

12. Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings: Hokey Religions And Ancient Weapons At Dawn.
by Keith

11. Spaceballs the Video Game!
by Boba Fett 15187

10. Knights of the Non-Existent republic!
by Boba Fett 15187

9. Sith Blaster Ages 4-6: Rated M
by Boba Fett 15187

8. Amplitude: Star Wars version! With music by John Williams and Weird Al!
by Boba Fett 15187

7. Hack the Matrix with R2-D2
by Jedi Academy Grad 1967

6. SW Galaxies for the VIC-20
by Trooper 65,536

5. Trekkie Hunting: Season Open.
by Darth Sabe (the handmaiden in black)

4. Star Wars: Extreme Hoth Snowboarder
by Zarm R'keeg

3. "Dark Forces IV: Jedi Knight III: Jedi Outcast II: Jedi Smackdown"
by Semi-Invincible

2. The Legend of Zelda: The Windu Waker.

1. Whoa...reality check. They have no more options.
by AJP Darth_Lucky

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