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Ways You Would Improve Stormtrooper Armour
by the readers of TheForce.Net

A message from TFN
This list is not in any particular order.

  1. Take the helmet off so they can actually see something...
    by Marda Organa

  2. more protection in the weak spots and a zipper in the back.
    by The Curser (in every sense of the word)

  3. Anti-force-choke neck protectors, forehead protectors, and MUCH more camouflage.
    by The Curser(in every sense of the word)

  4. Auto targeting system-never miss another rebel. (gee, *that*would have changed the star wars trilogy.)
    by The Curser (in every sense of the word)

  5. Make it blaster proof.
    by Manda

  6. Cover it in mirrors so all the laser shots bounce off and the Rebels can't get a good shot in the first place because of the sun(s) glare off your armor.
    by NoGo

  7. brighter colors for a more fun, happier empire!
    by darth_vaderess

  8. Have a built-in Hero Targeting System guaranteed to hit any main character at distances of five feet or less.
    by Darth_Hideous

  9. Make it Ewok-proof
    by Darth_Hideous

  10. Give the armor manufacturing contract to a Japanese firm. Then they can transform into giant robots and teach those Ewoks a thing or two.
    by Darth_Hideous

  11. make them out of adamantium, like wolverine's claws!
    by darth_vaderess

  12. Vader detector.
    by Kyra

  13. Color it black and give them capes. They'll still be losers, but they can pretend they're Darth Vader.
    by Kyra

  14. Tie-dye. Just when everybody thinks you're a peace-loving hippie, you sneak within accurate shooting range (point blank) and blast 'em.
    by Long-Gon Jinn

  15. Bulkhead proximity sensor/alarm with forehead-side airbag.
    by Long-Gon Jinn

  16. give it a fly...that way breaks wouldn't take as long....
    by Jedi Wannabe

  17. Robocop's targeting system.
    by Chad Evans

  18. Wrap them in bubble wrap.
    by ThePodSquad

  19. Replace it with jeans and T-shirts for better protection against gunfire.
    by Macaroni Penguin

  20. Put it on the heroes to even up the odds for the Empire.
    by Macaroni Penguin

  21. I'd make the armor out of ditanium or ceramisteel or whatever other silly words I can find in the Unofficial Encyclopedia.
    by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

  22. Forget about that grappling hook. It only helps the good guys.
    by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

  23. Throw out the plans and materials, then start over. Come on, there's no way you can fix that stuff......
    by One Dead Sith

  24. Clear lenses instead of black tinted...those stormtroopers need all the help they can get!
    by Dark Lord of the Bith

  25. Make it even whiter- the more to blind the rebel scum!!!
    by Vesp

  26. I would add a big laser cannon to each shoulder and rocket skates to the feet; from ACME of course.
    by RU ARTOO?

  27. How about using Kevlar instead of "insta-break plastic"?
    by RU ARTOO?

  28. well, how about not making it gloss white, particularly in forest environments
    by Rogue_0009

  29. alarm systems that go off when it's being stolen and used by rebel scum
    by Brian

  30. Put women in them. And replace the white plastic with black leather.
    by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

  31. Make it resistant to: lightsabers, blasters, stun rays, ewok tomahawks, arrows, sticks, force chokes, force persuasion techniques, fire, water, electric shock, vulcan nerve pinches, punches, kicks, assorted wild and domestic animals...
    by Tagg Uritt

  32. Fill it with intelligent and capable marksmen.
    by Mr. Whitmarsh

  33. Allow the trooper one 'personalization item' to express their personality. Like a smiley button or "How's My Shootin'" bumper sticker.
    by Mr. Whitmarsh

  34. two words "paper mache"
    by count-chocula

  35. Trade it in for a loin-cloth; that would be more protective.
    by Jelp

  36. Take the trooper out them and a paper bag on their heads. It would be just as effective and lot cheaper
    by mljedi

  37. Obstacle Detection and Collision Avoidance System located in the head area. Adjusted for indoors.
    by Boinga

  38. "Predator"-style camouflage
    by Boinga

  39. Add a large ID number, just like Navy ships.
    by Boinga

  40. force field attachments
    by Rogue_0009

  41. A tribal decal. Yeah, that would be cool.
    by SirNi

  42. Make it out of the stuff the use for the Black Box.
    by SirNi

  43. The Armor Glows when Jedi are Near.
    by Jeff "RuSh" Nelson

  44. Paint a "do not shoot" sign on the back.
    by Rin, Destroyer of Keyboards

  45. paint concentric red circles on front and back
    by J.E.D.Y.

  46. Two words: air conditioning.
    by Master Peregrine

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