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Top 46 Features Paying Subscribers to SW.com can Expect
by the readers of TheForce.Net

Though i can't promise anything, i'll make sure that this gets to the SW.com managers right away. This is information i'm SURE they're going to want.

46. The full, complete, annotated rules for Jedi Twister.
by Jedi Sanity Master

45. Warwick Davis interviews. Yay.
by Max

44. An interactive computer game where you can tell Anakin to stop whining, Obi-Wan to get a decent shave, and tell Jar-Jar to put a cork-cork in it.
by Jedi Sanity Master

43. The infamous 'dead padawan' sketch, from Monty Skywalker's Flying Sithcus...
by Jedi Sanity Master

42. "Exclusive" photos of George's flannel underwear.
by Jedi Master Lou

41. Exclusive preview of "When Wampa's Attack" hosted by Jar Jar Binks.
by Jedi Master Lou

40. "Suggest a New CG Character" Contests
by Dallas Jedi

39. A Certificate of Superiority over the non-paying fans
by Max

38. A shirt that says: "This person is property of Lucasfilm Ltd."
by Max

37. A shirt that says: "I paid $40 a week for exclusive Ep. III content at StarWars.com and all I got was a deleted scene, a colored username and this lousy T-shirt."
by Max

36. "Exclusive" Deleted Scenes from Ep. II that the rest of us will get for free the next day on Kazaa.
by Max

35. Special flash game "2-1B's Diagnosis" See what intergalactic diseases YOU have!
by Inebriated Wyrm

34. 8 more boring scenes that found a way to the editing room floor
by Dan G

33. There's a Starwars.com???????? Sweet. I gotta check it out.....
by Darth Who?

32. The Latest spoilers - even on Episode FOUR! (pause) Wait. Oh man, I got hosed.
by Josh Wasta

31. Screenwriting seminar with George Lucas. No no no, you don't understand, you get to *teach* it.
by Ryan B

30. Qui-Gon's Hot Picks Hotline: Your number one source for your podracing gambling needs
by BJ Aeros

29. As long as it's not hosted by Ahmed Best, I'm happy.
by ratmankey

28. pictures of GL laying on pile of cash
by crazybirdman

27. Vote on what Boba Fett's line will be in Episode III
by Long-Gon Jinn

26. Tosche station power convertors - It take$ more than whining to $ee that page
by Long-Gon Jinn

25. my guess is probably some content...that is exclusive...which requires a subscription...
by edwardo

24. Daily journal with extremly boring details that are so vague they are intrerpted 6 million ways and lead to 6 million more N-Sync in Chance to have Rick McCallum assist you for a day.
by carbonitehydrates

23. The droids we're looking for.
by Porto John

22. Five subscribers will receive a golden ticket that will take them on a magical, yet moral-filled tour of Skywalker Ranch.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

21. Eternal Salvation.
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

20. Pay websites? We don't need their scum!
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

19. Scratch and sniff section. Really experience the stench of a Tauntaun.
by grob

18. Very low cost mental treatment offers. Free for those that find themselves attracted to any CGI character.
by Admiral

17. Subscribe at the $10,000 "Jedi Master" level and you can have lunch with SuperShadow
by Chris Knight

16. 'Pics from ROTJ.' 'But that isn't very exclusive.' 'They say it is.'
by sicksikmans

15. Your wallet...on a string...juuuust out of your reach.
by Chad Evans

14. Free bottled water labeled "Genuine Hoth Ice."
by Chad Evans

13. Authentic piece of Aldaaran.
by Chad Evans

12. Members will be allowed to use George Lucas as a job reference.
by Grand Moff Brykoe

11. Top *47* Lists!
by cuisinart_007

10. dating service (swf/18/nc...likes sw trivia and long moonlit walks down the technology wing of the university..)
by girl who likes starwars and isnt ugly

On the other hand...

9.Oh, yeah. That'll go over well on dates. "Not only do I regularly visit a Star Wars website, but I pay to do it! Wait...where are you going?"
by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

8. A printable coupon for a free dryer load or round of foosball at ?Gorge Lucas Laundromat + Game Room?.
by Darth Pleakly

7. The Spanish Inquisition, NOBODY expects that.
by Mirasha D'ukal

6. Members will have their names listed on the ending credits of episode 3.
by Darth Steve

5. An April Fools Joke where Lucas actually can search your hard-drive
by SirNi

4. Super rare exclusive photos of super rare exclusive photos.
by Kenpasck

3. The complete list of all languages C-3PO is fluent in.
by Balthazar

2. A member ship card with your photo on it that looks suspicously like an over 21 drivers liceance from your home state.
by carbonitehydrates

1. Taun We! Taun We! Taun W- OW!!! Okay, I'll shut up now.
by myran

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