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Top 46 Product Endorsements SW could Cash in on
by the readers of TheForce.Net

Yes, to the many of you that brought it up, Star Wars has cashed in on everything. But here's 46 that just will never happen, no matter how hard LFL is up for cash....

46. Jar-Jar Vaccums ("They suck Big-Time!)
by Max

45. Tickle-me-Yoda
by Sicksikmans

44. Star Wars the Flame-Thrower! The kids love this one...
by Padawan Drew

43. "Hello, Taun We here for Q-tip brand cotton swabs..."
by snowdog83

42. Oxford English Dictionary (Yoda Edition)
by Kar'Ghun

41. I would say Xerox, but the clones already beat em to it. (see last top 46 list)
by SealyJedi

40. Yoda's age defying skin cream from Oil of Olay. "When 900 years old you reach, look this good YOU WILL!"
by SealyJedi

39. UPS - we deliver your packages in 12 parsecs or less.
by SealyJedi

38. NRA - "You can take my lightsabre when you pry it from my cold dead mechanical fingers."
by SealyJedi

37. Well, they have blue milk, so why Pepsi Blue?....Maybe not.

36. Carbon Freeze-Pops!
by Darth Nupe

35. Midi-Chlorine: It helps you feel the force and keeps your pool clean to boot!
by DS-00-0, flight school drop out

34. Got [Blue] Milk?
by Teh Doode

33. OH MY GOD...You mean there's product endorsements it HASN'T cashed in on yet?!
by Nemesis

32. "We're EVERY WHERE you want to be" (Insert sinister laugh here)
by Obi Von Mando

31. New... Galactic Ice Mints... Han Solo used them... and now he's as ice fresh as ever! *points to frozen carbonite Han Solo*
by Amythest

30. Chewbacca selling Rogaine
by spidyredneckjedi

29. Han Solo sells static guard rolls to remove wookie hairs
by spidyredneckjedi

28. "A check, can i write?" "Yo!" "Yo-DA!" "Yo!" "Yo-DA!" "Yo!" Yo." Yo-DA!".....

27. Nike - Just do it. There is not try.
by Long-Gon Jinn

26. Using Yoda's fight scene for Sobe Adrenaline Rush
by Jedi Ottolam

25. Detachable Head Jango Fett Doll
by Ate-Goddess Of Crime

24. "Sith Lightning" Brand Tazer! 9000000000 Volts to stop any attacker!
by Darth Sabe (the handmaiden in black)

23. "I am C3PO speaking for WD-40."
by Mister 3=D

22. "The new Hummer: it makes a Super Star Destroyer look like a T-16."
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

21. Just imagine Shaq in a commercial for Radio Shack selling toy shaaks.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

20. Yahoo! contract for Anakin Skywalker(he has been known to utter this during his youth.)
by grob

19. Imperial toilet paper. Our goal is to wipe out the entire galaxy.
by Kenpasck

18. Gillete Lightsaber. For the closest shave yet.
by Kenpasck

17. Hello, my name is Han Solo. I'd like to take a minute and talk to you about the importance of getting your pets neutered. (Chewie growns off stage)
by grob

16. Hello, I'm Emperor Palpatine, and if you're like me you're worried about wrinkles. Oil of Olay will rid your face of those cavernous wrinkles caused by the Dark Side of the Force.
by grob

15. Bear Clan Underoos!!!
by grob

14. Only the Gillette Sensor Light Speed keeps Mace Windu's scalp so smooth.
by grob

13. Laides and gentlemen, the new spokesman for the AARP...Yoda.
by grob

12. Imperial erasers: "Wipe them out....ALL of them."
by Ashfalling

11. The "I Am Your Father" Home DNA Testing Kit
by Darth_Dave

10. "Hi, I'm a whomp rat. You don't need a T-16 to deal with pest control problems..."
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

9. jabba the hutt's succesful subway diet
by chnyst

8. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru - Kingsford Charcoal
by Java the Hut

7. Darth Maul's make up, maybe he's born with it, maybe its maybellsith
by Kyia Kenobi

6. Hi, I'm Luke Skywalker endorsing new AOL 9.0, because if everything else is owned by AOL, then we probably are too.
by Jango Kast

5. Clone: Can I write a check? Cashier: Sure, I just need to see some ID. Okay. This looks like you, but it also looks like him, him, him, him, him, him, him, him, and him.
by Lantern

4. Weeble-Troopers. Clones fall over but they don't fall down.
by Evil the Cat

3. Vader: "After a tough day of choking officers and blowing rebel scum out of the sky, my helmet can get pretty messy. That's why I use Windex glass cleaner! No streaks!"
by My Big Fat Gungan Wedding

2. United States Army: Be a Clone Army of One
by Janson's Funny Twin

1. [Ship captured. Planet destroyed. Imperial torture droid coming towards you.] Not goin' anywhere for a while? Try a Snickers!
by Darth Nupe

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