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Ways Star Wars Would Be Different If It Were Anime
by the readers of TheForce.Net

10. Everybody would be yelling out what Force power their using when they fight
by General VeerZ

9. Stormtroopers now each have thirty minute agonizing death scenes... EACH
by Mike Freeman

8. Chewbacca would be replaced by some sexy looking cat woman
by Shelby the Incredibly Rare Mini Tiger

7. R2D2 and C3PO could join together and transform into a weapon to save the rebelion
by Paul Grabovac

6. The Death Star is now the Moon Imperium Crystal
by Jedi_Master_Allya

5. When Luke's hand is sliced off, his eyes pop out and he says "Waggagaggaaggagagaa!"
by the ewok avenger

4. Sailor Naboo, Sailor Tatooine, Sailor Coruscant, Sailor Yavin 4, Sailor Hoth, Sailor Bespin, Sailor Endor.....
by Joanna

3. You know how Princess Leia's gold bikini was a one-scene thing? Not any more.
by Keith

2. Everything can explode. EVERYTHING.
by Darthie_Hamster

1. Three words: "Sailor Jar Jar"
by snowdog83

10. Each movie would be one season of 300 episodes
by Darf Nader

9. Chewbacca would be a mess of SPIKED hair!!!
by Donnie

8. Proton torpedos change flightpath violently when fired before hitting target
by Irving Finster

7. Luke changes gender every time he takes a hot bath
by Grandma Tarkin

6. Stormtrooper would have hideous growths, fangs, glowing red eyes and the ability to exploded when they die.
by Jedi Stuntman

5. AT-ATs would be replaced by mecha
by Kevin

4. Luke would have lost 3 gallons of blood when his arm was cut off
by Dan Reyes

3. Han would grunt a lot
by Bob Stump

2. Everyone gets seizures watching lightsaber duels
by Lord Demeos

1. Well... forget about that PG rating!
by Emperor Palpatim

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