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Things Overheard At Skywalker Ranch While Adding Special Effects To Episode 2
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. "So should we leave the potato in or out this time?"
by Craig Gon Jinn

9. "No, no, no. Jar Jar's eyes need to go forward and then roll back before he keels over."
by Jeremy Stewart

8. "No my friend, Darth Sidious and Palpatine are not the same person." "Yes they are" "No they're not."
by HPS00

7. "Hey Rod, the boss says us model techies might actually get to do something in this movie."
by SandtrooperTK9

6. "Ok, the digital Pikachu goes where?"
by HiMom

5. "Copy, Paste, Copy, Paste, Copy..."
by Darth Hideous

4. "This morph of Hayden to James Earl Jones just isn't working for me."
by Randall Flagg

3. "Plad lightsabers?!"
by Cheeseman

2. "George didn't notice the shoe in the asteriod field, how's he gonna notice the Gungan's wearing Hawaiian shirts?"
by Ki-Bara-Mundi

1. "Okay, how many Jar-Jar clones was that again?"
by Jes

10. "Harrison, get out! For the last time you're not in this movie!"
by Nalum Af

9. "Why haven't we upgraded to Windows 98 yet?"
by J. Darth Maul

8. "Do we really need a complete 3D model for EACH raindrop?"
by Jedi Bib

7. " Ooops, not good, hope he won't notice THAT!"
by Obi Anne

6. "Hey guys, is it okay if I e-mail some of this work to some buds?" (Sounds of beating and screaming)
by Scott Woodard

5. "Hey George, I'm still having Y2K problems!"

4. "All right, who put Leo's head on Hayden's body?"
by Ping

3. "I don't care what Lucas says, I'm going to paste my face onto a wampa! It'll be cool!"
by KLBS180

2. "Hey Bill, I've finished putting the CGI mustache on the Queen. Take a look!"
by KLBS180

1. "Ach! These triple bladed lightsabers are hard!"
by Chris Z.

10. "Some new character called Spock dies, or is it reborn? I can't remember exactly..."
by Dan Reyes

9. "Hey, let's throw Elliot in the Senate this time!"
by PEZman4

8. "So you see, you can make the sound of a wookie using this wax paper, this cup, and a piece of cheese! *RAAAARRR*"
by Matt Stevenson

7. "... And this 3D model over here took us 3 weeks to complete." George: "Great... Re do it."
by Coconut Boy

6. "Can I put Elvis in the senate?"
by James Steele

5. "I keep telling you, Ewans beard is NOT a CGI."
by Starstrider

4. "I bet I can make Jar Jar's head explode better than you could."
by Jedi Rob

3. "This is Star Wars, not Rocky Horror Picture Show! Change Boba Fett's outfit back to what it was immediately!"
by Jedi Jinx

2. "Very funny guys....but seriously...who put the Bud Light can in Yoda's hand!"
by Luv NoahWyle

1. "Alright, who took my Etch-a-Sketch?"
by Alexander Duran

10. "We're running out of ideas, BRING MORE BEER!"
by Darth Shaw

9. "Where's the dynamite?"
by creon

8. "Can I tell you a secret? I see Sand people."
by obi one

7. "For the last time, we are *NOT* putting in a "bullet-time" lightsaber fight!"
by C Edwards

6. I do not think that George intinded to have Natalie have danishes on her head.
by Fwiffo the Great

5. " No, No! We're on a budget! Duct tape and cardboard will do!"
by Return of the Red-eye

4. "How many Jawas should there be in the congo-line?"
by el finko

3. "Oh no, another program crash. It's replicating Jar-Jars everywhere again!"
by It's Only Funny to a Rodian

2. "Where the heck are the singing cats?"
by C Jedi Knight

1. "

Rain on lightsabers? Sure, just take the toaster in the shower. Easy."
by Starstrider

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